Top Likely Newcomers for SSBNX

Nintendo has announced they're planning the development of Super Smash 5 for NX and since I work for Nintendo of America heres a SPOILER you'll never forget some of these characters on this list were actually planned for Smash 5 but I can't tell you which ones. Just hope your favorite character made it on this if not that character may or may not be likely for this installment. Enjoy!

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Seriously, she should be the next new addition, especially knowing that she is one of the most requested characters.

We're long overdue for a Star Fox character with an original moveset and Krystal's the only one that makes sense.

2Princess Daisy

To Princess Daisy fans you might be in luck and it's very possible since she's the only character who has a ton of trophies and Nintendo has added two princesses already I'm sure they can fit one more just wait and see. - Jup

Ugh seriously? There's no way she's smash material!

Yep! All Nintendo needs to do is create a flower tornado which blows out the enemy!

Since Melee she deserves to be in, even more when Rosalina get her entry before!

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3Paper Mario

Paper Mario has been heavily requested for Smash since Brawl and spoiler he was thought of during the development of Smash 4 so he is most likely to appear in the next installment. But I'm not showing all possible characters some of them is a sursprise - Jup

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Linkle has been requested many times for Smash DLC but never made it but it's strongly hinted she might become a smash fighter. - Jup

5Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy

To all who play Splatoon on the Wii U it's very possible that the Inklings will show up in Smash 5 since Splatoon was such a success this may be a real newcomer wink! wink! - Jup

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6Shadow the Hedgehog

I rather see Tails instead, to be honest. Shadow doesn't deserve the hype he gets.

This is another character who's been heavily requested for Smash 4 and has made a stong cameo appearance being Sonic's recolor.
WHO KNOWS? He just might appear. - Jup

7Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser become more popular over the years and would make a great fighter he might be a Bowser Alt, DLC who knows? - Jup

8Pink Gold Peach

I know it's hard to believe but this character has been a heavily requested character worldwide even though she only made one appearance. - Jup


No, he will never appear in the Super Smash Bros. series, never. Plus, he's owned by Disney, thus lowers his chances.

Keep KH out of Smash, please. Sora's inclusion would do nothing but inspire insane fanfic writers to draw and write more cringy crossover yaoi than before.

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10Toon Zelda

Since Toon Link made it and the original Zelda is popular it's likely that the cartoon counterpart's Smash debut will occur. - Jup

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11Badana Dee (Kirby)

This little guy has been heavily requested for reasons that are good and logical - Jup

12Black Mage
13Metal Mario
14ShantaeV1 Comment
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