Ren - Nu'est


I'm L.O. /. E in Vietnam, I'm hope everyone VOTE for Ren ^^~

He is so cute and sexy.. I love his style! And I ship him with everyone in NU'EST haha.. I can't take eyes off him... Just L.O. ㅅ. E you REN!

I love NU'EST so much! I always love you - REN♥. I'm a fan of you, we - LO/E always follow and support you, NU'EST fighting! P/s: we is LOVE of Nu'EST in Vietnam, hope that NU'EST come to Vietnam someday.

I love you, I will always support you! If you read my comment, ask for mild service Aron hyung! Ha ha =]]

Ren is beautiful boy. Vietnamese L.O.V. E love Ren so much. Ren and Nu'est fighting

He is very pretty, cute, shy, adorable, funny, and prettier than a girl and also he is number one flower boy and who wouldn't love this idol and I love how like to imitate people

He is the first. I don't care if this test wins Taemin. He's the number one for me

Ren I loovee you I don't know what to say he is the pretty boy ever I love him so much I like his lips so cute and he mysterious I really want to know him more and you are the best maknae

I love you! Become the best maknaes >_____< Best wishes for you :* FIGHTING!

I want voice for Nu'Est too too much. I also want Nu'Est can number 1 on all charts. Nu'Est ah~~L.O. /. E always with U. So Nu'Est hwaiting, L.O. /. E fighting =))))

Ren has a female look to him but some times the guy in him really shows. He's pretty the. Most girls and can dance to any girl song. He is adorable and is a good singer

I love ren when I know since seen him appear on mv face
Nu'est will return with a powerful style and Mature.

Ren is adorable and there's a reason he's been referred to as Pledis's "Secret Weapon" He's beautiful, but he has a crazy and funny personality. He has a good voice, and is a good dancer who despite his feminine looks, gives off the same powerful performance as his hyungs in Nu'EST.

I believe that all maknae shave their own different charm. Kyuhyun has the evil but adorable dorky charm, taemin has the innocent honey-pie charm that makes him more like a teddy bear than a human, seohyun is the discipline maknae etc... But the reason why I chose Ren is because, he's just unique! When I first got introduced to nuest, my attention was all on Ren. He's so mysterious and smiles so little. He has that pouty lips that is just so captivating. He looks so cute even when he's face is so serious, but he smiles (rare), it's just so enchanting!

Ren is my angel
ren is my love and always in my heart

I love ren forever. Nu'est 5ting.

I love Ren L. O/. E sẽ mãi ungr hộ Ren Và Nu'est

I love nuest and love Ren, Min. Ron, Ho and Jr...

I'm sure that with such great members and an awesome and charismatic maknae, nu'est will shine very brightly and hypnotize the whole world with each of your individual and unique charms!

I like you from the 1st time and you've stolen our heart

I choose ren because he just adorable and super cute

Ren oppa hwaiting! Ren is really have to try his best to perform more and more his qualitative image

Ren will always be in my heart, now and forever^^


Ren the best maknaes. He so cute. Ren - From Vietnamese