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81 Tough Love Tough Love
82 Nothin' to Lose Nothin' to Lose

Great party song. Best song about anal sex! Haha

83 Trial by Fire Trial by Fire
84 Charisma Charisma

one of their more uncredited songs

Yeh, I think this is a cool song

85 Let Me Go, Rock & Roll Let Me Go, Rock & Roll

Awesome. At first I didn't like it but came to be one of my faves

86 Hate Hate
87 Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
88 I Want You I Want You

The best hard rocking' Kiss song by far. Great guitar riff and great solo! Catchy vocals that are fantastic every time played live. One of the best songs on Alive 2

This song reminds me the most beautiful moments of my life. So it's just my opinion but, this should be in top ten!

One of the heaviest Kiss riffs ever. Great hard rock song, even better live plus an amazing guitar solo.

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89 Strange Ways Strange Ways

heavy with street cred lyrics by ace and aces awesome I think best solo

90 Plaster Caster Plaster Caster

Really good song, give yourself the chance to hear it

91 Danger Danger
92 Just a Boy Just a Boy
93 Mr. Speed Mr. Speed

Another classic hit from the "Rock and Roll All Over" album! The guitar intro of this song is rocking'! True Kiss fans sure missed the boat by not putting this one on the list. A sure top 25 Kiss hit, why don't you listen to some Kiss albums!

I Really like this song, its very catchy...

Should be way higher, classic kiss jam

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94 Sweet Pain Sweet Pain

Destroyer is hands down the best kiss album

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95 All for the Love of Rock & Roll All for the Love of Rock & Roll V 1 Comment
96 Freak Freak
97 Rock and Roll Hell Rock and Roll Hell

I love this song. "Get me out of the rock and roll hell"

98 Naked City Naked City
99 2000 Man 2000 Man

Awesome cover of the Rolling Stones song. Ace rocks on this one. Ace definitely had his best songs on Dynasty"

100 Lets Put the X In Sex Lets Put the X In Sex
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