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We live in cities you'll never see on screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things
Living in ruins of the palace within my dreams
And you know, we're on each other's team
Come on people we are one percent away from Team being #1 over Royals! We gotta do this! Royals isn't that good of a song... especially no as good as Team! JUst the lyrics are great!
Definitely best song of Lorde.
[Newest]This song is so awesome! I love it... It rocks!

This is the best song... juts love this song
I think this is too overplayed and overrated. I love this song. But there are more songs of Lorde that's a lot better than this. They need more appreciation.
I think that that song and team are the best

3Tennis Court
I think Royals is great... But overhyped, so I prefer the genius Tennis Court because I can relate to the lyrics (Don't you think that it's boring how people talk? ) and I love the beat and the yeahs. You're amazing, Lorde!
As much as I like Royals and Team I really like the Tennis Court, its genius and not overplayed. Lorde Forever!
I personally think this song is better than Royals. Her style is completely different than others. Love you Lorde!

Can we just realize how awesome and intense this song is?
Love this song I heard it on the radio yesterday and immediately bought it on itunes
Can't believe that Ribs is 5! Its by far the best song of Lorde
[Newest]Most underrated song ever

5Buzzcut Season
It's a beautiful song and it tells how bad society has become


I can't believe Royals is number one. It is way overplayed and don't ge me wrong, I really like it. But, this song and Ribs are much better.
This needs to be at least on top 3.

Honestly bravado, and biting down are my faves of hers right now. I adore her, really
Lyrically the best song...

7Yellow Flicker Beat
One of the best songs I've heard in awhile.
I love this song so much! Perfect Singer to sing the Hunger Games: Mockingjay theme song.
Recently released! Should probably be higher on the list.

8Glory and Gore
How is Glory and Gore not #1? I am a huge Lorde fan, and Glory and Gore is definitely her best song. It has dope beats, and it is as catchy as heck.


Literally don't understand why her other songs aren't as popular, they are so much better! They deserve more appreciation!
Glory and gore is such an amazing song and the meaning behind it is beautiful
[Newest]Oh man, Glory and Gore is so badass! Love this song so much!

9400 Lux
This song is so beautiful in the sense that the lyrics are genius. This deserves to be number 1. I love Lorde, but I have to admit I'm not a fan of Yellow Flicker Beat. It depicts her everyday life in a suburban town with no airs or graces but Lorde just makes it sound like it is Utopia. This

"Now wear long sleeves,
And the heating comes on.
We're getting good at this.
Dreams of clean teeth,
I can tell that you're tired
But you keep the car on
While you're waiting out front..."

Optimistically neutral, yet vaguely melancholic. Poetry at its finest.
I Love 400 Lux. I love songs that are really different and this song is. I listen to it all the time. Love Her!
I like it if you stayed... ! This is my favorite line..

10The Love Club
I love the meaning and her voice in this song
This and royals... Love her!


Best song hands down.

The Contenders

11White Teeth Teens
This is one of her most underrated songs I think. Royals beats this easily
Listen to this... It's sick
Being a high-schooler, I can relate so much to this song. Lyrics are amazing. That last 1 min though. Feels.

12Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Oh gosh! Never knew that is her song. Listen it half a year in Assassin's Creed trailer. Highly underrated song, I supposed that it would be on first five. You are genius Lorde.. Love you!
When I heard this on Assassin's Creed Unity trailer I just fell in love with the song. Her cover is 10 times better than the original. Her voice is so perfect.
A very underrated song of hers. More meaningful than Royals which is more popular.

13A World Alone
I don't know how this song isn't #1! I think her talent really shows in this song especially!
Love this song, 400 lux, LOVE CLUB, and team, all totes deserve to be on this list!


This song is so good how can it not be higher than bravado? Come on
[Newest]Wish I could've voted for this too.

14Million Dollar Bills

15No Better

16Swingin Party

17Still Sane

18Biting Down

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