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61I Stole Your Love

This opens one of the greatest KISS albums of all time and does it with balls! This is one of the best songs and should be in the top 5 even. This is by far one of the best songs ever done by KISS.

This should be in the to 20 case closed one of their best tunes

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62I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock & Roll

Ugh! Gimme a break!

63Master & Slave
64Tears are Falling

I been religiously listening to Kiss since 1988 when Smashes, Thrashes and Hits came out and let me tell ya although I'm a die hard metal fan nothing hits me like this one, quite honestly maybe my favorite song of all time right now and deserves the respect of being #1 on this list. Listen people don't vote for popularity, vote for quality and substance.

This song is better than any other song prior to it. Listen just because it's on the radio doesn't always necessarily mean that a song is good, people should pay attention to lesser known songs instead of the same dribble you hear over and over again on the radio.

This song is sad but it's also a classic and I love it. This is by far my favorite song by kiss. It deserves a lot more credit. The music video isn't bad either.

I feel this track demonstrates Stanley's versatile vocals being sultry and seductive with guitar vigor that coats lyrics theme.

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This album deserves so much better, I love this song

Dark Light is the best one on The Elder!

I never understood why The Elder is considered to be their weakest album. It�'s full of great songs and this is one of it. If The Elder wouldn�'t have been recorded by KISS but by some other band instead, I think it would be treasured the way it deserves. Just a boy, Under the Rose, Only you. Great.

66Almost Human

Top 20-25 song. Way too low at #59.

67C'mon and Love Me

The part about, "I'm a Capricorn and She's the Cancer" depicts me and my wife. I really love the song.

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68Reason to Live

Underrated it is a great tune

The best melody from the band

69Uh! All Night

Definitely their most underrated song!

70Take It OffV2 Comments
71Mr. Blackwell
72Rocket Ride

Come on grab a hold of my rocket!
Killer solo---reminds me of my roller skating days back in the day.

73King of the Mountain
74Love Her All I Can
75Turn On the Night
76Hide Your Heart

Ace did it even better on his "trouble walkin'" lp even though he goofed a couple of lyrics laugh out loud

"underrated but still awesome, one of my favorite songs of theirs from an often overlooked album".


Best KISS song ever. Never got the radio airtime that it deserved. Beats out Detroit Rock City and Rock and Roll all night... Hands downs!

The best KISS song from the mid 90s.. Deserves more radio play. This is THE unappreciated KISS song of all time.

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78No No No

A very very underrated song. Maybe the fastest, heaviest and most powerful song kiss ever made. It also has the best guitar lines, specially that amazing intro that can be considered as the best solo Bruce ever composed. Eric on the drums is just so great as well. The band should have include this piece in more tours and ought to play it nowdays

This song is amazing! It should be at least in the top 30. I just don't understand why is so low specially when you realize that it contains the best guitar solo

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79Nowhere to Run

This song was the gateway to creatures...

Another GREAT song by Kiss! Love it!

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