Top Ten Living Sacrifice Songs (1991-1994)

Living Sacrifice are a band best known for their more metalcore inspired sound, but before those days, this band explored the far reaches of thrash and death metal. To celebrate, here is a list of Living Sacrifice best songs from their first three albums.

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1Second Death/Obstruction

This double-track was featured on Living Sacrifice's eponymous 1991 debut. This song's riff is one of thrash metal's best. Also, vocalist Darren Johnson's vocals show much conviction in this song. - AngryByrd

2Internal Unrest

Another track from their debut, this song featured a fast riff and a soft bridge. - AngryByrd

3Breathing Murder

This song is possibly the band's heaviest song to date. The song opens creepily, and then explodes into a distorted death metal fest. - AngryByrd

4Mind Distant

This was one of Living Sacrifice's only songs before 1997's Reborn that featured an acoustic guitar. This song had great contrast, and is simply one of Living Sacrifice's best. - AngryByrd

5Not Beneath

Serving as the second song from the band's third album, Inhabit, this song was heavy, slow, and featured a nice acoustic touch. - AngryByrd


This song starts with a string intro and then lurches it's way into your ears. DJ's death growl is in full effect here. - AngryByrd

7Walls of Separation

This song is just a simple thrash offering. - AngryByrd

8Sorrow Banished

This song is sort of a filler song on Inhabit, but it's still amazing. - AngryByrd

9Haven of Blasphemy

This was one of the most popular songs from Living Sacrifice's second album. - AngryByrd

10Anorexia Spiritual
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