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Ren - Nu'est


Cùng vote cho Ren Nu'est trở thành best maknae 2k12 nao'~~~~
we all love 5boys of Nu'est so much!
we're from Vietnam and we hope Nu'est soon come to our beautiful country!
L.O. /. E
L.O. /. E ug3 hộ hết mình cho NU'EST
L.O. /. E hwaiting! Ủng hộ Ren đi nào!
I'm L.O. /. E in Vietnam, I'm hope everyone VOTE for Ren ^^~
I'm L.O. /. E from Vietnam. And I love Nu'est so much! We always love you guys!
He is so cute and sexy.. I love his style! And I ship him with everyone in NU'EST haha.. I can't take eyes off him... Just L.O. ㅅ. E you REN!
Các fan của pé Ren phải tích cực vote lên nha!
Ren win win win!
L.O. /. E vote het minh cho Renie nha ta lun
I want voice for Nu'Est too too much. I also want Nu'Est can number 1 on all charts. Nu'Est ah~~L.O. /. E always with U.So Nu'Est hwaiting, L.O. /. E fighting =))))
Ren I loovee you I don't know what to say he is the pretty boy ever I love him so much I like his lips so cute and he mysterious I really want to know him more and you are the best maknae
L.O. /. E Ren! He's a good singer and dancer! He's cute!
I personally think if it wasnt for Ren Nu'est wouldn't have been found :D
I love NU'EST so much! I always love you - REN♥. I'm a fan of you, we - LO/E always follow and support you, NU'EST fighting! P/s: we is LOVE of Nu'EST in Vietnam, hope that NU'EST come to Vietnam someday.
Ren is beautiful boy. Vietnamese L.O.V. E love Ren so much. Ren and Nu'est fighting
I love ren when I know since seen him appear on mv face
nu'est will return with a powerful style and Mature.
I love you, I will always support you! If you read my comment, ask for mild service Aron hyung! Ha ha =]]
He is very pretty, cute, shy, adorable, funny, and prettier than a girl and also he is number one flower boy and who wouldn't love this idol and I love how like to imitate people
L.O. /. E việt nam đâu hết r"i?
Các LO/E lun lun ủng hộ hết mình ạ
He is the first. I don't care if this test wins Taemin. He's the number one for me
I love you! Become the best maknaes >_____< Best wishes for you :* FIGHTING!
Ren is adorable and there's a reason he's been referred to as Pledis's "Secret Weapon" He's beautiful, but he has a crazy and funny personality. He has a good voice, and is a good dancer who despite his feminine looks, gives off the same powerful performance as his hyungs in Nu'EST.
Ren has a female look to him but some times the guy in him really shows. He's pretty the. Most girls and can dance to any girl song. He is adorable and is a good singer
Nu'est fighting nha.L.O.V. E việt nam ung~ hộ nu'est mãi mãi

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