Top 10 League of Legends OP Champions


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The Top Ten

Easy ganking combo E+Q+W+R OWNED!
Mega OP Camp
Triple killing without problems
Ultra OP Champion. Combo : E + Q + W + R = You Has Slain An ENEMY!
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Getting elo never was so easy.


Jax can make 4000dmg with 1000 ap, One Hit kill :-/ but its best.
Jax has much power but also life
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Catches all enemies that are fleeing
Once she reaches level 6 you can't rune away from her, and her burst damage. Also has an annoying stealty spell


3 jumps (defensive or offensive)
Ad and ap dmg
Spellvamp and lifesteal
Yes, this is ONE champ.
OP like hell and easy to play

4Master Yi
In late game, Yi can face the whole opposition alone and get a pentakill and also recover his health just in a minute!
Every game, I see him always ending up the most kills.. That is why he is recommended
Armor penetration and true damage oh dear god the amount of damage!
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What the katarina should be in top 10
She boss kills easy with ulti!

I disagree. While Sion is a walking refrigerator late game, he is incredibly easy to harass since all he has is his stun. If you get someone like Kayle, Teemo, Jayce, or any other ranger, you can basically lock down his early game.

As for his ult, it only lasts 20 seconds. Any time outside of that period provides more than ample time to kill him. Just avoid him when he ults, and you're golden.

E + W + Q + R = kill.
With 400 + ap
I think Veigar is so good late game. With one other teammate, ganks take less than a second, and in team fights, he can focus on an enemy, and make it a 4v5, then 3v5, then 2v5.
A eoe stun or trap = die or alive opop
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Are you kidding? Mushroom field! You got the whole map covered
The shrooms... seems enough to me
Blind, invis, superfast, good as ad and ap, free ward ultimate, you name it.
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Me as warwick can 1v1 rengar end game easy. Warwick teamed with ravenous hydra, bloodthirster, blade of ruined king, sunfirecape, infinite edge and trinity force and you'll be able to 1v1 almost anyone.
No rengar is stronger

Trolling was never made easier until LeBlanc came along. Her passive saves your life. Her Q silinces so youll definitely fell that you have power. Her E slow and roots them in place. And her W is legendary. It allows you to flash around. Basically, a secondary flash. And with her R, Mimic, she can use the ability again.
She is the most overpowered laugh out loud character with her amazing burst.
My opinion shes the best mage laugh out loud ever had
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The Contenders

He is probably the strongest mid champ at the moment. He can burst any adc down in a few hits and spells and because of low cooldowns he can still do tons of damage even if he hasnt got his ult.
Zed can kill any champ in 1 vs 1. Also he has a great burst damage using his shadow even though he isn't ranged. Also his ult can keep him untargetable and take no damage for 1 sec.

Late game no one stands a chance against you. He is one of my favorite guys along with poppy I play them all the time.
When full build, could do tons of damage but he need someone to block for him and he could be in the back killing all of them.
He's ult is so op and he's q
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13Twisted Fate
He is wonderful! 3 different attacks in w, his q has a long range and if somebody runs you can catch him whit the utli

This champ kills you by making you hitting him... His taunt lasts forever and the wont fall late game


OP best fighter!
All you need to win every single game is get item passives like Thornmail or Sunfire Cap.
Bonus magic resistance and armor which transforms into bonus damage thanks to his passive?

Turrets for the win... Enough said... Also ult rockets makes a mean ender laugh out loud


Have you seen my tibbers; that's all I gotta say

A kick ass little mummy with spunk

19Miss Fortune

The w attack is so op when you got low life you can't kill him
Best of the best
His ulti makes him unstoppable, true damage spell and extreme lifesteal


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IF you can master a good combo with Q+R+W+E(shield on self) and is quite a good support.
She is verry hard to counter, has a shield that blocks all cc and an ulti that can stun an entire team


Unstopable! Best tank/support ever. And no one can defeat him 1 vs 1!

He gets stronger every time he levels up.
If you do all the combos correctly he can do a penta kill once he's level 18
OP champ once equipped with the right items. It is a little harder to get kills with his ult because to use it you have to activate his Q 3 times.

An OP Champion but not that OP. Strong laning and very strong at early game. Minefield+Bouncing Bomb+Mega Inferno Bomb! You have slain an enemy! (Satchel when you are going to die! )

He we super duper OP before nerf and now he's basic. But you know some ones op when they get banned every game and need there abilitys changed just so they won't be op any more
Triple range flash, with 5 secs cool down. It's like TF with 5 secs on his ult...


His ultimate is really aweasom...we can'y catch him after ge become 6 level
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Aatrox is op. His passive is super and his ulti too. I also like the first attack because you can jump over walls! Cool
His w with high life steal, never die.
Aatrox is can get a easy quadra kill q-e-r. His passive is OP you don't need to recall because of his W. Aatrox best champ in game. :D

27Frozen Malphite

So op, he can just leap out of bush, spam abilities get the kill and ult away. Plus he can evolve witch makes him more badass
In almost every game gets firstblood, and if he gangs You and You're paper, you're dead.

Definitely top 10 IF PLAYED CORRECTLY.. Only top matchups I struggle with is lee sin, darius, and wukong.. Other than them, if I can get early farm going, a properly played fiora will dominate anybody in 1v1 and team fights with her R
Strongest AD carry especially her Q E W Q R combo is OP I've taken 45- 1 with her. She should be somewhere in the top 10
F*** this champion. If you give a kill or two to fiora, the game's already over. Full lifesteal Fiora is ridiculous. She's able to get full health quicker than you can even attack. It doesn't matter how much crowd control you have. She'll always win. She can even deal stupid amounts of damage. Its insane

His Q Ability it's OP when the game starts, so you can feed yourself and win the game! I recommend him a lot, I already made 42/6 with him (: His combo attacks are: E W Q and when the enemy is in the air use R (:
Killing him is just like killing yourself. But This guy has a nice dance! Haha

Her ultimate is cool
A legjobb Tank, ad Jungle top solo top-ra is jó

He can poke and are awesome adc

33Lee Sin
If you can play Lee Sin to the extent, then you deserve to be in either Challenger or Diamond. Effectively using Lee Sin is extremely difficult, and even though a lot of people use him they can't use him effectively, which makes him end up here, in 32. PEOPLE THAT SUCK CANNOT USE LEE, SO STOP TRYING. He is by far the most OP champ in the game if you can use him right and use his passive.
Very good at early gangs
Not a good explination but yes he is somewhere in the top 10
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"King of the mid" if you buy the right items you can make a lots of dmg with Q and ulti. You make ashe down with 2-3 hits if you ll level 18.
Talons ulti: it can be used for escape or for attack. By attack you must activate the ulti and attack one champion.. The champ has left the half of his live. He is a very good champ if you use him right.
So op! I can't believe he's here! He can destroy any character, as long as you play him right, and don't get hit by CC, although QSS can counter that!
Talons combo is not qerw. that's the most ridiculous talon combo I have ever seen. the person who said that talons combo is qewr should quit playing talon. talons proper combo is e auto attack q w R. I am a Korean diamond.
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Most OP Champ in the Game! He dodges everything with his E, has extreme burst and a DOT... and he is not even hard to play!
Fizz early game suck but he is so op after level 10
Easy to use
Very good to scape


Can destroy groups waves of minions in seconds, and use its basic attack to drain turrets health, while using the W to push back enemy champions.
No words is just Jinx
The adc most overpowered of league of legend
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He is tanky and he can damage a lot by himself. He is a good supporter too, he grabs and slow and other can damage the enemy so it will be a good combination with adc


Burst best in game
How zed better than brand... Barnd can make zed burned ninja brand harras very strong which make him 1 of best mid laners so I think that brand should be 1 of best 10 no rank 27



His W (Sanguine Poole) makes him invulnerable + dealing damage + slowing all enemies above him + healin him. His Q deals ridiculously high damage (around 500/600 with 500AP) and heals him for 200HP every time. Its cooldown is 2.4... Ridiculous isn't it? And he have no mana, every ability depends on health. Q and R are even free! While using W, that costs 20% of health, he regens way more.
I like vladimir his so strong he can kill steal


Simple math... With 40% CDR, you just have fun spamming R to do anything, from checking baron and dragon, to just clearing lanes...


He is a manate

Oh look! I found a wild ADC-slash-APC. Oh wait, there was one. Its gone now. ULT OP



With a farmed Q, you can go straight defense and be indestructible while giveing crazy damage and 3 second cooldown best lategame in laugh out loud


Stun, Dmg, Ult + owned!

Easy tripple kills, with 40% cdr you are just click on everything in random order and you get the kill. 1v1 she is unbeatable if played corectly.

59Maria Ozawa


Can be super OP if you level her up right and know how to play her. Her R is the most OP Ult in my opinion. Have gotten several across the map kills with it. You can't outrun her with her Q and her W isn't the best but once you level it up its cool down time is only 4 seconds. Easy beginner champ that can be very deadly if you play her right.

62Kog Maw

He can kill an enemy champion in 1-3 seconds flat and an out poke almost anyone.
If skillshots are your thing, expect to be bullying counter picks out of lane, has a great impact in team fights with a AOE stun and Ult. Choosing to smartcast will let you combo R-E-Q while the enemy is still silenced. Upgrading your passive early gives you real lane dominace early - mid game.
Ult op, hex cores make you op, e is calledDEATH ray and q does damage with shield, w is insane cc P.S. ult R does like 1000 base damage with skill with 80 percent ap scaling

You forgot her. For me she is number 12 and she has op damage and she has the best sustaining in the whole game. Its tru that you need to get close to kill enemie but her ult, w, q, e, e, e and 75 procent of champs die instant

çümkü elise amına koyar

With the right items and a lot of ability, you can kill an enemy in 3 seconds!
When you mix his abilitys right, you can make it hard for the enemy



If you can land grabs and get farmed, you can easily change the tide in any fight, be it solo or a teamfight. You can make it so that the enemy has almost no escape, and even if they do, they have to waste health, mana and summoner spells to get away from you, long story short, op.
Amazing skills, OP passive, good support good tank...
Not the best, but certainly one of the 5 best supports in laugh out loud. Can be agressive or defensive, EXTREMELY OP LATE GAME. Amazing crowd control.
2 of his skills slow the enemy, one with 99% and the other with 40%
Amazing hook. Paralyze the enemy for 1.5 seconds, push him and then you dash.

The Sheriff of Piltover will rock the game if used correctly, along with their cupcakes and with his rifle fiel. A 1 skill to be used will be the first after the armadilhas. Boa lucky player with the best of Piltover.

Q so OP stuns for 20sec AND Its an AoE spell?
You need skill to play him though
Ulti is broken, electrifies champs in AoE 900 range, makes true dmg = 2.67*AP + 4*AD


He is just op he stuns everyone he wants and his ult is overpowered in team fights.if played correctly he can almost comeback in any 1v1 cause when the enemy is stunned, he also deals tons of damage

This is not dota
Strong in late game

Q and W OP, Ult for ks and get a kill, Press Q Insta Pentakill


77Dr. Mundo

78Spirit Breaker
OP Q can gank multiple lanes really fast. A tank with lots of attack DMG and pretty fast. enough said

Corki's specials are ass-kicking!

80Shadow Demon
Nice int support and clone makier good against troll and some agy like trolls

81Muiere Coi Lung
She is too op for this game

He can easily is, and can deal a lot of damage with grab +knock up+ multi and then chase with his movement ability. HIS ULTI HAS A 24 COOLDOWN?!? Op. enough said


Very Good Early win because farm! W is op.. Bit ulti is useless for ez and Otter adc...

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