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221 Thunder - Boys Like Girls Thunder - Boys Like Girls

I heard si song about 300000 times and I still love it, best song in the world, it should be al least in top 20 - andres101

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! I can listen to it all day everyday and never get tired of it... Its actually mine and my boyfriends song

I listen to this song all the time, but I still love it. Such a beautiful love song, and I love how all the lyrics are sweet, sincere and truthful. Everything about it make this song a great one! BLG have created a fabulous song.

this is simply a masterpiece, by a great band

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222 Black - Pearl Jam Black - Pearl Jam

The most heartfilled love song I've ever heard. Eddie only sings it on special occasiions because it is such a deep song

Speaking of them, shouldn't Just Breathe be in here somewhere?

223 Your Call - Secondhand Serenade Your Call - Secondhand Serenade

I love secondhand serenade! He's the one! I also love he's songs.. Very emotional.. I will never stop listening to john's songs.. Secondhand serenade is my inspiration I wish to see him to perform live))

THE love song. Pretty amazing that even a boy can cry when hearing a song. 72 listens on itunes already.

this song is so amazing definitely top ten material!

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224 Everything - Michael Buble Everything - Michael Buble

OMG i love this song!!! Me and my girls love to sing this full volume cruising in the car, its awwwwesome x

the theme song of my ex and i... I still love her. thou she leaves me. she's still my everything.

my boyfriend dedicated this song to me. it is the cutest song ever!

i really like it....dedicated to my ate GIA...

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225 Written in the Stars - Westlife Written in the Stars - Westlife

Whoop.. Whoop... Love this song so much... Good music, voices, and everything! This song is easy to sing, has the deep meaning, oh... So touching..! Love it! #WestlifeForever

Westlife is the best, about their songs about the way they sing those songs, about the feel when you heard their songs, that's really great! #WestlifeForever

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226 You Had Me At Hello - A Day To Remember You Had Me At Hello - A Day To Remember

Good song! I was surprised that I liked it! It is now on my playlist! Thanks! I don't dedicate songs, it always ends up tragic.

sooo cute a teenage girls dream song

what a way to say you love somebody from just across the room

227 The Fourth Avenue Cafe - L'arc~en~ciel
228 All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo

All my life, this will always be one of my favourite songs of all time!

Basically the cutest one out there

Fiance just dedicated this to me and I couldn't stop crying!

229 When Love And Hate Collide - Def Leppard

This song explains how you feel when you are so in love with someone and you want to stay because of that love but are so hurt you hate them. Its a good self reflecting song when your trying to make sense of you feelings. Great song...

230 Wait For You - Elliot Yamin Wait For You - Elliot Yamin

This song to me is so romanticand loving When elliot sings it with his voice it is an inspiration to everyone.


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231 I Caught Fire - The Used I Caught Fire - The Used V 1 Comment
232 Irresponsible - The Country Funkin' Do-Dahz Irresponsible - The Country Funkin' Do-Dahz

A song about someone in denial.

233 Anemone - L'Arc~en~Ciel Anemone - L'Arc~en~Ciel
234 Jojoushi - L'Arc~en~Ciel Jojoushi - L'Arc~en~Ciel

Just listen it... you can understand it even if you don't know Japanese x3!

The perfect love song... even if you don't understand what he's saying!

really a great song, even if you don't understand the lyrics !!

235 Kiss from a Rose - Seal Kiss from a Rose - Seal

This is probably the most amazing song every created. I have never fallen in love with a song as much as this one - iceskatergurl

this song reminds me of how my boyfriend took me from darkness to light

236 Thinking of You - Katy Perry Thinking of You - Katy Perry

The lyrics of this song are so relatable and I think it is one I the most underrated songs! It's completely different to the rest of the songs you will have heard by her so don't be put off just cause its by Katy Perry! Beautiful song and lyrics, sounds even better acoustic!

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237 Last Night On Earth - Green Day Last Night On Earth - Green Day

This song is too beautiful to be number 131! Some people are just plain stupid! It makes me mad that this song is right after taylor swift's love song, it's a nice song but it's not better than this one!

by far the best love song everr. I mean, it should be no.1 and it's not even in the top 50

The most romantic lyrics and guitar solo

238 Angels - Robbie Williams Angels - Robbie Williams

One of the best songs ever written and Robbie's voice was awesome.

239 Layla - Eric Clapton

this is the best song ever.. my boyfriend keeps singing it to me all the time. and we are getting married soon and are planning to dance to this. this song makes me smile and helps everytime I miss my boyfriend. coem back home my love I'm waiting for you.

240 Careless Whisper - Wham! Careless Whisper - Wham!
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