Best Led Zeppelin Songs


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The Top Ten

Stairway To Heaven
this song makes you literally feel like you're in heaven
its lyrics has something, really strange and strong influence on me... something powerful! people who have died without listening this song, didn't really knew what is dream...
This is more than a song, is a masterpiece. With those different sections, which increase in tempo and volume as the song progresses it is definitively "chilling". Besides, it could easily be at any rank of top 10 songs ever produced.
[Newest]Best Led Zeppelin song ever!
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Stairway to Heaven is a little too mellow for the whole Led Zeppelin feel. This song tops it by a long shot. If you haven't heard Kashmir, you haven't heard Led Zeppelin. At least that's my opinion.
You here this at least once a day on an advert or something like that and its one of those songs where it really gets you going sort of thing - you feel like you could do anything...
Stairway is too mellow to be best rock song. It's top 3 for best ever song, but not rock song.
I believe this master piece should be at the top. Brillaint song. Tops! Infront of Stairway to heaven but not by much!
[Newest]This song is a true masterpiece, if you don't listen to too much mainstream poo music, you can feel the power in the song.
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3Whole Lotta Love
I wanna whole lotta love too. I lost my virginity to this song hahahahahaha. Greatest blues rock masterpiece that left me breathless no pun intended
That part where the music starts up after the "unorganized" part in the middle is the best 20 seconds of music ever made. Period.
This is the only one of there 4 best songs that actually cracked the top 10. This is one of Page's best guitar riffs ever. I think everyone missed out by not putting this higher than number 5. The other three songs everyone missed are Bring it on home, Ramble On, and Moby Dick. Those should be the top 4 right there. The bass in Ramble On is sickest of all of them.
[Newest]One of a masterpiece of Led Zeppelin. this song is sick! Plant, page, jones and bonham was out of their best in this song! So lotta of love

4Achilles Last Stand
The solos, The drums, the vocals, the lyrics, the melody, the composition, nothing gets better than Achilles last stand. This is one of those tracks that you wish never ended. NEVER EVER. Solo is better than that of stairway to heaven. UNDOUBTEDLY in my mind. Music does NOT get better than this.
The vocals and guitar solos are breath taking. Anyone with true taste knows this is better than Stairway to Heaven. They lyrics tell a great story too. This track epitomizes the concept of epic.
The perfect combination of guitar and drums. "The mighty arms of Atlas hold the heavens from the earth" just superb
[Newest]Literally just listened to this for the first time and my jaw dropped. Absolutely amazing.
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5Black Dog
Ooh, picking the best Zeppelin songs? That's a tough choice, but Black Dog definitely needs to be recognized. That's not to say other Zeppelin songs are bad, because they're all awesome, but... C'mon... It's Black Dog!
Man, this song really rocks! It's kind of rock'n'roll style! Man you need to hear it!
First Led Zeppelin song I ever heard and is still my favourite song by them


[Newest]This song is so epic that robert plant himself didn't sing the studio version live. Enough said.

6Immigrant Song
Love This Song amazing Start Should Be Number 2 Or 3 Vote This Song Please Listen To This Song Please amazing love it one of their best
awesome song..! and the starting part itself gives an adrenaline rush..!
I'll massacre the administrator for putting it No.5th. It should be far before the 1st rank also. No.0 should be perfect.
[Newest]It's my favorite song by Led Zeppelin

7When The Levee Breaks
The drum line rules! *this* is the kind of song you can truly call a classic
Just the most epic Led zeppelin song I've heard. Also this song is the first zeppelin song I heard and the tune was imprinted into my mind since then. This song has some very complex techniques such as the backward echo of Robert plant playing the harmonica which is so unique. Page is definitely one of the greatest musicians of all time. Jon Bonham and Jones add quite well to the song. This song is rarely been performed live as it is very difficult to replicate the effects used by the band in recording.
Every Led zeppelin song is amazing and its very hard to choose but this one tops my personal chart as my favourite Led Zeppelin song.
This song is so sick. The drum line is as good as it gets, Page is at his best, and Plant just adds the punch to this amazing song.
[Newest]First 7 seconds are stellar. This is a song that you hear more for the drums than for anything else.
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8Dazed and Confused
This is the second best Led Zeppelin song. It contains thing that only Led Zeppelin themselves would, for example, the dark interlude in the middle with Bonham's dark eerie drumming with PLant's roaring vocals mimicing Page's guitar. It starts out slowly then turns into an epic solo. This song fully exemplifies Led Zeppelin's great skill and talent.
This song is too amazing to be rated merely at number 12.
Absolutely the most mind-blowing song they ever made.
[Newest]Plants crying vocals give me chills

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9Since I've Been Lovin' You
I've listened to just about every led zeppelin song there is to listen to (and I'm including bootlegs and live takes here) yet no song has every hit me quite as hard as this one. Plant and page really shine in this one, and this is easily one of plant's best vocal performances ever. And page takes infusing emotion in his playing to a whole new level. I mean he doesn't just make his guitar cry, he makes it WAIL. When I listen to this song, I'm able to just close my eyes and turn off my brain and visualize them playing it live. Not only is this my favorite led zep song but it is also my favorite song of all time. And I'm not one who picks favorites.
Jimmy Page at his best. Jazz inspired throughout but with a rock n' roll flavour to it. Inspiring, why Jimmy is the best ever.
The first time I've heard this song, I was speechless. Everything about this song is absolutely perfect! My favorite ever song, can't get enough of it.
[Newest]This song is great epically the song remains the same version

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10Rock and Roll
Rock And Roll is Amazing, it should Be at least number 8...
I hope you guys REALLY listened to the songs in the top 10..


I you haven't heard this one, your life must be so sad


You just have to rock n roll to this song.


[Newest]Very basic blues progression, but still good.

The Contenders

11Over the Hills and Far Away
I literally get tears in my eyes every time I hear this song, I don't like to listen to it too often, it's more than a song to me, by far the best song I've ever heard.
Stairway to heaven is epic, but so over played as to be nauseating. Over the hills... Is the best blend of musical and lyrical quality without being played quite into oblivion.
This is Led Zeppelin's greatest song!


[Newest]This song is definitely one of Led Zeppelins top 5 songs, just an amazing use of talents

12Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Are you kidding me? This is one of the best songs of Led Zeppelin.. I mean.. It has to be in the top 3! This song has everything.. The guitar work is really amazing and the vocal did a really really good job in this song.. They put a lot of feel in this song!
Even though it's not their original song, it's probably one of the best pieces Led Zeppelin have ever recorded. A lot better than the original version, but it's just my opinion.
The break from the mellow melodic fingerpicking to the the frenzied vocals and build up in the guitar.. amazing, the song has an brilliant feel...
[Newest]The vocals in this song are amazing

13No Quarter
Vastly underrated, but one of Led Zeppelin's best songs in my opinion. Such an amazing spectrum of sounds.
this song always makes me shiver just cause of the way Robert Plant's lyrics and shallow voice effect play throughout the song. Truly amazing
This song is amazing. Very powerful and also a little trippy. very original Zep
[Newest]Brilliant song, deserves to be right up there.

14Ramble On
This has to be in any legitimate top ten list. The turns the song takes the listener on throughout the song are amazing.
for me the best song in the album (led zeppelin II), and notice that the album includes great ones, such as "whole lotta love" or "heartbreaker", also, is the only song on the album that combines the characteristic whispery/groundshaking duality that would remain in their following recordings. Sorry for my bad english, greetings from Mexico!
It may have been co-written by Page and Plant, but "Ramble On" is also a fine example of Jones and Bonham's musical chemistry. With lyrics inspired by "The Lord of the Rings," "Ramble On" is a four-and-a-half minute number that fittingly mixes folk rock with hard rock. But it also proves that Page wasn't only a talented guitarist but a talented producer as well.
[Newest]Only 2 words to really describe it "classic rock"

What the hell, this song is way better that 5 of the top ten.
What a Guitar Riff! So simple, yet so brilliant.


The fastest and best led zeppelin solo. the intro riff makes really recognisable
[Newest]So low!? This is such a cool sounding song. Not quite Stairway but it is so mood uplifting
So low? This is one of the highest standard lists on the website. Even masterpieces such as Good Times Bad Times are only in the 20s!

16Ten Years Gone
This song is very soothing to me. The overall tone of the instruments encompass what the song is about and I feel that this song has not gotten the notice and appreciation from the masses like many other of Led Zeppelin's songs. I actually use this song to help me sleep sometimes because I, like many others, can relate to what's being talked about in the song, and, like I said previously, the song is soothing. 5/5 star song yet it remains #9.
I love this song, I could listen to it ten times in a row and not get boared.


What the hell, two months ago I checked this sites and ten years gone on 2rd but now on 10 on this list, what is wrong with you people have you lost your fate for this song cause rap songs? I think we should rank this song higher
[Newest]This song deserves to be in the top 3

17The Rain Song
This is by far the most beautiful and musically advanced song Led Zeppelin recorded. It is pure serenity
Jimmy Page's guitar playing and Robert Plant's lyrics make this song a genuine tune, absolutely beautiful
A beuatiful classic song, Page's guitar and Jones keyboards create a classic sound.
[Newest]What?... What? I can't believe that songs like ramble on and black dog are in front of that song

18Good Times Bad Times
This should probably be in the top three... the drums, the bass, and the singing in this song is are amazing...


hahaha this brings back my old album of led zeppelin.
someone totally stole it. but anyways I hope he spread the true rock n roll for a band I love


I agree with jprg12, this song is good stuff, if you play instruments the drums to this song is pure fun. The guitar is challenging yet rewarding in its sound.
[Newest]This should be in the top three. Wonderful music. Wonderful lyrics. Wonderful voice.

19Communication Breakdown
WHAT?! But what about the riff I mean GEEZ it's a great song!


Wow is all have to say for this song! Its so catchy and awesome!
I LOVE the guitar riff and the kind of crazy, fast, psycho feel it has to it!
So energetic and full of life! 5 stars!
Had a great deal of influence on punk rock. Not to mention an amazing song.

20The Ocean
The opening guitar is like a punch in the face. It's fierce. It's heavy. It's zeppelin.
Well put. This song shows how led zep really is.
"We've done four already, but now we're steady, and then they went, 1,2,3,4...!
This song makes you feel the ocean. It's like a spray of salty water to the face. The imagery evoked makes you feel like you're in a ship being swayed by the ocean. Definitely worth listening to, classic Zeppelin.
[Newest]Just the vibe, and the way it starts. You know right away it's a classic...

21Going To California
This is a very laid-back, almost folk-sounding song from Led Zeppelin IV and is very different from most of the band's other work. The mandolin in this song is absolutely beautiful.


I really love this song and think that its totally under rated plant was so amazing in this song
Lacking Bonham's drums and the characteristic hard rock and heavy metal sound Led Zeppelin was becoming known for, "Going to California" sees the band going for a more folk rock vibe with great success. With Jones on mandolin, Page on acoustic guitar and Plant singing his heart out, the song also showcases the band's softer side and incredible range.

22In My Time of Dying
This is perhaps Led Zeppelins most underrated song, yet it is also perhaps their most energetic song. This song has many similarities to When The Levee Breakes, but far better, Page's work with the steel string guitar is simply fantastic, John Paul Jones bass and John Bonham's drums bring a whole new level of power to this song which is perhaps the best word to describe this song. Power. Sheer Power. Every time I hear the opening riff to this song it's enough to bring a shout of joy from even the deepest heart, especially the live version. If you have not heard this song, you owe it to yourself to take a listen to this masterpiece
Seriously underrated, yes, it does start off slow and bluesy, but when it gets rocking'... Not even Rock 'n Roll or Achilles' Last Stand measure up to it. It should be in the Top 10, WAY ahead of Immigrant Song and Black Dog. Those two are alright, but it's the posers that listen to those. A true led Zeppelin fan would call this one of the best.
Oh man... when I listen to this song I feel I'm dying... Just hear robert's voice and jimmy's fingers and then tell me...

23Hey Hey What Can I Do
Has to be one of the best original acoustic pieces, alongside stairway to heaven and over the hills and far away, this should be higher; lyrics and singing blend to make it a classic zeppelin blues ballad, and the guitar base and drums make it a cacophony of good music
Very underrated acoustic jam. Excellent lyrics, the mandolin is beautiful, and it has such a soulful performance by Robert Plant.
Why is this so low? I don't even listen to rock, but this is a excellent song. Best Zeppelin song hands down!
[Newest]Oy god this is so underrated. When they all come in at the end is the best thing ever.

24Thank You
The best love song of Led Zeppelin written by Plant for his wife... Got some good acoustic action by Page and really good drumming by Bonzo, not to mention the organ solo by JPJ
I was stunned when I looked on this list and this song was not in the top ten. It is the most melodic piece zeppelin ever performed and is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I deserves a spot in the top ten.
Great love song with heartfelt singing from plant... Makes me cry whenever I listen it.
[Newest]You should Check the Live Version Blows my Mind

25All My Love
Robert Plant and John Paul Jones really took led zeppelin to a whole new level this song. I was really surprised when I found out that Jimmy Page didn't write this song along with Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.
R.I.P Karac
This should be on top 3, When I first heard this song I feel the beauty and sadness of this song. What a masterpiece
That song is a masterpiece! It should be in the top 3! Its lyrics are so emotional, it has been written after the death of Plant's son.. Just flawless
[Newest]Love this song. Heard led zeppelin song for first time and I loved it. This should be on number one. one of the best

26Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)
Led zeppelin never played this live because they didn't want to, this song is a good song but isn't as creative as the other ones, there are lots of other songs like this in the 70s scattered all around, don't get me wrong it's a great song but its nothing compared to stairway to heaven or kashmir.
Although not very known, this song is a very powerful rock song

27Nobody's Fault But Mine
I like how he sings the riff it sounds awesome its also a classic you gotta love it its zeppelin
This is easily a top ten song, you don't hear it very often though. Great song to jam to.
Don't vote until you hear this

28D'yer Mak'er
This is probably my favorite by led Zeppelin I mean I literally have all of their songs on my iPod and all of their vinyls they are all rock. Roll gods!
This song relaxes me... I love it! Oh oh oh oh oh oh you don't have to go, oh oh oh oh
This is the best pop song period. and it's not even by a pop group. this just proves how amazing Led Zeppelin are as musicians.
[Newest]The best reggae rock song ever!

29Houses of the Holy
I don't understand why this is down so low I grew up listening to this its probly their best song I love it hands down
Its Zeppelins best song, hands down. That riff makes me feel good, and my day is just much better every time I hear that song.


How is this so low? Unbelievable song!

30The Battle of Evermore
The fact the That mastermind Page can factor a mandolin into a rock song and the lyrics are mystic... Maybe not #1 but it should be in the top 10
The Battle Of Evermore is an amazing Led Zeppelin Song, no matter what jIMMY PAGE plays he makes it sound incredible I love this song to death and should be top 15.
incredible zeppelin song, one of the best from led zeppelin 4 give it a listen sometime
[Newest]I think the creativity and the uniqueness of this song is incomparable with a lot of songs.

31Fool in the Rain
Love the time alternative signature and Latin feel. Led Zeppelin were real musicians who continued to push their musical boundaries. John Bonham's shuffle beat lays down a real slinky groove...

Relish this classic track.
fool in the rain is one of my favorite zeppelin songs! it should be in the top ten


This is an awesome song with a signature drum line. The beat from the song Rosanna by Toto was ripped off from here.
[Newest]This drum track forces me to forget about all the troubles in the world... So beautiful and original.

32How Many More Times
This is so underrated. I discovered this song and now it's my 2nd favorite of theirs behind Stairway. How's that for opposite ends of the spectrum? Stairway is the most famous, while this song is pretty much unknown. Yet, they are both amazing
How can this be so low? It's absolutely great. Just listen to the riff and the vocals. One of my favourites surely!
Should be higher up, in my opinion.
8:30 of pure eargasms. I love how it starts out softly then the guitars roll in with the riff. Can't forget of course the amazing drum beat and and twists and turns in this song.
[Newest]Best Zeppelin song ever. Period.

33Trampled Under Foot
So surprised this song is so low. I feel like it's one of their more radio exposed songs as well. Anyways, like much of all Physical Graffiti, this song blew me away the first time I heard it. So catchy and so easy to groove to. Definitely prefer it over much of the Top 10. It's just a classic.
This song is a classic
its gotta be higher up
come on guys this song absolutely rocks!
[Newest]Show me another band where their 36th best rated song is this good.

You can't

Justin Bieber won't have one song in his entire career this good.

34Moby Dick
Actually, it IS the best. If you watch the LZDVD, you'll see how amazing he is. Greatest drummer who ever lived.
not the best but an awesome drum solo


Bonzo made such a GREAT drum solo live at the Royal Albert Hall!

35Misty Mountain Hop
This is the Zeppelin song I can remember most from my childhood, and it has always been my favourite
Excellent song! Very cool how it goes from a regular 4/4 feel to a 1/2 time feel. Perfect drumming
A Simple, Yet infectioous riff that never quits, Plant at his devilish wailing best. Wonderful in every way.
[Newest]Top 5 common. People should have to take a test before they vote.

36Bring It On Home
Very top 10 worthy, if you dont appreciate this piece of work you dont undertand the real influences of the greatest band ever Led Zeppelin
Starts slow, and then one of the best Led Zeppelin riffs starts up. This is one that once you listen to it a few times, everything sounds incredible. This is too underrated.
It's just awesome. That screaming guitar after Plant's bluesy harmonica intro absolutely blows you away.
[Newest]This song is amazing, it's a total Led Zeppelin style song. you won't regret voting for it

the most incredible acoustic song of led zeppelin
Led Zeppelin are one of my favourite bands of all time, so it's pretty hard to pick a favourite. I ain't gonna be popular in saying this but I am not the biggest fan of Physical Graffiti. It's awesome, but in my opinion it is their worst album bar Presence, In through the out door and Coda. In my eyes, here are the albums in order of greatness.
1. ) Houses Of The Holy (1973)
2. ) Led Zeppelin II (1969)
3. ) Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
4. ) Led Zeppelin (1969)
5. ) Led Zeppelin I (1970)
6. ) Physical Graffiti (1975) (Istill belive this is excellent)
7. ) Presence (1976) Much like Physicl Graffiti.
8. ) In Through The Out Door (1979)
9. ) Coda (1982)

Anyway, Led zeppelin I is an awesome album containing lots of a coustic tracks. This song of all Led zeppelin songs makes me cry it is so beautiful.
this is by far a classic, you can never say one is number one, they all are
[Newest]My favorite acoustic piece by Zeppelin.

38What Is and What Should Never Be
This is one of those really dynamic songs by Zeppelin that many people don't know about. Turn it up loud and enjoy!
This song with out a doubt should be in the top 5, it is a very underrated song! This is the type of song that anybody can jam too from start to finish. This is personally one of my favorite songs and should definitely be higher
On the list!
I really get a proud feeling to be a fan of the band that created such a dynamic on-the-run yet so smooth number. This song would mesmerize the hell out of you. Listen to the song and enjoy that elusive purity.
[Newest]What is: this song being so low. What should never be: this song being so low.

39The Rover
Great song with heavy guitar and a solo smooth like butter on bread.
just a plain under-rated song. The opening guitar-riff puts you in a
psychedlic transe

This is my personal favorite, I listen to it on a daily basis and I probably will never get tired of it. It's a shame it's so underrated and largely unknown.
[Newest]My fave Led Zeppelin song

40The Song Remains The Same
Hey this should be like number 5 or something like that!


44? Are you kidding me? It should at least be in the top 15. Very energetic song with AMAZING guitars and a great vocal performance by Plant. Just listen to it.
The way Page's driving guitar kicks off the song sets up the vibe: completely full of energy and power.
[Newest]Wow, 40? No more internet for today

41Tea for One
Simply Amazing! Page's guitar sings throughout the whole song and plants vocal is amazing: not to forget Bonzo and Jonesy. My favourite song on Presence.
Have to agree simply amazing, check out Joe Bonamassa's cover possibly as good if not better.

42That's the Way
Maan, let me tell you somethin'.
For those who really know the entire collection, this could be in the top 10-15
... Brilliant, way too low down the list!

43In The Evening
Very original introduction. Awesome through and through. It is a song to sit back and chill to. This should be higher on the list.
Very original intro with an outstanding solo.
Great song to listen to while on the highway driving at night. One of my favorites.

44In the Light
The dark opening, the heavy riff, the buildup, the otherworldly guitar sequences, capped by an ending of indescribable and stunning freedom-epitomizing guitar playing make for the greatest song of all time. Led Zeppelin's best moment
Just absolutely amazing, this is one of my favourite songs, reminds me of the times I used to indulge in a little bit of the Caribbean woodbines, Thank you Robert ^^ Jimmy for those fond memories.
Above and beyond anything this band has ever done. As RObert Plant said "In The Light is our finest moment. "


[Newest]This song is top 10 material for me! 55 is just absurd. Of course, Led Zeppelin had so many epic songs that it's hard to put any anywhere. That's why lists like these are so controversial.

45Custard Pie
I want a slice of this custard pie.


The fact that a song this good is number 44 proves how good Zep is

46Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
Totally awesome, WAY too low on the list, awesome acoustic guitar solo
Very underrated, I mean seriously HOW MANY OF YOU KNEW THIS SONG BEFORE SEEING IT ON THIS LIST?! Poor Tom is also the song with almost like, the best drumming ever.
No idea why this is so low, this is my favorite
[Newest]Too low because people don't know

47Your Time Is Gonna Come

48Gallows Pole
This wonderful song is unreasonably low on the list. Great ballad! Or maybe it's just me, loving it for the sad lyrics?
I'm actually offended that this song is number 43 and Kashmir Immigrant Song and Achilles Last Stand are so high.
Very overlooked, not the best but very good

49Down by the Seaside
I was surprised there were no comments for this song... Apart from me... I listened to this song and instantly became the fan to the phenomenon called led Zeppelin... Great chorus.. Guitar... 5/5 from me...
It's hard to choose the best song of Led Zeppelin but I decided that Down by the Seaside is my favorite. I love the music especially.
One of the Best if not the best of Led Zeppelin. Great song, indeed.

50I'm Gonna Crawl
another song that a lot of people overlook, it is a love song like no other. Robert Plant's lyrics are so deep and the slow tempo is just too perfect! the last ten seconds are very emotional to me cause Robert says his final line "Im gonna crawl... " then its followed by John Paul Jones' beautiful mellotron, this is the very last song on their last studio album and although the ending is amazing, it just doesn't feel right for led zeppelin's ending.
R.I.P John Bonham
A hidden gem on In Through the Out Door. Zep at their bluesy best. Some of Plant's best vocals.
Great combination of Zeppelin's classic sound with an orchestra. Very underrated.

51Celebration Day

52Out On the Tiles
I love this song its one of the best led zeppelin songs it should be way way higher then 51
Thumbs of for the worst song of led zeppelin! Ok its not the worst one but its the lower one on the list lo

Should be a bit higher in my opinion
In my top 20 for sure

My favourite acoustic song ever. The magic that song has is beyond me.
A phantastic piece for acoustic guitar, a completely underrated gem, I cannot believe so few people appreciate it.
No, it's Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp. The song's about his dog.
"Ain't nothing better than a Blue eyed Merle" From part of the song. And Blue Eyed Merle is a type of dog. It makes more sense if you hear the whole song.
[Newest]My favorite, love this instrumental!

55Dancing Days
Robert Plant's voice at its best. Extremely underrated song. I had to pick one song and I when straight to this one. For what reasons do I think this one is the best in my book? Because of Plant's vocals and Page's unorthodox guitar melodies. Give it a good listen. You'll love it.
Wow this very low

56The Wanton Song
Love, love, love the guitar riff... Seriously amazing! The musicality is unparalleled to any of today's music…reminds me of that part in the movie Singles when Matt Dillon says "Where are the anthems for our youth? What happened to music that meant something? The Who at the Kingdome, or Kiss at the Coliseum... Where is the "Misty Mountain Hop," where is the "Smoke on the Water"... Where is the "Iron Man" of today?"... And that movie was 20 years ago!
God, Robert is so hot on that one! Every time I hear this song I gotta dance
not the best but a great very underrated song


[Newest]Damn, how can this song not be in top!

look up any "top 10 led zeppelin" list and I guarantee you that none of them will have this song. Why is it on my list? Well in through the outdoor was basically John Paul Jones' album, he really brought out the best of him and in my opinion this song is proof of that.
So creative! I love all the musical story of the song, I mean Since the intro till the last sound It makes me wonder is any musician able to repeat that ideas?
I love the twists and turns in this song. It is certainly a little off the beaten path for Zeppelin and a bit of hidden gem. Chock full of melody, this one makes my list of top 5 Zeppelin songs.

58I Can't Quit You Baby
The guitar solo is amazing!

59Four Sticks
Top 20 for sure. Come on people!

60Night Flight
YES! Such a great song with such a strong anti-war message!

61Traveling Riverside Blues
This has to be the best song ever written, way to low. Listen to the guitar and tell me this song isn't awesome. You can't.
I can't believe this wasn't even on the list! By far, greatest Zep song ever!
Amazing song should be tops!

62You Shook Me
You can hear the 'real talent' of Robert Plant. Seriously, he's got the best voice in the earth. The guitar, harmonica and clavier are amazing too.
This deserves to be much higher

63We're Gonna Groove

64Wearing & Tearing

65For Your Life
Whoa, number 63? This is my second favorite of all time.

66White Summer
Greatest guitar solo of all time. Ever. Joe Satriani gets up there, but just how Page plays White Summer is incomprehensible.

67Sick Again
When you heard the words 'Through the circus of the L.A queens',
you just knew what Robert Plant meant!

68South Bound Saurez
Definitely not their best song - I'd chose many others beforehand. However, this one's got some of the most vital and distinguished performances Plant had to offer in his latter years with Zeppelin. His vehement phrasing is just catchy. Page's rhythm playing sounds well-timed, yet relaxed and Jonesy's piano passages perfectly add to the song's uplifting timbre. To me, it captures the optimistic spirit the band would regain after their disastrous '77 tour and before/within their Tour over Europe '80.
Besides, some

69Hots On for Nowhere
I love this song! I'm always surprised that'll doesn't get many accolades. Not their best, but a top 20.
Why nobody vote for this one? I mean it can't be on the top but it's not the "worst" :O
A song that makes me very happy!

Such a catchy song. John Paul on the piano is great. Can't stop replaying it!

71Poor Tom

72The Crunge
Really great work with the unusual time signature, and ultimately an extremely catchy song.

73Royal Orleans
73? One of my favorites.

74Ozone Baby

75Walter's Walk

76Candy Store Rock

77You Don't Have to Go

78The Lemon Song
One of, if not, the coolest led zeppelin song. The classic blues feeling and great vocals make this very top ten worthy, even though I would rate many zeppelin songs at the same level because they each carry something different, not one song is similar to another, that is the beauty of led zeppelin. This song was recorded live in studio, without any editing, and considering that john paul jones improvised throughout the song, simply perfection.
The biggest error on the list. Absolutely a top 5 classic!

I should have quit you, along time ago...
The ultimate Led Zeppelin bass song!
[Newest]Definitely 10 top ten, an absolutely sublime song!

79Black Country Woman
How has no one put this amazing song on here yet.
Hey hey mama, why is this song so low?

80Boogie With Stu
tribute to Ritchie Valens, written by Page/Plant/Ian Stewart(of The Rolling Stones)


81Hats Off to (Roy) Harper

82Black Mountain Side
Come on people, this is good

83The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
Love this song, should be much higher in my opinion, when Plant screams on this super song your hairs stand on edge.


Unbelievable riff! Why this song is not a radio staple is beyond comprehension! Absolutely magical.

84Hot Dog
This is so much underrated!
Probably it's not a top 10 song, not even a top 20 song, but it's still an amazing song!
Great song, not one for the purists but their loss.
Awesome upbeat song, so underrated

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