Top 10 League of Legends Skill Cap Champions

This LIST IS NOT THE HARDEST CHAMPIONS TO PLAY, This list is about champions with the most potential to outplay and outperform their opponents, therefore they have higher skill caps. It doesn't mean you can't suck at riven and still win as riven, because you can but riven has some of the highest outplay potential against high elo opponents who actually know what they're doing FOR EXAMPLE. Why are there no SUPPORTS? Supports are definitely useful and can make plays but they in no way can affect the game the way other laners can.

The Top Ten

1 Riven

Low cooldown shield, countless dashes, area knock-up and insane damage output. She is the true queen of the rift. When played in good hands, nobody can duel nor trade with Riven.

Riven is easy, as long as your penis is small.

"She's the queen of the rift and no one can duel her" = Do you know Fiora, she gets her with regular ease.

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2 Vayne
3 Lee Sin

The endless combos you can pull off easily makes Lee Sin one of the best "outplay" champions in the game. There is a huge speed difference in ward jumping and flash kick speeds in high elo compared to low elo.

I played lee sin for 1 year, yet he is hard to master...

7 ablilities to manage and insanely difficult comboes to pull off

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4 Yasuo

Many low elo players call Yasuo no skill but that is them being salty that they got outplayed.

There is so much micromanagement with this guy so I just think he's the hardest

Yasuo's base health nerfs have now given him the highest deaths per game out of all champions in both the Top and Mid Lanes. This is usally due to bad yasuo's trading without Flow, not using minions to dodge skill shots, and overextending with yasyndrome. Yasuo has very real kill potential at level 2 with ignite especially with 25% crit in lane. Most Yasou's ult in and get blown up due to a poorly placed windwall or lack of co-ordination with Teammates.

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5 Zed

Zed has literally the highest outplaying potential out of all champions in the whole game. His basic combo is easy to pull off, but his full potential and outplaying potential is extremely difficult to pull off. Precision timing to dodge potentially devastating skills from your opponents with your ultimate, for example a Veigar, placing your shadows in the right place and knowing where they are, switching places with your shadows to dodge devastating skill shots such as an Ahri's charm, plus you have to land your skill shots to be a successful zed. His outplay potential is even higher when near walls. All of this makes him a fairly easy and boring champion to play if you want to use the same combo every time, but if you want to truly master zed's kill and outplay potential, your up for a difficult joyride.

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6 Fiora V 1 Comment
7 Azir

People forget he is like a zed and orianna combined which makes him harder than both of them. He also can insec combo which makes him like lee-sin. A few well placed q's, r's, and turrets win games.

Well azir is one of the hardest champions in the game. however in the right hands he is probably the champion with the most outplay potential and the best champion in the game. if you have good control than he is gonna be the champion perfect for you.

8 Rengar
9 Fizz

Multiman Syndra Stuns are Huge in team fights, Usually you can blow up your laner with stacked Q's and Ignite but missing

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10 Ahri

Once again the difference between low elo and high elo Ahris is stupendous.

You can't kill or run away from a true master of Ahri.

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? Elise
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11 Leblanc

If you don't know what I'm talking about go look up Faker Leblanc Plays on YouTube

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12 Baron Nashor V 1 Comment
13 Orianna

When you first start playing Orianna she feels clunkier than your first car, but she's one of the few champions who scale with skill. A multiman ult on a well farmed Orianna WINS TEAMFIGHTS most orianna's are dreadful at hitting their ults ESPECIALLY in low ELO

14 Master Yi V 1 Comment
15 Ekko

No one has said ekko he has one of the best ults to outplay not to mention phase dive and his w you can outplay many champions

16 Syndra
17 Thresh
18 Teemo

Not mechanically challenging, but requires massive game knowledge to play and avoid death/ have success

He has to strategically place shrooms to kill enemies, time his blinds and act as an adc.

19 Nidalee
20 Tryndamere

There is just so much you have to do to master Tryndamere. Clicking on people, pressing R when you're low, clicking on people... The list goes on. I'd rate him somewhere between Garen and Darius on the difficulty level.

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