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The Catalyst

The Catalyst
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In my opinion this is THE best linkin park song I listened to lots of linkin park song and this is MY favorite, but what I find pathetic of this list and others people keep saying this is the best and be rude to people that don't agree with them to everyone a song will always be "the best" but that's your opinion and if your true linkin park fans don't be rude. I hope people will look at the message and start acting better. some people just disgrace the group by showing how their fans act, truly sad.
This is my favourite song by far and I've been with LP since meteora!

I get a buzz each time the "where oceans bleed into the sky" sets in, most played in my itunes!

Numb is my second favourite, third, in the end!
Man,... I cannot understand why this song in number ten,
this song is different, it's like not humanmade song. Y'know
"where oceans bleed into the sky"
just hear this part, make my soul flt to the seventh sky
.. This song really a masterpiece, and Linkin Park really a "CATALYST"
This is probably one of the best songs from "new" linkin park. I don't know what it is but this song just makes me think in every way possible. This song has got me through the toughest times and it always will.
Best song ever. Don't let anybody else say other than that this song should top most of all these song without even most of the song playing. Who ever been voting has no since in good music because this song has been and always be one of the best linkin park song ever made in there time together
I used this song for a project once... It made people cry. It was a very effective song to use. Too bad people don't like it. I think it's amazing. But then again, I can't really pick a favorite Linkin Park song.
How it could be no. 10 on the list... Yeah there so much good song in the top of this list but listen to this song in headphone... Or good ear phone just a boombastic song... Feel it from heart... You will like this song... My favorite. Song...
The theme of the song is about rebellion and the bass of the song is great and it is fantastic and I like the violence theme in the middle of the song and best part is in the end
This song is so different to all of the other songs that Linkin Park have done. It has an organ in the background with strange noises from all over the place. Its a masterpiece, really great lyrics and an awesome beat, love the new linkin park
Its very sad, ridiculous, and surprising that people don't love this song at first listen to it and vote. Obvious last part is best just listen to the whole song "fools who don't like this"
I know it's different, but this song is a great example of their passion, dedication, and evolution through their music. It's touching, powerful, and captivating. These guys are true musicians!
I wasn't too impressed with the song when I first heard because its so different from the conventional Linkin Park songs..
But months later now it suddenly caught me and has become one of the closest songs to me...
I love this song! I am a huge Linkin park fan have been for ages and well I love all off there old stuff and there best album is minutes to midnight but holly crap this is the best song of there's I recon has so much meaning.
It's.. Just great!
This is my first dsong of linkin park and I believe that it has a very philosophical and a very good meaning.
I love this song.
Linkin Park !
The beat is just great!
Linkin Park for the win!
A ballad relevant to anyone fighting for a cause. This song, although it repeats the same thing over and over again, is played and sung so passionately that you don't really care.
Linkin Park has changed for the better. They have brokenn boundaries with this song. The lyrics are passionate, the progression is the most original thing I've ever heard... Linkin Park has found their footing.
Its sad that people hate this song just cause its different then the old songs but I love it anyway it is my favorite song by them and sounds great in general all the way through.
Its really awesome when I hear the song it makes me go mad Linkin Park rocks my whole mind please hear to catalyst I bet you you will like it
Why the hell is this song here must be placed at the top.
A really amazing track. And a great revolution in the history of LP.
Leaves me calm and at peace from any situation
this is such an amazing song... different refreshing and too good.. omg top 5 for this song.. the whole song from background score to vocals fantastic
Some don't like it... Just because its a bit different from the last ones... But its a great song... Superb song
Yeah man I am India and I think it's a very good song, althoug it's position is not so good but I like this song every time and it's my fvret ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
People just get lost deep in this song every time they hear it.
Its the best ever creation of Linkin-Park
This song is Unique in its way. Its one of my favorite.
It should be Number one.
This song is one of the best of Linkin Park..
Listen it with full stereo headphones, you'll feel good.
I think this song was awesome even though its not like the other linkin park song, but change of style is something good and linkin park should be applaude for this song

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