Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Songs


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1Saria's Song

It was annoying at first, but then it go stuck in my head. Can't get enough now.

Ba ba ba,ba ba ba,ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba,ba ba ba ba! This is so catchy my whole family have been singing this for weeks

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2Gerudo Valley

How is this seventh you guys need to listen to it!

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3Zelda's Lullaby

The only reason this one is because when you hear it at the end of the game

4Song of Storms
5Forest Temple

I love this song. If you play it randomly in your house it makes you scared of your house. It's downright creepy, and when you play it in the Forest Temple when there's random hands coming down at you, it makes for an eerie experience.

I love this song it's the type to send chills up your spin and I love things that scare me but god I hate the wall masters in that temple

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6Boss Theme
7Song of Time

I love this tune.

Love the dub step remix - PPPPPPINGAS

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8Water Temple

This song really sets up the atmosphere of this temple.

9Fire Temple
10Temple of Time

This stuff is just epic

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11Hyrule Field
12Spirit Temple
13Zora's Domain
14Great Fairy Fountain
15Sheik's Theme
16Kokiri Forest
17Middle Boss Theme
18Epona's Song

Was shopping at Walmart whistling the this song and a girl working there came from the other asile, and asked me if that was the song from Zelda. I said yeah and we both smiled at each other. <3 Epona

19Kotake and Koume’s Theme
20Goron City
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