Best Live Rock Albums

Live rock albums that capture the essence of the original studio recordings with the added power of a live show, and which has stood the test of time.

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1Live - Barclay James Harvest

Summer Soldier/Medicine Man is my favourite "side" of Vinyl!

Fantastic band, great set. So underrated all excellent mucisians and songwriters with three great vocalists.

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2Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin

A 2007 reunion concert that shows three of the four original members (Jason Bonham taking the place of his late father) in tighter form than on their 70's heyday live recordings. - CharlieBrown

All living members of Led Zeppelin unite for one epic show with Jason Bonham (John Bonham's son.) on drums. It really was a celebration day.

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3Alive! - Kiss

Actually offers the definitive versions of the best of KISS' first three studio albums, including Rock and Roll All Night. Many of today's rock guitar gods cut their teeth on this album trying to copy every lick; every Ace Frehley lead. You could hand this album to Martians and explain that "this IS rock and roll." - CharlieBrown

4Double Live Gonzo - Ted Nugent

Captures the Motor City Madman at his finest. His guitar playing is amazing! He can go from loud and fast, to bluesy, to very melodic. I have never heard sounds come from a guitar like those on Hibernation. Great White Buffalo will give you goose bumps. Classics like Motor City Madhouse, Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, etc. - CharlieBrown

5Unleashed In the East - Judas Priest
6Live After Death - Iron Maiden
7Live Bootleg - Aerosmith

Back when Aerosmith could plug in, turn it up to 11, and rock out. Hits like Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Walk This Way, Back in the Saddle, etc. - CharlieBrown

8Made In Japan - Deep Purple

The best live album of the 70s from the best band live of the 70s. - Metal_Treasure

9Captured - Journey

Yes, Journey. They were an amazing live band. Awesome musicians playing the hits like Lovin' Touching' Squeezin' and Anyway You Want It and allowed a little more freedom here to jam like on songs like Walks Like a Lady and Dixie Highway. Steve Perry's voice is just as amazing here as on the studio albums too. Listen to his voice leading up to the Do You Recall guitar solo, and in the background of the Wheel in the Sky guitar solo. Otherworldly! - CharlieBrown

10One More From the Road - Lynyrd Skynyrd

A 13 minute version of Free Bird, hello! - CharlieBrown

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11World Wide Live - Scorpions
12Get Yer Ya Yas Out - Rolling Stones

Captures their then lead guitarist Mick Taylor in all his melodic, six string glory. Let's be honest, most consider the Mick Taylor period to be the Stones' best.

13Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive

Definitive versions of many of his earlier songs, many which became massive hits like Show Me the Way, Baby I Love Your Way, and Do You Feel Like We Do (stoke up those Zippos! ). Great guitar too. - CharlieBrown

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14Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads Tribute

Randy kills it on this album - Sabbath

15Live - Blind Guardian
16S&M - Metallica
17MTV Unplugged - NirvanaV1 Comment
18Live at Leeds - The Who

Only 22? This is by far the best live rock album ever made!

Are you kidding me? How is this so low

19The Last Waltz - The Band With Friends
20Sam Cooke - Live at Harlem Square Club, 1963
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1. Alive! - Kiss
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1. Unleashed In the East - Judas Priest
2. Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads Tribute
3. World Wide Live - Scorpions
1. Made In Japan - Deep Purple
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