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Lil Wayne is a unique, fresh, cool and young rapper. this song has a catchy tune, awesome music video which is priceless like him. he's most definitely on my top best rapper list! May static major rest in peace.
This song is beast! I love the speed of the song and how it sounds! Very catchy! I think this is one of lil waynes best songs. It has really great verses too!
I am a guy loving a girl few months ago, this is my idol song and always been at my side and make me feel so kind. Always will be in my heart
Best song ever Lil Wayne is my all time favourite rapper! When I was a child my brother heard his songs the hole day. THANK YOU BRO!
This is his single that has many views song than drop the world without this song lil Wayne wouldn't be popular cause of this song
This is the reason I am a lil wayne fan.. I think I've said enough... This song is alone enough to make everyone lil wayne fan
This is such a sexy song just love dancing to this- its amazing guys this should be number one, it is the best song by far!
Only one word could describe this song... And that word is

Best song
So goo
This song is truly hypnotizing. You just keep on listening to it again and again!
Wezzy, you rock man!
Lollipop has to be weezy's best song. I know that Drop The World is also incredible but nothing can beat this international Lil Wayne hit. Static Major is also awesome.
It's only Wayne's song I love,
He's not a great rapper but this songs is epic
Love the way hi enjoys the rhythm and melody of the song! Awesome as hell!
I don't know what d song really means but d beats r just amazing...
This song is about, LOLLIPOPSS! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah whats sup my homies bro, yo be kickin my door in!
amazing beats, lyrics and sounds totaly like a hip hop song
This song you can tell he's having fun and it's a catchy song
Best Song Ever Done By Weezy in Hip-Hop Music Industry
I became a fun for lil wayne since I heard this song <3 it
This song is just the best and awesome song ever...
This song is awesome and it should be on the top
The beats are awesome... Hit like if you agree!
I love so much this song. It is the best.
One of the best one might have heard.
Lollipop should have been firs
Cool song man! The best in ma list!

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