Top 10 Best Mac Lethal Songs

Greatest Mac lethal songs known to date. Mac lethal is a great hip hop artist that makes an extreme amount of internet success. Enjoy

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1Calm Down Baby

Great song its got fantastic flow and is a perfect don't give a care song

2Alphabet Insanity

One of the fastest rap songs ever became a YouTube sensation and got him on television

3Make Out Bandit

Funny song great song in the perspective of a player

4You're vs Your

Good song it became popular on the internet and its got good and extremely fast lyrics

5Jake + Olive

Very personal storytelling song about his grandparents life story. Great song


Great song the sample is just straight up fantastic


This songs got some great lyrics and the hook is upbeat

8I'm Odd

Great sample and it's a very calm rap song it's a fantastic song
P.S. the song its sampled from is called I'm god


One of the saddest break up songs I have ever heard

10Nerdy White Kid Kills Look at Me Now

This is the sing that pretty much got him famous it started off as a YouTube sensation

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11Feel It in the Air
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