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21 Chanwoo - IKON

Looks fairly Korean but at certain angles he looks like a little Indian boy, especially with his tanned skin and big round eyes.

Yes. I definitely agree that he looks like an Indian.

I also though he was B.I's Indian Friend when I first saw him in a gif.

22 Kyung - Block B

To be honest I can't believe that he's Korean

23 Eunhyuk - Super Junior Eunhyuk - Super Junior Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.
24 Oh Sehun - Exo k

His look is very normal in Korea.

He looks more like an American than Korean.

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25 Lee Hyori
26 JB - Got7 V 1 Comment
27 Rap Monster - BTS

He looks like he's part Black to be honest

Namjoon looks perfectly fine in my opinion he isn't ugly he's handsome and does look a tad mixed with African American.

Though he doesn't have a good looking face, but he got an IQ brain.

28 Yubin - Wonder Girls

During the nobody era I thought that she was half black or western and I had to look her up. she's so gorgeous

29 Mark Tuan - Got7

SPOILER ALERT: he's not Korean at all.

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30 CL - 2NE1 CL - 2NE1

She looks like Chinese and I think Chae has a western blood.

31 Im Yoona - Girls' Generation Im Yoona - Girls' Generation Im Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

She looks like a mixed with European or American and Korean, she is the prettiest girl in Asia and one the most beautiful in the world.

She looks like she has some other foreign blood.

She kinda more looks like western.

32 Changmin - TVXQ

Yeah Changmin looks like he's south or south/east Asian, he even said on the first episode of exciting India that a lot of people thought that he looked like he was from there...much like actor wonbin.

33 Niel - Teen Top

He's got those thick lips and that Western name and that strangely soothing voice.

He looks like he's has African blood in him

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34 Dongwoo - INFINITE

His facial features are unique (but handsome)

35 Yunhyeong - IKON

Looks like the Korean Zayn Malik. Has Middle Eastern features.

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36 B.I - IKON

If you put aside the fact that he has single eyelids he doesn't look quite Korean. He looks Middle Eastern or Caucasian.

37 Yoon Bora - Sistar

Bora of Sistar

Sometimes she looks likes she's Japanese

38 Kim Jinwoo - WINNER

He looks Japanese even his fellow YG artists and team members thought he was Japanese the first time they saw him

39 Im Seulong

Very big eye and tan skin

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40 PSY PSY Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper. V 2 Comments
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