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181My Love - Westlife

I remember my childhood days every time I hear this music plays. It reminds me about my crushes hehehe.. Such a wonderful feeling reminiscing those old days together with your old friends.

This songs remind me everything since my childhood<<aside from westlife is my favorite boyband ever, this song would be started when I was having a crushes<< so beautiful to remember

It's the Most Romantic songs ever... How is it after top 5?

68? Crazy man just crazy... it should be in top 20

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182I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton

I love Whitney's cover but the song wouldn't have even existed if Dolly had never written it. - ToukaKirishima

The original singer and WRITER of this beautifyl ballad deserves much recognition!

This was Dolly's song! Whitney did a spectacular performance, but I still believe the original was the best!

Yeah Whitney did it good, but Dolly does it best! - LadyLioness

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183Rule the World - Take That

If walls break down, I will comfort you
If angels cry, oh, Ill be there for you

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184You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson

Even if you aren't in love, this song will make you love someone. Trust me.

185Until The Time Is Through - Five

Really beautiful love song.

186Erga'ly - Tamer Hosny

Erga'ly "Come back to me", amazing love song.

- anony

187I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden

A great song, unbelievable but sometimes its just true

188Nobody Knows It But Me - Babyface

Forgot about this gem. Thanks.

189Bell Bottom Blues - Eric Clapton
190Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Why isn't this song number 1 they really had nicki minaj and soulja boy higher than her like really are they serious this need to be higher

191Breaking My Heart - Michael Learns to Rock
192Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye

Even though this isn't a slow dance song, it's still very catchy and it makes you feel better inside. Hellogoobye has lots of great songs

This song is amazing THE GREATEST LOVE SONG EVER! Period... all these others don't even compare

OMFG!!!i luv this song to death!!!hellowgoodbye has some really hott guys!!!lol

193For Crying Out Loud - Meat Loaf

Very Romantic song also probably 1 of Meat Loafs best Real long though 8:42 originally thought it was 11 minutes Why is this not on here great song especially when it speeds up in the middle - Coldplay

Any Meat Loaf song should be number 1 This is by far the greatest love song of all time and also the longest - Greenday

Yes it is it should be far more well known it would have got to number 1 - Greenday

Its 1 of the best songs on Bat out of Hell behind Paradise and Bat - Greenday

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194Yellow - ColdplayV1 Comment
195I'll Be - Edwin McCain

i love this song.... it reminds me of my so say "crush"

This is me and my babys song.
I love it. It says everything. It makes me want to cry when I hear it.

I'LL BE is one of my favorite... hehehe.... - ian

196My Heart - Paramore

This song is so powerful, I swear I would have cried of I saw it live! - HenP

Really beautiful. Tear jerking and thought provoking, its one of my fave songs. Love you Paramore!

Love this song. Even if it's rock, you can appreciate the meaning of the song. Paramore is the best!

This is my most favorite song. Ever.

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197This Ain't a Love Song - Bon Jovi
198Woman - John Lennon
199More Than A Feeling - Boston

Brilliant piece of songwriting, brilliantly performed. Who could beat Brad Delp as a vocalist? And what about those melodic, almost hysterically passionate guitar breaks, the finely judged contrast between the electric and acoustic guitars, the perfect construction? Fabulous.

200Love - Keyshia Cole
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