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1Pokemon Platforming World
2Sonic and Mario Adventure
3Destroy ET
4Destroy Superman 64
5Pokemon Vs. Mario
6Pokemon Vs. Sonic

Wow no one's looked at this its pretty cool you should get some advertising 4 it anyway Pokemon could kick some Sonic butt Sonic isn't that fast anyway even Slowpoke could run faster than him then there's that stupid Amy chic I bet Magikarp could whip her too use Psychic-Types for Knuckles since he's so stupid use electric types for Rouge and Tails because they can fly the only ones who might stand a chance against Pokemon are Silver, Blaze, and Shadow bot we've got Dark, Water, and Fighting for that. Then for that Chris kid we'll just use Ash when he's thinking about Paul or some other rival. SONIC WILL DIE! - Pikachulover1

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7Sonic Sports Mix
8Kirby RPG
9Mega Man Fighters
10Video Game History: The Game

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11Pokemon Rescue Rangers

Pokemon version of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers videogame with Chip 'n Dale as two talking patrat. Chip is the normal colored patrat, Dale is the shiny colored patrat. Other characters like Monterey Jack is a Raticate, Fat Cat is a Purugly etc. - Nectaria

12Pokemon vs Digimon
139/11 Simulator
14Smoke Weed Everyday
15MLG Gta San Andreas
16Nick vs. Disney vs. Cartoon Network

Let's look at all the playable characters. We've got and average kid who no one understands (with fairies), boy genius, sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea, annoying Spanish chic w/ talking backpack and monkey, and some weirdo named Steve w/ a blue dog that apparently had to "go to college" at the age of 30 something. Then 4 Disney, we've got a stupid mouse, a lion, meerkat, and warthog, and a few stupid princesses. Now here's where it gets good. We have an electric mouse that fries people, a kid with one foot and his deadly dragon, more electric mice and such, more dragons, a really big blue jay and a (possibly rabid) raccoon, and... Well, I guess that's it but the first 2 things make up for it. After all, there's electric squirrels too. - Pikachulover1

17Pokemon vs. Skylanders
18Marvel vs. DC
19Superhyperealistic Bird Simulator
20Real Life Simulator
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1. 9/11 Simulator
2. Smoke Weed Everyday
3. MLG Gta San Andreas
1. Pokemon Platforming World
2. Sonic and Mario Adventure
3. Destroy ET



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