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1Drop the World

Best song... But without Eminem this song is nothing... Eminem kills it.

You can't describe how amaZING this song is! It's just that amazing! I love this song so much and have listened to it more than 100 times

I am a diehard weezy fan this is obviously his best song this shouldn't even be considered a song. It's just so amazing! Eminem "raps" it up with a lyrical medley of --------. Interpret that any way you wish. I love this because Lil Wayne and Eminem are the two best rappers of all time and when they collide the world gets dropped on somebody's head!

It's the best of Lil Wayne and also good job by em

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26 Foot 7 Foot

I love this song its the best in my opinion. I listen to it every day at least over 10 times, this song is my life! I can rap this whole song. im right pro now ;) haha jk but I know all the lyrics and I don't know what I would do without this song... it is my life

Its just beast, great beat, great flow, and its so catchy and striking!

Best Lil Wayne song, also one of the best rap songs of all time!

Best song I've heard from Lil Wayne so far.
Beat is very good. Classy how in the music video he tied in the inception theme. Cory gunz kills it!

His fastest song ever made by Lil Wayne

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3A Milli

One of his best song at least in his top 3 the I mean
Sky's the limit isn't that good I'd say this is his second best after 3 peat

The best part about it, is that lil wayne says that his seconds, minutes, hours go to the almighty dolla' and to the almighty power of ALLAH...

Definitely my favorite song by lil wayne right after Blunt Blowing this should definitely be at lest number 3.

One of my best song in Lil Wayne songs

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I think this is the anthem of lil wayne fans.. Just awesome some..

This song is so good my mom sings to it! Ha it has a nice beat and his lyrics are very clear

This is mine and my boyfriends song, it's so god. ;)
I love it! I can't stop listening to it, it brings back some really great memories and I listen to it everyday.

Nice song this song is sick

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5How to Love

Instead of all the rap songs about girls, cars,... that most rapper sing (even Lil Wayne), this is the first time he sing a very meaningful, great melody song. I really like this song.

Wayne has more slow meaningful songs actually. Look up "Something You Forgot"

One on Lil Wayne's slow but more meaningful songs... Well done

This song shows true depth, and proves that Lil Wayne is more than just an ordinary rap artist who only raps about clubbing and partying. It doesn't rely on swears and Auto-tune, and instead is natural with little synthesizing, something more rappers should try to accomplish.

This has the most meaningful message

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6Right Above It

Weezy Baby! Wayne's best song yet, kills it with his flow, and Drake tops off the masterpiece with the fantastic hook.

Now tell me you love this song, get it to the top where only heaven's right above it! Wayne's best song ever, and drake's part just puts the song on another level!

I love the lyrics here, drizzy and weezy go HARD together! More more more please!

Flamboyant song you will forget your pain after listening to it please listen its wonderful song

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7Mr. Carter

Best Lil Wayne song by far. He is lyrically amazing and Jay-Z has great raps mentioning 2-Pac and Andre 3000 which is by far the best part.

Jay-Z and Weezy kill this song. how is this song not number one? This is a great song to listen to at anytime during the day - javananthonydavis

BEST SONG EVER, I mean a serious number 2, 3.. Number 9?
This lyrics are amazing and meaningful. This man writes the most beautiful songs he's not singing about cars ou woman.. Ly Wayne

This is his best song by far

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8Sky's the Limit

I think this is the anthem of lil wayne fans.. just awesome

the hottest song ever... Amazing verses with great music
amazing beats, lyrics and sounds totally like a hip hop song

Best rap song. Listen to this to get HYPE. Pissed it isn't number one!

Best Lil Wayne Song Hands Down! He Proves He Is The Best Rapper Alive! Wezy f Baby Please Say The Baby!

A very powerful song, and powerful music, take your mood to whole new level.

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This is not only Lil Wayne's best song, it's one of the best songs of all time. The video, Bruno Mars, the lyrics ; they all combine to produce something that is really EPIC.

Look, I know Lil Wayne isn't exactly the greatest rapper in the world, but of late, his work has been really impressive. How To Love, Drop the World and now this classic, provs my point.
He's definitely on his way to becoming one of the greatest rappers in the world, right up there with Eminem and Tupac.

How hard he may try he can't reach the level of the legends- Tupac, Eminem and Biggie... they will remain the best

Lil Wayne stays on topic and it relates to almost everyone< it's a very chill song

Really meaningful and inspirational song but also at the time its emotional about alone lil feelings please listen

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10Hustler Musik

The beat is slow and calm, and just the whole vibe is amazing and so enjoyable.
Takes me back to summer days chilling with a big bag of weed and some mates.. His best song in my opinion

I'm Wayne's most understanding & connecting fan, this song is definitely one of his best. The mood is just real.

I think this is Wayne's best track ever this track made the carter 2. I really don't know what drop the world is doing at the top. But for me its hustlers musik

Very good job by lil should be in top 5

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?Black Republicans

How come this ain't on the list?! its 1 of his best songs in my opinion... guess its because yall don't listen to mixtapes, which is where he is best in my opinion. His studio albums is for the general public, while his mixtapes if for the hiphop heads - oliverpaw

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11No Love

This song is just amazing... Superb lyrics, superb melody. One of the most meaningful songs I have every heard. Of course, it is nothing without Eminem. Love this song!

This is a great song, I can't stop hearing it. It should be in a higher spot

How is Drop the World #1 and No Love isn't top 10? This song is much better, in my opinion! Wayne says some pretty clever stuff, then Eminem goes out and kills it!

This song is actually Em's, but still Wayne just spited a great verse!

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John is Epic! There is just something amazing that makes me remember the good times during summer and I want to party!

It is evil rap song Lil Wayne is evil rapper it's my idol

Uh john, rap genius should be number one... Tunechi one of the greatest artists
Ever - anthony

When I die remember me like John Lennon!

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This is sick! Possibly one of Lil Wayne's top 10 songs! The verses are very well made. It should be top 10 for sure!

Are you kidding? This song is a milestone of rap music. This did more for Wayne's career than any other song. This DEFINES Lil Wayne for me. Top 3 for sure

Dude this is his #1 song! That other weak! This is for sure my favorite Wheezy song! He is the rapping KING! Nothing can stop the king in his brightest moment! This is his hottest song ever! Uh oh, better call the FIREMAN!

He's the fireman. Not as good as A Milli, but still deserves to be in the Top 10.

14She Will ft. Drake

Nice rhyme, rythym, bass and beat. Wayne and drake just made this song a epic song! Don't you think

Really good Rapping by both Wayne and Drake. The rhymes are just too good, could listen to it over and over and it would still sound fresh!

One of my favorites by Lil Wayne, Great lyrics, Everything is fantastic. This song should be on Top 10.

Best song ever made by him

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153 Peat

This has got to be the best... I mean the carter 3 was pretty awesome, and most of the best are from that album, but this should be mucch higher, at least top 5! Come on drop the world is not Lil Wayne's best song, without Eminem its nothing!

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16Go DJ

Very under rated song by Lil Wayne, honestly I don't really like Lil Wayne but this has got to be in my opinion one of the best rap songs of the early 2000s.

Should be higher on the list. its way better than songs like 6 foot 7 foot. should be in the top ten

Weezy changed too much! His best song with a catchy beat and not only metaphorical sex-jokes
... He needs Mannie Fresh BACK. All hail Weezy and the YMCMB!

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17Blunt Blowin

Amazing song to calm you down, My personal favorite on his new Album Carter IV. Can't believe it's not ranked higher

Love this song it should be on the top 10 this song gets me pumped up and wanna make me never give up on anything

This song is Lil Wayne's Masterpiece. I don't know how all those crap songs are in first, this is the best lyrics I've ever heard in any song

This song is amazing, but I think most people like it because of the fact that the bass boosted version could make it into the top 5 songs by Lil Wayne

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18I Am Not A Human Being

He goes off in this song. it defines how he thinks act and sees the world. if this isn't good then I don't know what is

Amazing! He goes ham. Sick beat, sweet lyrics. I love it

This song should at least be top ten! It's awesome

One of his best

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19Steady Mobbin'

Obviously the best song. Everyone has heard this song, this should AT LEAST be in the top 5

Song should be much, much higher on the list than it is. This is like a gangster's theme song. Maybe not the absolute best, but top 5 at least

A song that any Wayne fan will like! Fantastic beat, but the lyrics really kill it. Absolutely fantastic song, not any worse than lollipop, a milli or any other Wayne single.

One of his best. Goes hard. Shocked it's so low on this list

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! This song has everything. It also has so many top artists like lil Wayne, nicki minaj, drake and many more as I can't name all of them. It is one of the best young money songs and lil Wayne plays a big roll in the song. It has to be in the top ten. It peaked at no 2 on billboard hot 100 so its obviously a great song. Please listing to the song and vote for it


Without Gudda Gudda, Tyga, and Lloyd this could've been good. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj were okay and Drake was easily the best one on the song. - WonkeyDude98

The cheesiest pick-up line I've ever heard!

Man! About 8 artists in one song!

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