Top 10 Lesser Known Horror Movies


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Pure masterpiece from master Argento. I love almost everything by him but Suspiria is really special - one of his best works along with Tenebre - Alexandr

Great flick from the master Dario Argento. A great mix of art & gore make this late 70's flick a classic. -

I agree that this is VERY overlooked and unappreciated. It is unique and few films have ever been like it.

2Cannibal Holocaust

Me and my friend watched this in the middle of the night (not one of those movies but oh well). The good gory memories. XD - fireinside96

3The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

By Spanish Director Jorge Grau and set in England. This Zombie Flick made only a few years after Night of the Living Dead a must. A great story line and lots of good death makes Night look like a Kids movie. -

4Santa Sangre

From Alejamdro Jodoroesky this movie is a weird one. That is all I will say -

5Deep Red

One more from Argento a classic slasher. -

6Zombi 2
7Twitch Of The Death Nerve

From Master Mario Bava. See if you can pick out all the murders that films like Friday the 13th stole. -


This movie was absolutely terrifying! - fireinside96

9Cemetery Man

Another great zombie flick. Very artsy with some dark humor. -

10The Gates of Hell

From Lucio Fulci what it lacks in acting it makes up in blood. -

The Contenders

11Spring Break Shark Attack
13Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
15Session 9
16A Serbian Film

Once again Argento unleashes gore and art in one great slasher flick. -

18Deep Star Six
19The Coroner
20House IV
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