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6 Foot 7 Foot

6 Foot 7 Foot
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6 foot 7 foot is just pure genius b/c there is no other song like it. Just can't understand why they put Lollipop as no.2. Lil Wayne sounds like he's free-styling the whole thing and he spits rhymes out of his mouth like it's nothing and just kills it.
This is a really nice song. Lil Wayne is my hero! I listen to this song about 30-40 times a day, I know that sounds like a lot but there's no limit to good music. I can't wait till Lil Wayne makes another good hit single.
I think this is Lil Wayne's best "rap" for sure, I may not be his best produced song and all that but he goes herder than anyone ever can in this song its amazing and it makes him who is is, the best rapper alive.
Of all the great lil wayne songs out there, when you think of the best one 6 foot 7 foot HAS to come to mind. His talent to create complex metaphors really comes out in this one. Props to Gunz also.
This is the best Lil Wayne song by far... His newer albums have been straying towards other genres like pop and rock but this one is pure rap... The carter IV was awesome
VERY CATCHY. Like, his metaphors just make me want to scream. Lil' Wayne is an amazing artist an this song is the best. The lyrics and flow are my favorite part.
"Lyrically it is the best song ever! In this one song he has some of the best metaphors and play on words ever. This truly is top quality. "
This song goes hard and beats any and every eminem song and this isn't even his best. It is indeed a great song though with hilarious lyrics
Lil Wayne is not a good artist. However in this track he shows us his flow and some good lyrics with cory gunz this track gets better 6/10 for me.
This should be the #1... The rap flow is awesome and lyrics is great... Shame on you people who voted 4 Drop the World...
I know the whole thing, great flow and beat, haha and even the video was good! And just to rub it in, corey gunz nailed it
This song is amazing! It's got a sick beat to it and wicked lyrics, can't wait till The Carter 4 comes out. Lil Wayne is so sick.
Lil Wayne gets a lot of crap but this song is just awesome just wish he didn't put cory gunz in it
I love this song and I always listen to it every night thank god for lil Wayne he is my role model and I give this song 100%!
Just mesmerizing, the way the beat works into the song and the minimal chorus and just the cleverness of the lyrics made me become a weezy fan in a second, and made me realize how good he is and actually got me further into the rap genre
This song is just great, 4 minutes without a real hook, just lil wayne from his best side! One of his best songs!
The beat is boss, the lyrics are boss, this song is boss! This should be number one - no questions asked!
This is Lil Wayne's best song ever. It has the best beat, the best rhymes, and the best music video
His lyrics in this song are AMAZING! utterly amazing, should be at the top with We Back Soon
His best song along with his newly released song called, "John"
This song goes ham as and is one of Lil Wayne's best songs I've ever heard!
I think this is the best song great beat and lil wayne just rocks it
If I knew what the 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch was I'm sure id be in it
Awesome songs...its catchy...and can't get rid of hearing it...
Lovely Songs, Lil Wayne you're my best singer ever I see...

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