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41A Line In the Sand

A long and very good song at the same time! Great atmosphere and awesome guitar play!

An awesome and long song at the same time! The feeling you get while listening to this is incredible!

Cool song man this should be at least no.5 or6

This song is seriously underrated. It's my favorite on The Hunting Party tied with Rebellion.

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42Hit the Floor

How is this not in the top 10!? This song has the best bit of guitar play from Linkin Park in all their songs! The lyrics are really cool and the rhythm is very unique. Definitely one of the best songs! - 8gerrard8

You guys are all deaf. This is such an intense song, on the level of one step closer - just the meteora version

The best song, should be number 1, blah blah drama... But as they say, WHAT GOES UP HAS ALWAYS GOT TO FALL-ONE MINUTE YOU'RE ON TOP! THE NEXT YOU'RE NOT, WATCH IT DROP! :P

This song is just pure badass!

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Yay! I pushed it up to no 29! Possibly the most underrated linkin park song. Absolutely Mind blowing. The lyrics and tune work together seamlessly.

Blackbirds on 30th spot? You guys nuts or what? This is not fair enough.. This song is too damn good..

trust me, listen to this. it'll blow your mind

This song is an absolute blinder, trust me there is nothing ever like this one.

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This song is BEAST live! Love LP so much :)should be top ten just listen to the song and I'm sure it will lead to head banging

One of the best by Linkin Park. Chester vocals are just rocking in this song. This songs surely deserves a more better place than this, at least in top 20...

Why is this song 41? It should be in the top 20! Chester's screams are perfect, and Mike's rapping is perfect! The chorus and everything else about this song is awesome! This song is way better than numb or the catalyst! Seriously people!? This song makes you want to do some head-banging!

Such an underrated song

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45Valentine's Day

I think this song is one of the best Linkin Park songs. I love a lot of their music, but there's also a lot that I don't like very much. This song is one of the ones I like the most. It's better than Bleed it out, New divide, and The catalyst. (according to me)

Surprised when saw this not being popular. It's got very remarkable drum beats as.. Rock song, got a powerful and only chorus, and the drums ending is kinda striking

This song is really really special... Possibly this song is my best friend on Valentines Day... :) listening to this song more than 100 times a day on every Valentines day every year... And when the lines come
""So now you're gone, and I was wrong
I never knew what it was like, to be alone
On a Valentine's Day, on a Valentine's Day"
My inside feels something, something from the inside... Such an special song...

I was expecting this song to be in top 20 but any way it as the best song

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46Wretches and Kings

This deserves a better rank, definitely!
It's the best song from their album "A Thousand Suns"!

Such an underrated song, sure, it wasn't a single, but it's one hell of a song. One of the best on ATS

This is one of my favorite songs ever honestly-
Deserves a much better rank I'd say-
The instrumentals are amazing, Chester's just perfect, and Mike is as amazing as usual

It just boost me up.. Love it..

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This and the reanimated version of pushing me away are the best songs by Linkin Park easily. Hybrid theory, reanimation and meteora are far better than both of their new albums.

If you have never heard this song you have to listen to it. I never heard it until I saw it on this list and it was an unexpected surprise. Easy listening.

Most songs off of Reanimation aren't as good the originals. This is one of the few exceptions.

Love Aaron Lewis's voice

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48In My Remains

It has a nice rhythm. The lyrics are wonderful as well. The beginning melody somewhat reminds me of the New Divide. My fave of the album.

The best song that Linkin Park made in a long time very high quality song one of there best definitely should be in the top tens chart chester begins with smooth tempo then extends it higher and the military drums are awesome best song I there 5th track album I just love it

This song is amazing. It has an amazing feeling to it and Mike's vocals at the end are amazing. Chester, as always, is great. This song is a must hear and is not high enough in this list. I mean 55... Really? People have to listen and vote.

Wonderful, The Best!

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This song is a perfect combination of rock and rap, god knows what it's doing all the way down here. - Giusti97

Why can't Linkin Park just go back to their hybrid theory music? I love all their music but hybrid theory is the best album along with minutes to midnight. Plus this is one of their best songs.

Linkin Park at its best, this is just as good as "In the End"... Why is it all the way down here? This is mainstream material equal to all their other hits.

From the top to bottom! Bottom to top I stop!

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50P5hng Me A*wy

This song should be higher, it's sad how underrated it is, I love the chorus to this song "why I stay, when you just push away, no matter what you see, you're still so blind to me..." very powerful. - Vortexeo

Awesome.. This song is so low on ranking just because it's not heard enough by people

When I look into your eyes there's nothing there to see, nothing but my own mistakes staring back at me!

I adore this song. I'm kinda neutral on most of the Reanimation songs, but this one is super cool, and even better live!

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51High Voltage

Really awesome song... God knows whats it doing here...

Great rap song... Mike Shinoda at his best...

Lol. The dude who is said this song is nonsensical is really clueless about hip hop. This song is braggadocious battle rap with complex rhyme schemes and patterns that obviously flew way over your head. You didn't catch the witty punchlines or metaphors either. Lol. Oh well man I guess multi syllabic rhyme patterns are too complex for you to comprehend eh?

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52I’ll Be Gone

Should be at least in the top 10, one of the best in Living Things... Well, every Linkin Park song should be in the top 100 Charts or something...

Linkin Park is awesome. Every single song (okay, I don't like some, but they are mostly very good! ). Nobody is better than Linkin Park! That's the only thing to say - and I'll be gone is one of the best songs ever made!
Love Linkin Park!

This song has a beautiful melody. it's one of the best in my opinion.

Please Listen to this song it's far better than New Divide and What I've Done.

This song deserves to be in the top ten. what is it doing up here at 48?

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53Until It's Gone

This was the definitive linkin park experience. It gave me back a feel of "Numb" and it turned out unlike anything I thought it was going to be prior to its release. Perfect vocals, captivating beat, amazing drums and guitar solos. This was a 10 out of 5 stars for me!

Simply Awesome! The lyrics, the video, the vocals are great! Chester did a very good job. I like the little screaming at the last. This is what called rock!

The melodic lyrics are awesome, and the solo is good too! Loved the scream at the end.

THIS SONG AT 48?!?! AND GUILTY ALL THE SAME AT 38?!?!?! TERRIBLE! These songs need to be higher up along with rebellion and final masquerade!

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Reminds me of the old Linkin Park that kicked ass in every song. This one tops them all though in my opinion

Best ever song should definitely be in the top 5 superb music
we will just feel more pumped and excited listening to this song

This is such a good energetic song should be top ten I mean it's way better than breaking the habit - Aj7537

This song should be higher, I think there aren't enough people who know the song. It's just so amazing, and it's even better live!

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Linkin Park combine the best elements of their previous albums to make a rock song that is heavier than anything they've done before. This song is not radio friendly and the band has certainly sacrificed fame and publicity in favor of something that challenges mainstream radio.

Easily the best song off of The Hunting Party. Daron Malakian adds to the already impressive Linkin Park by joining Brad Delson in one of their greatest guitar hits

Amazing song! With Daron Malakian playing the guitar I feel that System of a Down taste on the song... Its perfect!

Linkin Park changed big after Meteora, to a sound that was never really them. Finally they have returned to a true metal sound, but instead of the young number metal, it is a much more mature, alternative metal sound that they were always destined for.

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56Numb / Encore

Brilliant combination of Linkin Park and Jay-z. Really think it's should be higher than this. It is a brilliant mash up of two good songs made even better being combined.

How you could not love this? The collaboration with JZ was a brilliant move by Linkin Park, the rap is catchy and the chorus is, as always, unforgettable. Although the "what the hell are you waiting for" line seems out of touch live, the song is amazing.

Very Nice! But not much compared to the original...

The original numb was great itself. This takes it to a whole new level. Definitely Linkin Parks best song.

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57Not Alone

Damn, how could this song be down here! I was searching it in the top 20's and here it is! This song is so good, it deserves at least top 20. Guys vote for this song! :D

This is an awesome songs I think this should be in top 20
This song has a very deep meaning
The most important thing is that chester's voice seems to be very melodious in it.
It is one of the slow song sung by Linkin Park

THIS SONG'S JUST GREAT! I mean just take in the 'Haiti' sense, though maybe its late ----DOESN'T MEAN IT SHOULD BE HERE AT! 44! Its ridiculous!

I love this song. Don't understand why is this low in ranking.

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58Roads Untraveled

This song should be in the top ten.

I love all Linkin Park - No discrimination here:) LP for the win!

This song is totally amazing...
It's starting tone sounds like Indian songs
I like this song very much

Best from Living Things!

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59Final Masquerade

Such an amazing song! One of the best songs of linkin park and should reach at least top 10 soon

What a song! It makes me feel happy! Chazz you got a very nice voice!

I see this song moving up pretty far in the charts, just give it time! Too amazing to ignore, raw with emotion!

My current favorite for now

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60Lies Greed Misery

Lies Greed Misery is very innovative song...
It is one step ahead from Burn it Down.

Amazing song from the new album...
Hope their new album have more such songs...
LP RULES - abby221

This Song Is So Awesome That I Spent A Month Listening To It. Must Be Higher! Please Listen To It And Vote! This Song Is So Addicting. I Love The Lyrics.

I Wanna See You Choke on Your Lies, Swallowed By Your Greed, Suffering Alone In Your Misery!

Shocked to find this at 60th. Such an addictive tune and mesmerizing energy. Perfect mix of Rock, Electronica, and Hip-Hop. - WhenWorldsCollide02

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