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Fantasy life is a 3DS RPG developed by Level 5. It's a great game that is unfortunately overlooked. It's a great game that I would recommend. In the game, you can choose 12 jobs or 'lives' if you will while you complete a story in the game. Some of them are similar while others are completely different. Some of them are easy, while others are difficult. Feel free to vote for your favourite.

The Top Ten

1 Paladin

This is my personal favourite life. Paladins can equip swords, these aren't as strong as claymores but they are much quicker. You can also use shields so they would take less damage. The only problem is that stronger enemies take more time to kill because the sword isn't as strong as the claymore, so it will take a while. - smrpg1996

2 Mercenary

Mercenaries are very powerful and strong. They use large strong swords known as claymores. They can deal a lot of damage to stronger enemies, but are slower than Paladins. It is one of four of the combat lives, the others being Magician, Paladin and Hunter. But the Mercenary is the toughest of them, and enemies will go down slightly faster. - smrpg1996

3 Magician

This one involves using magic with a staff. There are four you can use: fire, water, wind and earth. The earth magic can heal you whilst the other three can deal damage but depending on the enemy some will deal more damage than others. This one is good enough but I'm kinda slow when using the magic, so I don't use it much, but is still a good life. - smrpg1996

4 Hunter

This one uses a bow and arrow, so you can kill enemies from a certain range. Like the Paladin it will take a while to kill bigger enemies but you don't have to fight them as closely as them. This one is kinda easy. - smrpg1996

5 Miner

You can mine for different ores or materials in this life. For me this one is VERY easy. And I reached Legend tank in no time. The only problem is that some of the quests involve mining 100, 200, 300, 400 or even 500 ores to proceed. And that's quite a tough task. - smrpg1996

6 Angler

The most unique one out of all of them. An Angler is a fisherman. You can fish for different kinds of fish that you can use in different recipes in crafting lives. It's not like any of the other lives on this list, and is probably the easiest out of all of them to reach the Legend or even God rank. - smrpg1996

7 Carpenter

This one involves building furniture, fishing rods, saws, axes, bows and staffs so this one is pretty useful if you have any of these lives. It plays similarly to the Blacksmith. But yeah, you can craft tools with this one, making it useful. - smrpg1996

8 Woodcutter

Similar to mining only with trees. This one is fairly easy and plays like the mining life, minus the mining hundreds of ores. But the problem with this is you have to try and find elder logs while you cut down trees and they're hard to find for me. - smrpg1996

9 Blacksmith

This is one of the crafting lives, that's why it's kinda low. Crafting lives are really tedious and you have to find different materials to make the items through mashing the A button repeatedly, holding the A button or pressing the A button when it hits the middle of a bar, all in a time limit. The other ones include Carpenter, Alchemist, Cook and Tailor (yes, sadly they take up a majority of the lives). But this is higher because you can craft armour and weapons you can use in battle and can add stuff to make it more effective. So it's really rewarding. - smrpg1996

10 Alchemist

This one enables you to make potions which are useful if you are low on HP or SP and can sometimes boost your stats. Another useful one. - smrpg1996

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1. Paladin
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