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Ranked 28th on a top 50, cause bull, he killed this

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2All I Do
3Gang Related

Easily his best song. The first part is about his struggles with his family growing up and paints a picture of what he saw from his family's accounts. The second verse is him rapping as his brother, wishing for Bobby's safety and to get out of the street life.

4As I Am
5Under Pressure

The extended version of this song is fire. Some of the deepest and hardest in the game. Logic is out here killin it

This is quite possibly one of the greatest rap songs I have ever heard

Tells the story of both logic and "bobby" perfectly. It shows both his MC skills and also his inner problems and why he writes


When you sound better than Big Sean and still don't get recognition...

This song proves that he has what it takes to be great in the rap game


On God this is the best!

On god that's the best


This song is... Nasty


This song is awesome

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11Buried Alive
12Just Another Day
13The Spotlight
14Soul Food

Thought the first two minutes were fire. He comes right out and hits the beat with an elegant flow. Then he switched it up and continues to describe his struggles.

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15Man of the Year

This is Obviously his best song.

16Young Sinatra 3
17Walk On By
19Mind of Logic
20Dead Presidents III

One of my all time favorite beats. Also samples rap legends nas and jay.

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1. Soul Food
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