Top Ten Made Up Mario Games


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1Mario vs SonicV2 Comments
2Lego Super Mario Bros

Lego Mario Bros Over 80 Playable Characters Including Mario, Fire Mario, Golden Mario, Ice Mario, Super Mario Sunshine Mario, Luigi, Fire Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Dry Bowser And More - VideoGamefan5

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3Super Mario FoesV2 Comments
4Bowser Castle: Return of the Five Toads

So what's this game gonna be about? - Metts

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5Super Mario Fire
6Grand Super Theft Mario Auto

You Can Play As Mario And You Go Around The Mushroom Kingdom, Its Like Super Mario 64 But You Can Drive And Buy Stuff Like Ice Flowers - VideoGamefan5

Well I bet Mario would have sex with Princess Peach in this game. - Metts

7Super Mario PinballV2 Comments
8Mario Festival

Festival Mario Party Game But With Different Stuff - VideoGamefan5

9Waluigi: Strikes
10New Super Mario Bros. Switch

They shouldn't be another NSMB game, were done with these. We've got enough of these games. Plus we need a 3D Mario game for the Switch but it better not be Mario Galaxy 3. - Metts

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11Mario Kart Triple Dash

Awesome made up Mario Kart game! - Metts

12Koopa Troopa
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