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Kobra and the Lotus is a female-fronted Canadian heavy metal band formed in 2009 by lead vocalist and songwriter Brittany ‘Kobra’ Paige. Kobra Paige is a classically trained singer and is known for her powerful voice and being one of the most beautiful women in metal and rock.

It's difficult to describe their subgenre but I will try: thrashy traditional metal with a hint of power metal, and all this with vocals of symphonic metal type. As an album reviewer wrote not long ago, their subgenre is "fuck the subgenres". Despite some eclectic combinations, they surprisingly sound good.

Awards and nominations:
- Kobra and the Lotus named as #3 Best Emerging Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Artists Of 2013
- Kobra Paige listed as one of the Top 25 Women in Hard Rock and Metal for 2013
- Kobra and the Lotus nominated for Best New Band at Golden Gods 2012 by Metal Hammer

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1Welcome to My Funeral

The order of the first 3 songs on my remix is relative and I would change this order depending on my mood (Welcome To My Funeral, Forever One, 50 Shades Of Evil). - Metal_Treasure

2Forever one
350 Shades Of Evil 

The video was shot in a vacated mine in British Columbia, Canada, and the production features genuine World War II arms and clothing. - Metal_Treasure

6My Life
7Black VelvetV1 Comment
9Aria of Karmika

Awesome vocals (not that on the other songs are bad). - Metal_Treasure

10I Am, I Am

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11Lover Of The Beloved
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Top Remixes

1. Welcome to My Funeral
2. Forever one
3. 50 Shades Of Evil 



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