Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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201Lego Maleficent
202Lego Advance Wars
203Lego Sports

Just think about a bunch of popular sports in one game

204Lego Adventures

Think of it all the mini figures that were from Star Wars to the mini figure pack, Indiana Jones to Batman, and Dc to Ninjago. And all the way back to the 1980's oh man a full packed great game. Probably over a thousand characters. It would be EPIC!

205Lego Princesses
206Lego Call of Duty: Brick Ops
207Lego Apocalypse
208The Lego of ZeldaV1 Comment
209The Sims: Lego Edition
210Lego Universe

The first one was bad but this one would be a single player game where you can explore the universe, complete quests, or don't follow the story at all and just blow crap up. Visit Lego France, bomb the Eiffel tower, fly over to Hawaii, take control of the plane before it lands and crash it into the ocean. Find the nearest vehicle spawner and spawn a speedboat to take you to California. There you experience an earthquake, so you decide to hop on your trusty dragon (unlocked after reaching the moon) and fly over to New York, where you take the subway over to a convenience store and get a job as a cashier. With the money you've earned, you buy yourself a spaceship that takes you to the stars. Whatever you want to do you can. I just think this would be the absolute coolest thing ever.

211Lego Jak and Daxter
212Lego Captain America: The Winter Soldier

-this would be AWESOME
-a ton of cool, fun levels
-you get to be Bucky and Falcon

213Lego Sly Cooper
214Lego Warrior Cats
215Lego Edge of Tomorrow

Great movie could make a great Lego game.

216Lego DC Comics Movies the Videogame

Here's the story all of the villains are evil

217Lego No Man's Sky
218Lego Terraria

Big eyes must invade the Lego world

219Lego Batman: Batman vs SupermanV1 Comment
220Lego Batman vs Superman
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