Top 10 Live Annihilator Songs

I am glad they released several live albums. I like the most "Annihilator: Live At Masters Of Rock DVD+CD". It was recorded in 2008 At Masters Of Rock festival in Vizovice, Czech Republic, and released in 2009. Yes, Jeff Waters still has it.

This list doesn't include only songs from the mentioned DVD. These are songs from their entire discography that sound great live.

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It's so nice that the song samples are really from live albums! This version is from Live At Masters Of Rock, 2009. - Metal_Treasure

2The Blackest Day

The interplay between Jeff Waters and Dave Padden during the instrumental part in the middle of the song is awesome live, especially the version from Live At Masters Of Rock DVD, 2009. It's better than the studio version. - Metal_Treasure

3Wicked Mystic

Jeff Waters is still a guitar god! The song sample is from a live show in 2008 and not the studio version from 1989 but yeah, Jeff Waters rules. - Metal_Treasure


W.T.Y.D. = Welcome To Your Death. The riffs and the chorus sound awesome live (play the sample, it's a live version). - Metal_Treasure

5Alison Hell

The song sample is a live version recorded At Masters Of Rock 2008 but you can hear that it sounds as good as the studio version recorded 20 years earlier. - Metal_Treasure

I actually like the live version from Monsters of Rock more than the studio version. Dave Padden takes it to a whole new level of creepy. - TheStargazer

@TheStargazer - I agree with you. The original is creepy enough but Dave Padden added something more to this live version. - Metal_Treasure

6I Am in Command
7King of the Kill
9Set the World on Fire
10Clown Parade

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11Human Insecticide
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