Top 10 League of Legends OP Champions


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The Top Ten

Easy ganking combo E+Q+W+R OWNED!
Mega OP Camp
Triple killing without problems
Ultra OP Champion. Combo : E + Q + W + R = You Has Slain An ENEMY!
[Newest]Weak weak weak he is no problem for anyone when Darius Axe grab is on cool down he is vulnerable to harassment attacks

Jax is the God of league of legends they made it slow and very weak at the beginning and the item to make him strong are the most expensive so is hard to equip him at the same rate than other champ, but they made like this to makes things even. just imagine a Jax Strong since the beginning would be fair.
Jax can make 4000dmg with 1000 ap, One Hit kill :-/ but its best.
Jax has much power but also life
[Newest]Probably the strongest duelist in the game.

3Master Yi
In late game, Yi can face the whole opposition alone and get a pentakill and also recover his health just in a minute!
Armor penetration and true damage oh dear god the amount of damage!
Every game, I see him always ending up the most kills.. That is why he is recommended
[Newest]Just saying he is the best no matter what

What the katarina should be in top 10
Countered by a few and bad early game, played right can get tripled with ease
[Newest]She are so nice

Catches all enemies that are fleeing
Once she reaches level 6 you can't rune away from her, and her burst damage. Also has an annoying stealty spell


It is impossible to escape alkali's range of doom, even running at max speed you can't escape her
[Newest]You can't run of her!

Are you kidding? Mushroom field! You got the whole map covered
The shrooms... seems enough to me
I love Teemo, is very good.
[Newest]You cannot run from poison, ACED

Definitely top 10 IF PLAYED CORRECTLY.. Only top matchups I struggle with is lee sin, darius, and wukong.. Other than them, if I can get early farm going, a properly played fiora will dominate anybody in 1v1 and team fights with her R
Strongest AD carry especially her Q E W Q R combo is OP I've taken 45- 1 with her. She should be somewhere in the top 10
You can be fed easily with her if you not good with her
[Newest]I just like her alt

If your smart with how you place your turrets and make good use of your grenade and missles, with a good build you will be able to 1v3 or even 1v4 if you have his ultimate and your "zone" set up, overall, very OP
Excellent champion, very strong overall. His turrets are just OP, especially when upgraded. And his upgraded W can pretty much one-hit-kill a marksman who forgot to buy magic resist.
Turrets for the win... Enough said... Also ult rockets makes a mean ender laugh out loud

Once she's fed, there is no stopping her

Late game no one stands a chance against you. He is one of my favorite guys along with poppy I play them all the time.
When full build, could do tons of damage but he need someone to block for him and he could be in the back killing all of them.
Never lose match unless you're against a teemo

The Contenders

Trolling was never made easier until LeBlanc came along. Her passive saves your life. Her Q silinces so youll definitely fell that you have power. Her E slow and roots them in place. And her W is legendary. It allows you to flash around. Basically, a secondary flash. And with her R, Mimic, she can use the ability again.
She is the most overpowered laugh out loud character with her amazing burst.
My opinion shes the best mage laugh out loud ever had

Basically 2 op passives
Extremely low cooldown, 100% crit with 2 items, can engage, win 1v5... enough? Oh wait I forgot his wall...
He gets stronger every time he levels up.
If you do all the combos correctly he can do a penta kill once he's level 18

Me as warwick can 1v1 rengar end game easy. Warwick teamed with ravenous hydra, bloodthirster, blade of ruined king, sunfirecape, infinite edge and trinity force and you'll be able to 1v1 almost anyone.
He have a nice Ultimate
Because I never lose when I used warwick

I believe that Sion has incredible tanking skills, especially if you build well. His Q can strike multiple enemies within range, which can destroy minions, thus opening a path for someone who is in the same lane as him.
I disagree. While Sion is a walking refrigerator late game, he is incredibly easy to harass since all he has is his stun. If you get someone like Kayle, Teemo, Jayce, or any other ranger, you can basically lock down his early game.

As for his ult, it only lasts 20 seconds. Any time outside of that period provides more than ample time to kill him. Just avoid him when he ults, and you're golden.

E + W + Q + R = kill.
With 400 + ap
R = 2000 damage in late game -_-
I think Veigar is so good late game. With one other teammate, ganks take less than a second, and in team fights, he can focus on an enemy, and make it a 4v5, then 3v5, then 2v5.

Can be super OP if you level her up right and know how to play her. Her R is the most OP Ult in my opinion. Have gotten several across the map kills with it. You can't outrun her with her Q and her W isn't the best but once you level it up its cool down time is only 4 seconds. Easy beginner champ that can be very deadly if you play her right.

He's really op. Can take two champs down right after the other with both full health. Depending on which kind. I was Jinx with a Lux. We only brought him down to a quarter health before we died. (he was also building tank. )
He is probably the strongest mid champ at the moment. He can burst any adc down in a few hits and spells and because of low cooldowns he can still do tons of damage even if he hasnt got his ult.
Zed, once you get to know how to play him, is a really good champion. I wouldn't say he is OP. But I would say he is in a good spot right now to 1v1 anyone in the whole game. Use armor pen runes!
[Newest]Dude just turn shadows off in settings

18Twisted Fate

Beaten by a little girl! Hah!
Have you seen my tibbers; that's all I gotta say
Apparently can kill with just a stun and summoning Tibbers right on top with Half health.

His Q Ability it's OP when the game starts, so you can feed yourself and win the game! I recommend him a lot, I already made 42/6 with him (: His combo attacks are: E W Q and when the enemy is in the air use R (:
Killing him is just like killing yourself. But This guy has a nice dance! Haha

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