Top 10 Greatest LittleBigPlanet Clanners

This is a list of the 10 best clanners (UNOFFICIAL).

The Top TenXW


Great design, great clan, He is overall just great, he created Chaos Clan in LBP1 (Still fairly active) and has always been at the top.


He is just awesome, no other way to describe him, just awesome, creates some pretty amazinglevels, and every clan he has been in he has contributed to.

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Personally, I just like their name. - MoldySock

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Nick-C11 fairly well known in LBP, he was always there for Vector Troop, but when it dies, he created a clan called "Silentium Contra" which is living up to the name of Vector Troop.


Ice4life14 is the creator of the Akatsucki, people really underrate him, but really he is a very talented creator.


Even though you might not think it, he is an very good creator, he was an overlord in RSR, than created Imperial Supremacy.

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He left PSN a little while back, but he was the creator of Pure Energy, that's just screaming top 10, PE was an extremely talented clan, that was very successful until Cj left PSN.


Wanida12 is a close friend to Nick-C11, I am friends with both of them and know for a fact that they are both FANTASTIC creators. Wanida is in the same boat as Nick also, he helped create SC with Nick

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