Best Loom Rubber Band Bracelets


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I agree its good looking and everybody in my school makes them
I make this all the time.


I like how it looks

2Star Burst
On a hardness scale I give this one a 7 out of 10. It sure is worth it in the end. Very cool and neat.
I have made this bracelet 100 time
Cool and grate to make

3Dragon Scale
This is a great design and easy to make but you should try the double capped Dragon scale that is amazing
Dragon scales are really easy 😃😃😊

4Twisty Whisty

5Zippy Chain

6Zig Zag Pride
It's a really cool bracelet :).

7Tulip Tower

8Liberty Twists

9Fish Tale
Fish tales have great patterns

10Sweet Heart
I think this is awesome

The Contenders


12Snake Belly
The snake belly is awesome. I attempted it once but then it broke; thanks for who ever made it.
It's just so big and cool and it takes forever

I voted because I made it

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