Top 10 Lego Movie Moments

These are either the most funny or most AWESOME lego movie moments.

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1Everything Is AWESOME!!

This is the best part in the movie - 2storm

This needs no introduction. - ShatteredCrystal

I love this part - 2storm

2Back to Reality

Believe. I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it's true. - ShatteredCrystal

The magic portal is fake

3Cloud CooKoo Land

Here in Cloud CooKoo Land, there are no rules! - ShatteredCrystal

So many awesome cameos like Michelangelo, Milhouse, Lizard Man and Circus Clown! (Lego Minifigures)

4Final Showdown

I am a master builder! - ShatteredCrystal

5The Man Upstairs

Does he have super gross hands, like eagle talons mixed with squid? - ShatteredCrystal

6Melting Chamber Breakout

Come with me if you want to not die. - ShatteredCrystal


How to fit in, have everybody like you, and always be happy! - ShatteredCrystal

8Bad Cop
9The Dog

All your fellow master builders are gathered in the dog. - ShatteredCrystal

10Wild West

OK, I think I got it, but just in case, tell me the whole thing again I wasn't listening. - ShatteredCrystal

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Top Remixes

1. Back to Reality
2. Everything Is AWESOME!!
3. Cloud CooKoo Land
1. Everything Is AWESOME!!
2. Back to Reality
3. Final Showdown



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