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201 Empire - Shakira Empire - Shakira

I love shakira

202 Please Forgive Me - Bryan Adams Please Forgive Me - Bryan Adams
203 Good Enough - Evanescence Good Enough - Evanescence
204 Never Say Goodbye - Bon Jovi Never Say Goodbye - Bon Jovi
205 If I Fell - The Beatles If I Fell - The Beatles
206 Misunderstood - Bon Jovi Misunderstood - Bon Jovi
207 Sunshine of Your Love - Cream Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
208 All or Nothing - O-Town All or Nothing - O-Town
209 Entrela├žos - Scalene Entrela├žos - Scalene
210 Aftermath - Muse Aftermath - Muse
211 Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye

Even though this isn't a slow dance song, it's still very catchy and it makes you feel better inside. Hellogoobye has lots of great songs

This song is amazing THE GREATEST LOVE SONG EVER! Period... all these others don't even compare

OMFG!!!i luv this song to death!!!hellowgoodbye has some really hott guys!!!lol

212 You - Ten Sharp You - Ten Sharp

Very beautiful, romantic and so emotional track about LOVE. Amazing lyrics.

It's alright with me
As long as you are by my side
Talk or just say nothing
I don't mind your looks never lie

I was always on the run finding out
What I was looking for
And I was always insecure
Just until I found

Words often don't come easy
I never learned to show the inside of me
Oh, no, my baby and you come
Always patient dragging out what I try to hide

I was always on the run finding out
What I was looking for
And I was always insecure until I found, oh, oh

You you are always on my mind
You you're the one I'm living for
You you're my everlasting fire
(You're my always shining star)
(You're my always) - Irina2932

213 I'll Always Love You - Taylor Dayne I'll Always Love You - Taylor Dayne
214 Tee Shirt - Birdy Tee Shirt - Birdy
215 Crazy Over You - Colin James Crazy Over You - Colin James
216 Angel - Rayvon Angel - Rayvon
217 Martha - Tom Waits Martha - Tom Waits
218 I'll Be - Edwin McCain I'll Be - Edwin McCain

i love this song.... it reminds me of my so say "crush"

This is me and my babys song.
I love it. It says everything. It makes me want to cry when I hear it.

I'LL BE is one of my favorite... hehehe.... - ian

219 For Crying Out Loud - Meat Loaf For Crying Out Loud - Meat Loaf

Very Romantic song also probably 1 of Meat Loafs best Real long though 8:42 originally thought it was 11 minutes Why is this not on here great song especially when it speeds up in the middle - Coldplay

Any Meat Loaf song should be number 1 This is by far the greatest love song of all time and also the longest - Greenday

Yes it is it should be far more well known it would have got to number 1 - Greenday

Its 1 of the best songs on Bat out of Hell behind Paradise and Bat - Greenday

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220 My Heart - Paramore My Heart - Paramore

This song is so powerful, I swear I would have cried of I saw it live! - HenP

Really beautiful. Tear jerking and thought provoking, its one of my fave songs. Love you Paramore!

Love this song. Even if it's rock, you can appreciate the meaning of the song. Paramore is the best!

This is my most favorite song. Ever.

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