This song definitely deserves to be in the top ten. It's disgusting to see some many people vote in mainstream songs that aren't even that good. The only okay new song Linkin Park has produced is the Catalyst. Your telling me that Waiting for the End, In the End, and New Divide are better than Crawling, One Step Closer, and Bleed It Out. Mainstream fans think there so cool listening to bad Linkin Park songs. Meanwhile the band just keeps making more mainstream songs. It really is a shame because they probably had a few more good songs in them. But I guess they'll settle for money.

This song deserves to be in top 5... Such deep lyrics, such deep tune, such aggression, I've never seen it anywhere...
Crawling is the PRIDE of linkin park... Crawling is the face of linkin park I would say...
Seriously guys, this song is undoubtedly better than waiting for the end or new divide or leave out the rest
Please guys vote for this song and bring it in top 5...

This single is what made Linkin Park get on the map. It is a strong song able to convey deep emotions and has a memorable tune which powers along with Chester's brilliant mix of a punk-rock scream with bright vocals and excellent range. Crawling took you deep, brought you up, and carried the album greatly through it's first half.

Please... Crawling has got to be THE BEST EVER Linkin Park song in my opinion, then one step closer, then in the end then somewhere I belong and papercut then points of authority.
I love LP with all my heart but there is no denying METEORA, HYBRID THEORY AND LIVE IN TEXAS are there best works, the albums that came after them were a more mellow LP.

Oh damn... Are you joking? How can be this not in even top five? Mind blowing music and awesome lyrics...! I feel that the persons who don't know the meaning of rock, vote the most. Just hear this song and feel it's power.
People just vote this song...

Really?! No. 14? NO WAY! this song is even better than The Catalyst! this shouldn't be below Top 5... this song is just too powerful to be in 14th place... No. 1 for me and forever.

Crawling is a legendary song and this song is very sad. Such as the tunes, lyrics, bass and Chester's voice. Crawling is Makes me cry every time because is very meaningful and sad tune.

Linkin Park has had many great ones, this one just completely blows my mind every time I listed to it. The change in temp is incredible, even numb cannot compared to this one.

Woah! Woah! Woah! How's this song end up in no. 14 huh? It should be at top 10 or top 5 at least! Are you all kids huh? Just listening to the new songs?
New songs = good
Old songs = rocks!

15! Are you kidding me this song is linkin parks best song this is a classic to them just an amazing song should be way higher in my opinion. Should be in the top 10 definitely.

This song really deserves a much higher placing. It shares a lot in common with In the End and Somewhere I Belong. If you like Linkin Park or Alternative Rock/Metal, give this a listen. You won't be disappointed.

This song is disgustingly low, should be in the top 5, one of the best Linkin Park songs ever. Linkin Park is a band of many variations but this one stands out among them.

This song got a grammy... Can't believe it's on 13. Should be on 3 or 4. Just out of this world. Chester's voice is so amazing. Mike's guitar movements are awesome

Is just THE BEST.
No discussion about it, should be top 1 because its meant to top one, like the song make me wordless because there is no equivalent to words for this song, you know what I mean?

Crawling is a legendary song and is one of the songs that led the way from the start. In The End and Crawling are my two favourite Linkin Park songs. - EvilAngel

Why not bring back the old/original linkin park which electrified the musical world but still this band is still amazing the world today but not the people who first enjoyed the original music

In my playlist this is always next to Numb then In the End... Crawling is just great pull it self upon me its haunting... I felt this way before so insecure...

This song isn't in top 5? Seriously? I'm dumbstruck. This is my favorite LP song followed closely by numb and new divide.Just take in the fullness and depth of this song, let it sink into yourself and then sink into the song yourselves. Everyone should listen to this song, it's an experience in itself.

Crawling has honestly been one of my favorite songs since I was very young. It and the other songs in Hybrid theory defiantly deserve to be higher in the ratings

Number 3! You NEW linkin park fans have no idea! No songs from a thousand suns should even be in the top 15! Best linkin park album hybrid theory

Guys, give Hybrid Theory a listen, by far the best Linkin Park album ever. Crawling it's an amazing song.

Oh come on, how can this not be in the top 10! Define Linkin Park. Strange to see how some of the newer songs have made the grade.

I don't know what this is doing in the 11th position. This is supposes to be number 1, no doubt. This is also better than Numb! Papercut should come no.2

This is an amazing song. Its about not wanting to be ignored. The person has emotional scars and has been ignored for so long. I love this song.

Oh come on!? This is such an Awesome song!
Totally deserves a place on the top ten!