Top Ten Lady Gaga Songs With the Weirdest/best Hidden Message


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After knowing the meaning of this song, I was so creeped. The 'telephone' is actually a metaphor for her mind, and gaga and beyonce are mind controled my the Ilumanti. The lyrics and the music video finally make sense: Stop calling, stop calling, I don't wanna think anymore' becomes the creepiest line. - boeingrules

2Bad Romance

All of them are satanic but this one the most

4Born This Way

I as an Christian, I know all of the hidden messages.
"No matter what you love him or the capital H-I-M " try to translate it. It will be "Even you don't love or the God alone". And the hidden message there in "I'm beautiful in my way cause God's had no mistake" says God made us and we are perfect even in people's sights we are imprefect. - ArigatoKawaii

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No matter how demonic the other songs are but this is much more than that!


I really like this song and its message regarding marriage equality.

7Poker Face

The meaning of this song isn't really too weird or anything, but it is interesting because you would never guess what it's about just by listening to it. You can see what it means on the song's Wikipedia page. It's quite surprising - at least, it surprised me, but it does make sense.

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8Bad Kids
9Brown Eyes
10Highway Unicorn

This song sounds horrible. - funnyuser

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