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How to Love

How to Love
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This song is my favorite because instead of it being a song about just sex and getting girls, this song is about a great relationship. The lyrics to this song are meaningful and the way Lil Wayne portrays it just takes this song to the top of my favorite Lil Wayne songs.
Its such a touching song! It shows lil waynes meaningful and heart touching side to what he says in his songs which really does make me smile This is definitely my favourite from lil wayne! Loving it
Should be at the top of the list by far expecially because it's the only good R^^B and hip-hop song that Lil Wayne has done )
Please hit the vote button help this very meaningful song to come at top 1
This is 1st meaningful song I heard
It should come at first so please vote out as number 1
This song should be Number 1. It has so much feeling in the song. Definitely Lil Wayne's best, it's better than all the other songs that he sings! I don't really like his rap but I love this SONG
One of the most beautiful songs :')I have to say that Lil' Wayne outdid himself in this song! "How To Love"
This song is a song that makes me happy every time I listen to it. It may be like other songs but somehow this song is unique. It's not my favorite song that's by Lil Wayne but I still love it.
I have made a Bengali version of this beautiful song. because, I love to hear this song all day.. so why don't I hear this really nice beat with my verse? I respect lil Wayne as my God for this song...
Its a very sweet touching song.
And is the most sensible song sung by Lil Wayne.
( according to me )!
And is definitely my most favorite song.
I read that this song makes even Weezy himself, get goose bumps. Can't get more beautiful than that! The first time I heard it, I almost didn't recognize that sweet voice for his.
This is a very meaningful song about girls and how some can't love and are usually being hurt by guys. The tune is great. Don't really listen to lil wayne but this song is awesome.
One of lil Waynes best songs. It shows another side of him. The songs is quite meaningful and the tempo is great. Can't wait to see what other songs he comes up with!
It shows meaning to love. This is one of my favorite songs for the meaning behind the lyrics. This may even end up being my wedding song
All I have to say is this is a amazing song I love it and well it been said before lil wayne is truly the greatest rap artist of his time
I love this song so much I made my whole family like it. They said to keep making more songs like that. We love lil wayne.
how to love..
how to love
love this song I rember having one those momnets wit my girl friend too sick not gona lie
The only good song of lil wayne rather than drugs, violence, or sex. This song also has a great melody, meaning, and rhythm
This really sows some lessons about life and how we should deal with things and some things to just let it pass.
Simply amazing. Best Weezy ever
It's has so much meaning and it's sweet and fun and you never ever ever get bored of hearing it
It just rocks
The slowest and the best ever!
Such Soothing melody song. it.
Al most heard it a million times.
Yeah lil weezy that song touches a lot of peoples hearts. Its a start of no ending keep it up homeboy
The best ever by weezy... Not his usual rap kind
but very effective and goes really well... Nice
Lil taught me How 2 love... Awesome song...
Unreal song...bit soppy for Lil Wayne but that's what makes it good at the same time

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