Lamest Movies Made in the Past 15 Years

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21House of Flying Daggers

The most shamefully unoriginal knockoff of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Hero.

22King Kong
23A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure
24Kung Fu Hustle

I know this was supposed to be a parody, but watching this borders on painful. Painfully not funny.

25Jurassic Park 2

shoulda been much higher

...much, much higer

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I read part of the book, and thought it was okay. If the school year was longer, would've read more of it.

28Jack and Jill
29The Rundown

I love The Rock, I love Christopher Walken, I did not love this movie.

30High Tension
35Around The World In 80 Days

Even my mom said this was corny.

36Love Actually

It's so consistantly and horribly lame is almost ends up watchable

37John Carter

I hate this movie I thought it was gonna be a good movie and all it was, was a boring piece of crap! Don't rent, buy, or go see this movie its really stupid! There isn't any good action and the story plot was just weak!

38Finding Nemo

What the hell?! This movie is awesome!

I honestly hated Dory. She ruined the whole movie for me.

39Saw 1-6

This series is just stupid. The same damn things happen in each movie: people are tortured and killed, and there is blood and gore everywhere.


I thought it was okay, but too overrated. Let It Go was a good song, but it was also too overrated, even though the meaning was good.

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