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My friend first introduced me to one of his Pokemon let's plays, (we were both very much obsessed with Pokemon at the time, and I still am) and I've been hooked ever since. His videos are great and I enjoy watching them. His jokes and puns may not be the best but they still succeed at making me laugh. The walkthroughs are easy to follow and though he may not be perfect, but he IS an overall good lets player. He has my vote because he was the first lets player I have ever watched on YouTube (and it sort of helps that he plays all of my favorite games/games that I actually own or need help on) and he is by far my favorite let's player.
The first let's player I ever saw a full let's play of was Chuggaaconroy's. It was Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube. He says it's his least favorite, but I liked it. Then I saw his Earthbound let's play, and it taught me a lot about him. And my favorite part about him is that he makes bad puns! Oh, the bad puns! How many times I've told a bad pun and I'm the only one laughing. He also gives me lots of information about video games and his Walkthrough skills even are great, as I followed his Wind Waker Let's Play, which I can't wait to follow again once the release of Wind Waker HD comes around. He also had the first let's player I ever watched work on his Crystal Let's Play, he did some of the art design. His name is Koshisushi, not a bad let's player himself.
Chuggaconroy is my Favorite let's player of all time for many reasons. He's informative, he's hilarious, and he has an all round likable personality. He may not be THE most informative, nor THE most hilarious, but he is some of the best in both parts, which is why I love his work.
P. S Plus he let's play my favorite games, which is good (Those I haven't played before quickly become some of my faves).
Chugga is the best YouTuber ever. His lets plays nudged me to buy some games I love to this day (like Pikmin 2 and Kid Icarus Uprising), and also got me back into some games I hadn't played much (like Kirby's Epic Yarn and Sonic Colors). Also, he makes puns. I love making puns, and I laugh when he makes them. Also, he has an epic no. Who in this wide open Yoshi Wooly World could hate an epic no?! And he is family friendly (in his later videos at least). Also, he is the person who inspired me to make my own YouTube channel (which has no videos at the moment). So basically, I owe him my life pretty much.
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Josh is one of the very few Let's Players who actually try to please his fans. He has an excellent sense of humor that never gets old when trying to watch his videos. Truly one of the best Let's Players, and definitely deserves a spot on this list.
JoshJepson definitely deserves a spot this high on the list. He's not the best but he's funny and immature in so many ways! His lines like "OhMyGodWasTheHeckTheWhatTheWhatTheWhat?!?! " "SWIIRLY" and "Don't let your (insert weird thing from OoT) go at an angle" he's hilarious and one of the best. Definitely the best.
For sure one of the funniest people I have seen on YouTube! Not too random (Pewdiepie, Markiplier) but not entirely boring (Captain Sparklez). Nice job Josh!
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NCS is quite the rarity. In Psychological terms, he can easily be seen as a child trapped in a grown man's body. I belive that his let's plays displays an unrivaled look at games from the initial view most of us had when we began to play games.
I totally agree. His game choice is on the niche side, but he's quite genuine in his enthusiasm about the games he plays. That's an important (and rare) quality in YT Let's Players.
And win the bathroom... Plants vs zombies I see balloon zombies get some more toilet paper
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Proton Jon is so great, I put him in my Pokémon Red LP. Bottom line, Jon can never be paralleled. Not even chuggaaconroy can match Jon in epic humor. I do like both, but my vote goes to Jon.
Very hard to decide between the three RunawayGuys, but my gut tells me to choose Jon.
He might not be the very best Let's Player ever (that honor goes to Chuggaconroy), he's still a really good one and deserves a higher spot. Even Chuggaaconroy himself thought ProtonJonSAwas better than him!
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Lucahjin is such a good let's player. She has great voice acting, good humour and plays good games. She is probably the best female let's player. Furthermore, "miss no arms" also thinks she's the best.
She's awesome and pretty.
She's hilarious, pretty, makes stupid but funny jokes, specializes in mostly blind lets plays, and is number ONE for me!
I watched her 1st video about OoT and I was crying laughing
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Why did I vote him? He's the best. he's funny, like really funny, but not in the stupid way. He cheers me up, and for some reason I just like his voice... he's not annoying, and he interacts with the watcher. I enjoy watching him. He's (mostly) clean in his videos, which is a plus for me, and he is the one who got me to actually LIKE video games. And shout out to my brother, who got me to watch him!
I've been a sub since 30,000, and I'm so proud to say that. He's so funny and just always cheers me up. I watch all of his videos and always can't wait for him to upload a new video. He is personally my favorite lets player of all time. I mean I love game grumps and jontron, but Mark is the clear choice to me
Markiplier is fantastic. He always makes me laugh with his videos and His voice is incredible. His jump-scare LPs are so funny. I think my favourite has to be his LP of "The Witch's House". Anyway. All in all a great guy and he's so appriciative of his fans and what they've brought him. Such a big heart and great humour. I love him.
[Newest]Hilarious and he seems like a really nice guy
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While our leader chuggaconroy really owns the informative side of let's plays, attackingtucans represents the fun and hilarious side that some of those in the top 10 seem to be missing. He introduced versus and shows some of his personal life, and is one of the few who can keep my interest.
If you want hilarious immaturity, he's your guy!
Whenever I watch his videos my sides hurt from laughing so hard. He has a fantastic rivalry with fellow LPer JoshJepson.
[Newest]He always keeps me entertained. And have you seen his versus videos hilarious
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PeanutButterGamer is a great Lets player. I remember watching him a year ago about to go to Michigan with my new computer and remembering how he made things into great jokes. He is very funny and very entertaining to watch even though I'm ok with him being 10th I will still vote for him.
He is hilarious and I haven't watched one of his videos without laughing
I love PBG so much is hilarious I can't watch a single one of his videos and not laugh

9Achievement Hunter
I had thought Achievement Hunter would be in the top 5, because it's so hilarious. Geoff, Ray, Jack, Gavin, Ryan, and Michael have the funniest lets plays ever! Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto 5, and VS. are my favourite to watch.
How is Achievement Hunter not in first place? They are geniuses. I have not seen a single video of theirs where I did not laugh. They are my #1 for sure.
Go, AH crew. You six are awesome, especially you two, Michael and Gavin. THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE, YOU MORONS
T are the best
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This girl has style, go drunkbells, you rock!
Donna are your boobs ready- Tyler Sedarwall Mario Galaxy Versus

The Contenders

Nova is personally my favorite lets player because their isn't a single video he has that is boring, and he is one of the only lets players that legit makes me laugh really hard, even if real life videos everything about him is funny.
Hilarious and always fun to watch. He may not be the most observant or best player but he has fun with each video, making sure the viewer shares the experience.
He has a great sense of humor and accationally trolls his freinds and makes pretty much anything funny and he laughs at anything

You are a very great let's player. I'm Tristan. I watch a lot of your Pokemon let's plays. My favorite starter is Zuko the typhlosion.
I find that PurpleRodri just does very very very good letsplays about Mario Pokemon Zelda and other letsplay's he talks a lot with us fans and he even talks about his life. That's my opinion.
He's really good, especially at editing
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I still remember every moment from Mario party
Maybe the best lets players together.

I first learned about this guy through Chuggaaconroy, and he slowly advanced to my status of favorite lper ever. I enjoy his blind lets plays, his normal lets plays, his collaborative lets plays, his demos, and his collaborations. He does a ton of different things, including quite possibly the best vlog on youtube, and they are all thoroughly entertaining, and very funny.
StephenPlays is my favourite let's player of all time. His content his very funny but not in an inappropriate way like attackingtucans. Things only get better when he plays games with his wife mal who adds an extra layer of fun and hilarity to the mix. He updates daily so you get new content everyday at the same time consistently and he genuinely cares about his fans. He also has a vlogging channel (stephenvlog) which is just as good and gives you an insight into their daily lives.
He is very small currently with only 25000 ish subscribers. Yet he is THE BEST. He never cuses, he likes to say Piss a lot instead. He works with chugga at times, and in my opinion is WAY BETTER THAN HIM. Stephen did a hilarious an amazing 100 episode minecraft LP and is doing a really long skyrim LP. He keeps a very solid schedule and usually cycles in a loop 3 different games, now 4. He almost always posts by noon. Every Monday and Thursday he posts memorable moments of his lps. So defiantly go check him out, it is way worth it.
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My first LPer, has a sarcastic/dry sense of humor but when all the creatures are together no one is more hilarious.

Shendijiro has to be one of the craziest let's players out there. Her random singing and "fail" moments never cease to make me laugh! Definitely a lot of potential to be seen from her! Totally recommend her!
Plenty of potential and talent behind this one. She delivers plenty of good material and is a hard worker. She's adorable and her videos are fun to watch. Give her channel a check, I recommend it.
Very fun to watch! I love her gameplays, specially Zelda Twilight Princess. She plays a lot of games including MInecraft and Pokemon. In some of her videos she plays with her friends. She is also great at editing her videos! Go watch her NAO! I recommend her a lot :D
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His reactions to horror games are the best and I absolutely love it when he teams up with Cry (chaoticmonki) I am a proud member of the bro army bee size of his hilarious and chill commentary. Go bros!
He's the best! He make me laugh every day. :D
Also when he plays a game with a emotional story hr make it at best! He plays with humor and emotions, that the most of let's player don't do. He is also not scared to cry in front if thr camera because of a game! He's a really cool guy! ^^
PewDiePie is awesome! My friend first introduced me to him with his let's play of the game Journey, which I have let's played, and he did it much better than I did! PewDiePie for the Gold!
He is the funniest let's player I know of, his reactions are hilarious.
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Nakateleeli just makes the most entertaining videos I have ever seen. His 1 update per day, flip - flopping between lps is a good system, and he chooses great and often obscure games. He deserves all the attention he gets and more.
Gives some of the most attentive care to his videos, Naka introduced me to the. Hack// games and as a result I'm a huge fan of both his work and the brilliant games he introduced me to.
A lp'er that deserves far more credit then he has ever been given.
Naka is the best lets player I have ever seen.
He is funny and very skinned at gaming, he even lets his subs pick a Lets play. He will all ways be Number 1 in my books
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Awesome Pokemon let's player :P

Most informative let's player I've seen; he really takes the prep time to make good videos. Will often show the "fun" way to get through otherwise tedious parts of games.
He does a lot of classic rpgs, but shows how to do them without tons of grinding.
Funny, smart, (while still somehow being energetic), and excellent at presenting games. Shows them the best way through the first time, never slips up.
If you want a good rpg let's play, this is the guy. Very knowledgeable but still very fun.
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This guy is the only let's player that I've found so far that I can actually tolerate. This is because he picks games that he knows extremely well, and games that have great stories. The way that he plays these games makes me feel like I'm watching a movie with a little bit of commentary. His play through of Skies of Arcadia is my favorite.

I vote mo yay mo


I think Cobanermani456 is the best LPer in the world because he LPs some of the best games ever and he is funny, has a great personality, has an awesome camera, and he has an awesome room!
He is so awesome and funny


I think he is my favourite YouTuber because he plays sonic games makes Q&A LIVESTREAMS and many other stuff, plus he is so funny

24Two Best Friends Play
Honestly they make you feel just like a part of the group. They appreciate their fans and make it feel like you're actually hanging out with your best pals.
This guys are totally hilarious
I am obsessed with these guys there's this angry ginger and this comic book nerd and they play ganes watch themm
[Newest]"Really? There's not a lot of excuses I don't need to not speak English correctly"

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Gotta catch em all, subscribingmon!

Super dedicated and amazing female let's player who definitely holds a place of her own. While a lot of game she does might not be new games, Masae adds her own spin to them and is really just awesome. Also, her artwork is phenomenal.

In my opinion Gronkh is the best of all Lets players because his LPs are made with love and soul and he is a great entertainer. So check his Channel out if you speak German.
Absolultly genius and funny German Let's Player. Has over 1,700 000 subscribers and over 1000 Minecraft videos.
Cool and funny German Let's Player with over 2,400,000 subscribers now and 1215 Minecraft videos

28TealGameMaster (TGM)
Teal is my favourite, I love when he reads dialogue because he really knows how to make characters seem real and it makes me laugh every time.
Amazing guy very fun cares about fans how much more awesome can you get, oh yeah he uploads 10-12 videos a day cool right he needs to be in the top 25 LPers if not that top 20!

Good humor? Check!
Crazy editing style you won't find at any other LP? Check
Help me found some losts gems in the gaming world? Just check him out already.
This guy is hilarious and makes gameplays of a wide range of games on all platforms, I especially like his Grand Theft Auto online videos that he does with Yogscast Martyn. I am actually suprised he isn't in the top 10.
He is a comedic genius.
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Out of all the really popular Let's Players (I mean out of the top 100 most subscribed on youtube), Sparklez is probably the best. He's really funny, and seems genuine rather than just cashing in on the gaming channel trends. My favorite videos from him are his Surgeon Simuator videos, which are comedy gold.


32Omfgcata (Jesse Cox)
He does many lets plays and they are quality entertainment he may not be good at the game but he is very humorous and he has a lot of it and will finish the game as well as doing fan fridays every week
All hail the almighty space butterfly. May its wings flap for all eternity.

The first LP by that I saw by him was... Silent Hill Downpour! I was surprised when I saw that he was a white guy. He has his curse words and phrases, but isn't vulgar. He has a great way of talking while playing, and rarely get's hung up.
I love you rad brad! YOU SHOULD BE AT THE TOP!

Great Let's Player! Full of enthusiasm and determination. Very laid back about situations unless its a horror game, then its all a different story. I love him! You should definitely check out his channel
Funny, laid back guy who's a pleasure to talk to. Enthusiastic.

35ChaoticMonki (Cry)
Cry is seriously highly addictive. I swear, watch one of his videos and you'll just fall in love with this guy. You've had a bad day? You don't feel good? Go watch Cry. He can fix anything. Seriously, he's such an adorable youtuber with a great personality... You just gotta love him. And his live streams are awesome. :D
I reallly like Cry's let's play channel. He really sends out a message by not showing his face, or saying his name. I was... Depressed when I found Cry. He made me smile. He made me... Happy again. Cry taught me that you don't hve to have a beautiful exterior to be a beautiful person. I've never seen his face, and he's still the most beautiful person I know of.
Cry is just incredibly awesome, he's so hilarious and such a down to earth guy with an angelic voice. Also, his laugh can cure cancer :3
By the way he hit the 1 million subs today. Congrats Cry!
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Amazing Let's Player! Mostly horror, but he's funny and he loves his "Minions! " <3 Dedicated to making an amazing channel and many high quality videos for his subscribers.
I just love him! He loves to play horror games (he also play other games too) and is really funny!




Best voice ever, he is like a bald, Canadian, Morgan Freeman that plays indie games. Must watch!
Such a great voice and that baldness can only be achieved by this devilishly handsome man!
Ultimate scumlord of scum.

He's just straight up funny
The man is crazy, and we love him for it.


One of the most laid back Let's Players I've known. His Fortune Street and Mario Party videos really stand out.
Kirby kirby kirby he's the let's player you know...

Great and cool lets players. Spencer, Chris, Tyler and Tyson... They will keep you intrigued!
Love new super Mario bros wii
Awesome best way better than therunawayguys


While he isn't the most well known, I personally love his Lets Plays.
He adds these really funny comments in between that really make me laugh
Keep up the great work :3


Jon and Arin are basically the best Let's Players ever! They're extremely funny, and make a lot of conversations that are actually enjoyable to listen to!
Probably the most entertaining LP channel out there. I recommend watching some of the older videos with Jon if you're just getting into it, but the videos with Danny in them are enjoyable as well. They seem a little more thought out and worked on than LPs like PewDiePie, and the grump "family" is generally more likable from my experience. Give them a try!
Looking for some of the best moments in let's playing, look no further than the Grumps.
Dem grumps yo, enough said
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His humor is just the best!

Awesome pair of girls, best friends and they have fun with everything that they do, makes it enjoyable to watch them
They're really funny, and really interesting to watch. I hope I will expect more from these girls.
Great gamer girls, very interesting.
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A wonderful and hilarious LPer. From screaming at monsters to murdering video game friends, there is an unique and charming comedy in all of her videos
I love how loud and crazy she is



Really great videos. Puts a lot of work into her videos, and they are very entertaining.
Cares about her viewers and is really entertaining to listen to.

Clement deserves to be higher o this list! He is currently doing lets lays/ lets look at's videos on every Sonic game, and he is very funny, making jokes and running gags across multiple LP's (particularly calling Knuckles an idiot) and he always gives great coverage and playthroughs of every game he does.
He does series in croniclagual order main series for him is megaman and sonic series favorite videogae of all time sonic the hedgehog 2


Super Replay always brings a great laugh, especially with horrible survival horrors like Overblood, Blue Stinger and Illbleed.


His Mario sports LPs are some of the most engaging I've seen on YouTube! His commentary is fast-paced and exciting. Highly recommended!

I was first introduced to SuperJeenius through The Runaway Guys tournaments, and decided to look at some of his LPs. He's quickly become my favorite Let's Player. His commentary is witty and fast-paced, and he always puts tons of effort into his projects. He's extremely entertaining, and I highly recommend his LPs
SuperJeenius is amazing. He got me into the Persona series, his commentary is hilarious, and he is a very easy let's player to watch for viewers of all ages.



He knows what he is talking about and is really far from being a noob.


Nice german Lets Player and a friend of Gronkh. Plays very good games.

TheQuxxn plays The Sims franchise. Unfortunately, she recently passed away but her sister Aleisha has taken care of her channel.
I love her! I have her name to tribute




71The LightningSpirit78
Probably the first LPer that I ever came across on YouTube. Who says that girls can't be gamers?


Good variety and consistently funny.


The most thorough player I've ever seen.
"The Rambling, Gaming Dude" has his moments of hilarity, but covers Pokemon in depth as well as anyone.


Wish he was in the top 10

Combining an amusing accent with some of the most random and bizarre commentary you'll hear, raocow is absolutely hilarious. He tackles a lot of ROM Hacks and fangames and attempts to do them all WITHOUT savestates.

Slowbeef is easily one of the funniest people on the internet.
This list might not exist without him. His Retsuprae channel that he does with Diabeetus really stands out. Plus slowbeef himself is an entertaining fellow.





His channel is so great. He is always uploading videos of my favorite games. He is so readily available to talk about videos or to take constructive criticism. His channel may be small now but will definitely grow fast quickly. He is my favorite Let's Player
His channel is unbelievable. Really interactive with his fans and really enjoys what he does. Not a huge fan base but for a new channel growing very quickly.
Hilarious Let's Player Of horror games. Entertains his viewers with a perfect mix of humor and personality. Cares about his viewers tremendously.
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He does a lot of DS games, and, other than chugga, is my fave, even if he's not well known.



A tiny undiscovered channel with so much potential. Deserves a signal boost.
This is the funniest guy on the YouTube website!


He is a great MC mod-showcaser.He's funny and he made a few cool songs on of my best favorites "I'll play minecraft".


This guy is funny. It's hard to describe his humor, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 9.

4 years we have had the craziest youtuber ever






He's pretty awesome I think he should be in the top ten

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