Top 10 Korean Songs


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Break Down (Kim Hyun Joong)
Kim hyun joong


I love him and I love his song 😭
I love Kim Hyun Joong... very much <3... nice song
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2Not Alone (Park Jung Min)
Park jung min


Park jung min fightnig

Don even know what to say. I totally loved it. I also liked the video clip. Just love it! N its catchy
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3Give Me Your Heart (Park Jung Min)
I really love this song..
This song is very beautiful for me

4Tonight the Night (Park Jung Min)

Park jung min


5Trap (No Min Woo)
Oppa~I really like U... ♥♥♥♥

NO MIN WOO the best singer! ! Having strong voice & Handsome face, Sexy body... Absoutely Perfect★★★★★

6Mr. Simple (Super Junior)
Kim heechul


A music can be listen everybody. Nice song :D
The Korean is the most best ever song that I wanted when I was a kid.
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7The Chaser (Infinite)
Kim myung so


8Gangnam Style (Psy)
Gangnam style is a great song. IT should be on top
It's okay, I guess. It should be at the top 10 at least. The only reason people like it more because it's commercialized by the U. S thus makes it automatically 'popular'. Super Junior's Mr Simple is still the best because the lyrics, dance, and beat makes it better not because it's commercialized.
When it beat Baby, it showed the world that Bieber is vincible!
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9Dangrous (X-5)
Jung haewon


You're have a nice song...
I love it.

10Going Crazy (X-5)

The Contenders

11I Love You (2NE1)
They'd be friends with PSY. They have the best dance, best songs, best personality and best looking. They are the best. They are BEAUTIFUL. They are perfect! They are nice peoples. They are just WONDERFUL~ They must be on the top~
GO 2ne1 I am the biggest fan BLACKJACKS VOTE
2NE1! Yeaah man! Well, if there was BIG BANG of course that I'll vote for BIG BANG! Ahaha by the way. Most korean singers are
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12Alone (CN Blue)
CN Blue is the best forever..
Younghwa the best :D

13Ring Ding Dong (Shinee)
I will always love the SHINEe songs.. Cause they're really great! Go shinee
Minho is so cute!
Why shinee is so low rated? They are the BEST :D
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14Day by Day (T-ara)
I love this song very... Much. Tara fighting. I love Tara forever.
What a voice really amazing thanks to dream high 2 cast, if not I miss to hear that song, yah I don't know why I'm so crazy when I hear korean songs instead of tamil songs
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15Before the Dawn (Infinite)

Lee sung yeol


16Love (CN Blue)

17Gee (Girls' Generation) Listen to sample

18How Gee (Bigbang)
Wild and young song with easy going melody and cool too... GD the best

19Roly Poly (T-ara)
Hands down the most unique and sensational beat ever heard from K-Pop musics.

20Invite (Lee Seung Gi)
I love so much

21Fiction (Beast)
This song was created beautifully and has since made BEAST well known. This was therefore a song that is worthy to be one of the best songs in Korea. Many people who are not even fans will know this song.

22Dream High (Eun & Chin Ho)
I love dream high...

23Fantastic Baby (Big Bang)
Big Bang are the best Korean band ever V.I. P vote
Wowwww! Fantastic Baby ;) Fantastic Boys Group! My Bias T.O.P ♥♥ so the best song for me :D
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24Sexy Love (T-ara)
I like their robot dance and their drama version. I love Tara eunjung.
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25Lovey Dovey (T-ara) Listen to sample

26I Am the Best (2NE1)
2ne1 are the best BLACKJACKS come on VOTE FOR 2ne1
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27Heaven (Ailee) Listen to sample

28Love at First Sight (Sung Si Kyung)

29U&I (Ailee)
The best Korea female singer
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30Number 9 (T-ara) Listen to sample

31Tonight (Spica)
Spica is the best

32Genie (Girls' Generation) Listen to sample

33Mirotic (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
The gods of kpop.

34Replay (Shinee)
SHINee is the best kpop boy band.

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