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Carry My Love - Sarah Geronimo

Carry My Love
Sarah Geronimo
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I love your song I just love it so much well done I read it to my girl friend she loved it to well done have you read it to your boy friend if you don't have read it to your dad you steel love him don't you if you have a boy friend and you have not singed It to him do it he will love it
I love the song so much I feel I'm in heaven full of in love persons around me. Carry my love by sarah geronimo is thumbs for me Please vote it, it is worth listening for I suggest you
Because it carries the whole feelings of love and joy. This song always remind me of my childhood life. The song has a great quality that cannot be easily found.
It just carries me away from all the sorrows and ambiguities of this life... Sarah has sung it so beautifully that I just can't atop loving this song...
"The value of things is not the time
They last, but the intensity
That happen. Thus,
There unforgettable moments
Inexplicable things and people
Incomparable and passes like a magic step is very important for us to love You want you will be yours!
It's chills me so much... It really a love song I ever heard// so nice and good. I love Sarah Geronimo. It makes me feel I'm In Heaven.
I like this song when SG and carlo A. do the teleserye ashort story this is the title too carry my love they look together...
One of the best from one of the best!
Sarah must be an international artist!
Hey Ellen, Oprah! Give her a guesting!
I think its beautiful because its give inspiration to me and all people that heared this so lets vote it good luck!
beautiful interpretation full of
emotions coming from the heart.
what a great singer
carry my love by sarah geronimo, in her album becoming this song is one of my favorite!
this is so cute<3 I never heard it until 2 day but I love it and its mine and my love song
very nice and meaningful song of sarah... SHE IS THE ONE..
Filipino Singer, Sarah Geronimo... Great singer
Sarah is so beautiful... She is my first crush^_^
this is the best Love song ever... promise.
Anyway I love this songs... So talent in making
Wow beautiful song... I like it
Hmm Really Nice song!
. . love diz song! . . ,,
What a nice song...
I really love this song! Sarah gavejustice to the lyrics of it
Your songs are aswom I wish I could sing like that

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