Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies


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1200 Pounds Beauty

I love this story. It about a pop singer

Cute, funny and touching

It's a pretty nice movie...

Best movie, hands down.

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2My Little Bride

Frankly speaking I hesitated to watch it, but when I started, it caught me... Cute, funny, adorable

Loved the movie whatched it 5 times and still not reluctant to watch it again. so cute and very funny

Awesome movie, this the 1st movie which I watched in Korean beautiful love story

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3My Wife Is a Gangster
4100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

My first Korean movie n then the list goes on...

I totally loved this movie. Especially I loved the story

This was a fun movie!

5My Tutor FriendV1 Comment
6Speedy Scandal

Its hilarious, especially the cute lil kid. A lot of fun moments. A definite watch

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7My Sassy Girl
8The Classic

This is not a rom-com

9Too Beautiful to Lie

So adorable and dreamy climax

10A Warewolf Boy

Even though this is not a romantic comedy, it is really good movie! I cried a lot too! I was impressed of Joong Ki's acting! I kept watching it over and over again! This is the best thing I've ever watched! Watch it!

Seriously, it make not be a complete rom com but the romance is beautiful and there is obviously some comedy. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes romance movies at all. It has a very refreshing, nostalgic feel to it!

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11Seducing Mr. Perfect

Don't watch unless you want to cringe throughout the movie! There is so much second hand embarrassment from the lead female. The lead male is awesome but even his amazing acting can't save this movie.

This movie is the bomb though. It's hilarious but is romantic. If you looking for a little bit of jealous, embarrassment, Love and comedy this is the perfect movie.

Awesome movie. Great acting and good story line.

12The Beauty and the Beast
13Sex Is Zero
14My PS Partner

Love Ji sung specially the song at the wedding! Kudos nice movie please vote for this!


This an amazing movie, it combines the genres of horror, comedy and romance unbelievably well. And both the leads show incredible acting making their roles all the more likeable. A must watch.

Lee Minki is absolutely hilarious in this movie. Not the say the lead female is lacking but Lee Minki really drives the movie along.

16My Tutor Friend 2

I think it's better than the first one - deena89

17Hot Young Bloods

It drags a little bit, but very fun to watch. It hits you in all the right spots. It's also fun to see Lee Jongsuk and Park Boyoung's dynamic acting in this movie!

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18A Millionaire's First Love

Great heart warming movie but very sad.

Tragic ending! God not a rom -com

The movie is super best

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