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It is the very ancient language than any other languages in the world. Many poems and literature has been written even before 5000 years ago, before because.

Tamil is the only surviving classical language of the world.

Who is that stupid saying that telugu is great it takes many days to learn telugu but Tamil in one hour

Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Sanskrit languages and several Hindi words and English words came from Tamil language. Very very poetic language in the world.

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Only 25% Percent of IndianS Mother Tongue is found out to be Hindi.

Hindi has been accepted as national language and lingua franca of india by all indians except some english lover stupid tamilians

Hindhi is not spoken in most of the south india many of south india people doesn't know hindhi but they made it is as national langauge this stupid hindi is taken from muslim rulers

Very good language

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Our national anthem &national song is composed in bengali

Bengali sweetest langues in India so I Love Bengali

Bengali no 4 language in world I am bengali so I am proud jai hind

Easy to learn. Can work on any place in the world.

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Marathi is language of Warriors.

1. Economically important
2.Easy to learn especially for Hindi people
3.Many people know as most of them have lived in Mumbai some time

History. Indian languages, including Marathi, that belong to the Indo-Aryan language family are derived from early forms of Sanskrit. Marathi is one of several languages that further descend from Maharashtri Prakrit...!

Sweet language

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Telugu is a Pride unto it's people, it stays in the culture and becomes one with it's younger generation through the colloquial tongue and the numerous films. It is called Italian of the East due to it's words ending with vowels thus lending it a sweet note.

What the hell you don't even know the number 1 language is Hindi and the list should go like this Hindi, bengali, telugu, marati, Tamil, kannada etc. What you gave is a stupid and idiotic list and replace your list with mine. - harishgude

I love telugu...very sweet language

I love telugu

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Kannada is one of the oldest language on earth. You can write any words of other languages using kannada script where other language can't. This language has got more number of jnana peeta awards.

Kannada is one of the easiest language to learn

Oldest language in India. it has to be at place 4

It is marvelous like language around the world

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Urdu is always best it is a easiest language of the world

Urdu is all over India from kashmir to kerala and from gujrat to nagaland,and all understand it as Bollywood is ruled by urdu

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Punjabi is the 3rd Most spoken langage in Canada, Why it Is not in India?

Its d best than urdu bengali, marathi etc because it is easily understan to Indians rathar than others

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We have dumb idiots who ignore mother and choose silly imperfections

Old and death. But mother to all world languages.

Yes the mother of indian language

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Although I speak Hindi and English almost all the time, Malayalam is a beautiful language. The most poetic languages in India are probably Malayalam and Kannada.

The malayalam alphabets are one of the best in the world

Malayalam is the best fluent language in india

Hello?! This can't be so low. Get this higher! It is an amazing language

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English is worst according to me because, we don't spell what we write in English. Indian languages, what we write we spell in same manner. - frozen-993

Effective language to communicate anywhere in the world...

English is the superior language of the world. ALL HAIL ENGLAND!

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I think Oriya desert india's top 5 best of the all

Odiya is the best simple language as compare to other languages. you can learn vary easily because it's common with other language like Hindi,Bengali...

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I like maithili because its very sweetest language for conversation.

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It is the most respected language in india

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Its popular language in NE. People of enire NE can speak this language. It's a means of communicate among the NE people in day life

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It's a language based on sanskrit. Ist vocavulary is very rich and different adressing words. There is a specific tune of this language. Similar, almost, to Hindi. Sweet and rhythmic.

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