Korean Female Idols You Want to Be Your Wife


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21Sunny - SNSD

Does perfection exist? Yes it is names Sunny

Sunny is really pretty, I really like her

She's got the perfect combination of aloofness, cuteness, downright sexineess and she's contolls it all effortlessly. She can dance sing shes got an especially nice body. Her bandmates say so too as she often walks around her room and/o apartment naked.. She's hilarious understanding down to earth caring smart charming and all around downright wonderful.

22Park Ji-yeon - T-ara
23Yubin - Wonder Girls
24Sohee - Wonder Girls
25Hyoyeon - SNSD
26Park Min Young
27Miss a Fei

She's a good chef because she had 2nd on masterchef Korea celebrity.. However all miss a member said that she always made a good and delicious food for them..

Fei is really suits to be a good wife of yours since she is a master of cooking, a great dancer, a sweet singer and I love her so much

28Hye Lim - Wonder Girls
29Yenny - Wonder Girls
30Hyoseong (Secret)V1 Comment
31Song Ji-hyo

I think she has an easy going personality making every boy comfortable around her. I have seen a lot of people admiring her. Who wouldn't want to be around such a fun loving, adventurous women. Also she is warm and caring. She is beautiful and has a killer look. A totally desirable women.

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