Top Ten Love Story Movies

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41He's Just Not That Into You
42Romeo and Juliet
43The Bridges of Madison County

One of my favorites. Gets me crying every time.

45Two Weeks Notice

Absolutely amazing! Hugh Grant, and Sandra Bullock do not disappoint in this one! Perfect. One of my favorite movies! This is movie that you will want to watch over and over again for years to come. Also, it has some hilarious lines!

46One Fine Day
47Brother Bear 2
48Moulin Rouge

It's really a splendid movie where the boy from america head towards Germany to find his love...

50Love and Basketball
51Notting Hill
52Water for Elephants
53Forrest Gump
54Veer Zaara

The most amazing love story. A little far-fetched, but nothing compares to the melody of emotions it leaves you in.

It's the most stupid Hindi movie you can see. With the overrated shah rukh dumb khan!

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55Maine Pyar Kiya

A gratest movie of 1989 starring debutant salman khan and become all time blockbuster. Music are very very heart touching performanace of cast are outstandig.

57What Dreams May Come

Love that can break through hell.

58Jane Eyre

Perfect love story! Just goes to show that true love never dies, no matter what obstacles you may face.

59Message In a Bottle
60Never Let Me Go

My all-time favourite movie, I remember every line! Should be #1. If only it was more popular. Me and my friends love this movie. It should win every Oscar! Not just one!

So underrated, makes to the top 3 easily

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