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121Sonic Band
122Hedgehog Mayhem

It would be all about sonic shadow and siliver fighting robot version of themselves (designed by eggman). Also there would be tails to help sonic rouge to help shadow and blaze to help siliver. Every charter would interact with each other at least three times.

123Sonic & Sega All-Stars Orgy
124Dance Dance Revolution Sonic Mix
125Eggman the Doctor
126Sonic Chaser

Sonic would be running around a city (kind of like City Escape) with a board near the end to get away from the Gun Truck. Well, that would be DLC (Downloadable Content) What would really happen is Sonic is in a Eggman City and he's being chased. You would use boards and run down buildings. You would go on Roller Coasters and grind! There would be a 2-player/co-op mode too! It includes Sonic or Shadow in Max Speed Sections. Whack-a-cop section would be Amy. Dig sections would be Knuckles and Rouge. Shooter sections would be both Shadow and E-102 Gamma. Underwater levels would be Big the Cat. Flying sections would be Cream and Rouge. Mazes would be Knuckles and Rouge, again. Last, you would get to play as the police and get Sonic and his friends! One is Sonic, the other is the cop. You can do that in 1-player mode too. There would be maps resembling Speed Highway, Chemical Plant, and City Escape. All of those stages would be DLC. Who agrees?

127Sonic Alternate
128Sonic Strikers Roadkill
129Dr. Sonic
130Back In Guarding (Knuckles & Rouge)
131Sonic 06: Fixed Edition

I wouldn't mind the "No Princess Elise" thing.

With No Princess Elise Or Its No Use

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132Sonic Riders: Scratched Paper

You would use your controller to control Sonic and his friends. This comes with new characters such as Mighty, Ray, and other old characters. This includes additional content such as Nights, Ulala, Beat, and Gum, and more! There would be a combination of maps from every game. There would be a new map called Water Drift Palace, where you would shift from a drift way in water, to a just regularly grinding, or flipping out by touching gravity switches. Those switches will only work for the person who touches it. There is also Gravity Jumpers, where you would need to switch gravity a lot. It's kinda like Crazy Gadget, with the color blocks. BUT, you could switch gravity to get onto a block. You switch gravity, hit a gravity panel in the air, and you would go back onto the other block. This includes the Campain. The campain consists of 2 stories. This includes Team Sonic's story, and Team Babylon Rouges's story. Sonic would represent the hero side, and Jet would represent a netural kind. ...more

Time for more information!

This time, you get more maps and characters, along with additional boards. There will be special codes. Some codes unlock you boards, others unlock characters. Boards will give you different stats too.
Some boards would be for speed people, Jet, Gum, and Sonic. Flying would go to Tails, Nights, and Swallow. Storm, Knuckles, and Ulala would get power boards. Some speed boards are the Speed Pusher, Crash Cruiser, and the Motor Boarder. Some flying boards are the Cloud Chaser, the Waver, and the Plane Crasher. Some power boards are the Puncher, Strength Puller, and The Optimistic Gravity Killer. A new map called, Gravitational Pulse, will cause players to be upside down, or right side up. Going upside down may give you shortcuts, and so are the right side up parts. There is also Crashing Castle, Bounded Chains, and Prison Breakers. Some other characters are Mario, Luigi, and DK and/or Diddy Kong. I will sooner or later be posting more.

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133Sonic Sword

Sonic's Holding a Sword like in Sonic and the Black Knight. - ChroniclerMan5

134Sonic Boom: Thunderstruck

The game sounds pretty cool! It would be AWESOME for another Sonic Boom to come out! What? I like the story games!

135Sanic and Sonic
136The Legend of Sonic (Beyond the Force)

Sounds like star wars to me. Sega... Don't even think about it - Chaotixhero

137The Legend of Sonic 3 (Under the Surface)
138Super Sonic Bros Brawl

Don't you dare, SEGA! Stick with Super Mario Bros. Brawl.

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