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61Chanwoo - iKON

His smile his everything is perfect

His face so cute and he always obeyed the hyung's

He is so cute and chubby. Always take care of his hyungs and never refuses whatever his hyung told him to do. He's the nicest maknae ever. And his smiles, melt my heart.

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62Bora - Sistar

Bora is so cut and very good dancing and rapping
Please voted for Bora =D

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63Dani - T-Ara
64Jeong Jin Woon - 2AM

A part of a ballad group but he' also a real rocker. He' can play guitar, bass, drum; acting, compose, mixing,... He debuted as a rocker last year. Vote for smiling eyes of 2AM, big maknae of 2AM

He is tall, very handsome, polite, kind, good at acting, and has a lot of talent. Saranghae oppa

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65Hyorin - Sistar

Best voice in all of KPOP, beautiful in every way. Simply put, she is perfect. Hyorin

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66Kaeun - After School

HOT and a bagel girl too! :D

67Mark - NCT U

He is Such a good rapper, one of the best in SM and a good dancer with good visuals too

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68I.M. - Monsta X

He is very cute and nice and he acts very mature even though he is the youngest and he is also a great rapper with a promising solo career

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69Daeil - 24k
70Kevin - U-KISS

He is my man and no one will gonna hurt him

I think Kevin is cute and has a great personalty.he has a great musical voice.

Oh my oppa nobody vote for you:-( but don't worry I am here oppa now I voting for you oppa I love you KISS ME OPPA oh I love you so much

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71Nam Tae Hyun (Winner)

Namtae is definitely the sexiest maknae ever, in my opinion. After years of being a kpop fan I'll admit that Winner is the group I'll love forever. How is Nam Diva not on the top ten list he's hot in a unique way and his voice kills me! Winner is so talented and charismatic I fell in love with them after watching their variety show Winner T.V. please put Taehyun higher in the list!

Saranghaeyo oppa!
I don't understand how he is at such a low position
My bias from winner

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72Son Ga In - Brown Eyed Girls

Ga In is the sexiest maknae in Korea. I am surprised to find that she isn't even listed here. She is a great singer, she is beautiful and she is so cute! Ga In is the best maknae!

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73Sunhwa - Secret

I think she is the best maknae out of a the maknae a from kpop groups

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74UP10TION - Xiao

He so cute and I love he very much

75Andy - Shinhwa

This man is seriously funny and adorable at the same time! The best maknae in my heart!

Zomdy is the bestt he is funny shy nice kind sexy cute adorable a great cook a great rapper he is perfeccttt damnn our little zomdyy you'll always be the best maknae is all changjo's hearts!

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76Bok Eun - E-7
77Aron - Nu'est

Very cute. He raps so good and I admire him because he is an inspiration to American-Korean people who wish to be an idol. Love you.

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78Zuny - Ladies' Code
79Yooyoung - Hello Venus
80Chanmi - AOA

One of the best dancers in Kpop right now.

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