Best Loom Rubber Band Bracelets

This a article talking about which Loom Rubber band design is better.

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I agree its good looking and everybody in my school makes them

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2Star Burst

On a hardness scale I give this one a 7 out of 10. It sure is worth it in the end. Very cool and neat.

I think it's the best loom band in the world it's just so amazing and starish

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3Dragon Scale

This is a great design and easy to make but you should try the double capped Dragon scale that is amazing

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4Twisty Whisty
5Zippy Chain
6Zig Zag Pride

It's a really cool bracelet :).

7Tulip Tower
8Liberty Twists
9Fish Tale

Fish tales have great patterns

10Sweet HeartV2 Comments

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12Snake Belly

The snake belly is awesome. I attempted it once but then it broke; thanks for who ever made it.

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It looks cool how you made it up

I voted because I made it

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1. Star Burst
2. Hexafish
3. Dragon Scale
1. Hexafish
2. Star Burst
3. Twisty Whisty



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