Best Lesser Known Avenged Sevenfold Songs

July 30, 2015 - Some songs by a7x that are lesser known. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Second Heartbeat
It is impossible to not tap your feet along to the double bass. This song pumps you up like no other
I love this song. I thing it is just amazingly done and I also suggest to listen to the demo version
It's long nice bass nice drums nice screams and a epic solo

2I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1
Probably not their best song... But really, this song is really underrated, makes me wanna cry... And in my opinion this is the best song from "Waking the Fallen". Should have been at least 20 - 5 on the top ten list
This is easily their best song. The ending on this song is what makes it the best. This song probably has the best ending of any song ever on any song in any genre. The vocals and fade out in the last 2 minutes are actually insane. Not only the ending is great, but the message is also very powerful.
One of their best songs in my opinion. Looked on my ipod after about 7 months and it had something like 400 plays on it, absolute brilliant song with a lot of emotion

3Radiant Eclipse
Love this song, great opening and chorus. Read the lyrics with it to enjoy it to the very fullest. One of the best from Waking The Fallen.
This song is beast and obviosly pretty awesome
Whoa! This is an epic song! I was blown away when I heard this. And IT IS EXTREMELY UNDERRATED!

Honestly city of evil is their best album. I love every single track on it, and still have not gotten bored of it. Waking the fallen, in my opinion, had too much screaming, and M.Shadows vocals are wasted on them. They are much better suited as a hard rock band. Sadly enough they are reverting back to their metal days with the release of hail to the king...i actually liked where they were going with Nightmare, unlike most people :(
Really meaningful lyrics. I mean, out of all the songs about war out there, this one is a dark look at the morality and lingering effects of war. Plus, not only are the vocals, drums, bass and guitars spot on, the solo is godly.
The Best song they ever wrote in my opinion great intro with great fade out with a fantastic solo from Synyster gates in the middle what more could you want
[Newest]Nightmare is the best

5Blinded in Chains
This song is really underrated, not the best song of A7x, though it is a good song. How is afterlife underrated, and why are people voting afterlife in this list? God hates us and Dear god should go up the list Vote other songs bastards don't vote afterlife, nightmare, beast and the harlot and other songs that are popular
Second Heartbeat is great..
Man this song has got :
1. The best drum solo ever
2. The best bass solo ever
3. The best rhythm guitar work ever
4. The best lead guitar move ever
5. The best singing (incorporates singing, rapping, screaming).. That too very VIBRANT, faster, energetic ever...
Don't know why people love singles from this album..
Blinded in chains is (one of the) best song ever made in HISTORY!...
I really love this song, no idea why its underrated like this but still... love the vocals, cool drums (really like the intro) and guitars as well. Everything works great together!

On a side note... Why the hell is Afterlife on this list. You realize that is like their most popular song right?


[Newest]The start is a bit weird, but after that, it gets amazingly good.

6We Come Out At Night
Definitely the most lesser known song
The song that got me hooked.
What a masterpiece!
Best song from before city of evil
So underrated people put this at number 1


Probably, in my opinion, their best song. Even though the chorus is autotuned, the verses are all amazing M. Shadows sings so powerfully its almost unreal.
Great solo, great vocal, great bass, great drumming!
Shadows, Syn, Rev, Zacky, And Johnny christ did a great job in this song, well done guys
the beginning reminds me of Dragonforce, but its definitely one of the best ''unknown'' A7X song and it has a really good and catchy chorus, just love it
[Newest]The use of autotune to make it sound electronic is genius.

8Turn the Other Way
Possibly the Best song from their first album. Even if the album is nowhere near the best overall, this song does deserve a listen

Sick drumming, creative guitar playing, poetic lyrics, and a unique chorus that ties the whole song together. This is not only my favorite lesser known Avenged Sevenfold song, but possibly my favorite of all time.
Absolutely love this song. The lyrics speak to me, and that's what I look for in a song. Should be better known, but the few who know it will agree that this song is breathtaking.
This song is just awesome, the sick as vocals of M. Shadows when he both screams and sings is just amazing. Definitely deserves to be in the real top 10. So underrated
[Newest]I pee my pants every time I whack off to this song

10Shattered By Broken Dreams
This song is the best it means a lot and generates a self explanatory image

The Contenders

11God Hates Us
Come on your insulting a7x and the fans... are you really a metal fan? If you don't like this song so you are not a r a roll fan
If you heard this song you heard the awesome guitar riff at the begining I mean pure gold!
The drums r beast

12Dancing Dead
between this I like shattered by broken dreams.. in lyric side, I more like shattered by broken dreams, because it's like tell us at a7x that jimmy's left. but in music side, I like dancing dead, awesome


Out of all other great songs from a7x, this one is really simple and catchy! Can't stop listening to it from the first time heard it. Until now, probably one of my most favorite song to listen.
This song is amazing. Shads has a beautiful voice, amazing and catchy chorus, awesome riff, and a solo that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

13Warmness on the Soul
By the way this is one of their most well known songs but one of my favourites though.

14Strength of the World
Just a beautiful song.

I don't even know why this song is on this list, it's probably there most known and popular song
I agree. This is the song that everybody knows. This is the song that many of my friends told me to listen to when I wanted to get into Avenged.
Why is this song included here? This is the best song ever.
Come on, who ever thinks this is a lesser known song has not listened to A7X
[Newest]This is a great song

16Lips of Deceit

17Clairvoyant Disease
This song is unreal! I am one of the biggest A7X fans ever, and this is definitely one of the greatest songs that I have heard form them other than Chapter Four. CHAPTER FOUR MUST BE ON THIS LIST!
Great song second best song on waking the fallen album the best is obviously unholy confessions still clairvoyant disease is great
Such a great song that I only discovered recently but is now one of my favourites.


19And All Things Will End
Easily one of Syn's best solos. Great, Great, vastly under rated song
Probably my favorite when I listened to this for the first time, the mix of both the acoustic and the elctric guitars is just perfect. Plus the incredible duo parts in it, with a touch of one of Syns most beautiful solos, just makes this song prefect.

20Beast and the Harlot

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