Best Logic Songs

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The Top Ten

As I Am

2All I Do


4Just Another Day

5The Spotlight


7Walk On By

8Young Sinatra 3

On god that's the best


The Contenders

11Dead Presidents III
One of my all time favorite beats. Also samples rap legends nas and jay.

12Under Pressure

13Driving Ms. Daisy

This song is awesome

15Soul Food

16Gang Related

17Buried Alive

18Mind of Logic

19Break It Down
Not the best lyrics or beat or rhythm, just a straight up awesome song with combination of rap, hip-hop and feel good music. Really catchy hook.

When you sound better than Big Sean and still don't get recognition...
This song proves that he has what it takes to be great in the rap game

21The High Life
This song talks about how he came up and met his idol nas great lyricism in this song

22500 Days of Summer

23Like Me

24Feel Good
Logic be blowin up at high velocity WHAD UP!

25Roll Call

26Life Is Good
One of his best beats. Raps well and sings hook. Perfect song.

27Dear God
Amazing piano beat. Tells his life story and tales of adversity. Truly amazing and really makes the listener feel.

28Growing Pains III

29I'm Gone


31Shine On
The song is short but the verse is arguably the best verse he has ever spit. Definitely the most underrated song by logic along with beggin

32Set the Tone
Beat is sick and the lyrics are incredible, especially the end.

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