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21Changjo - Teen Top

Despite debuting in a young age, he is so talented especially his dancing skills so awesome so perfect Changjo oppa keep up the good work fighting!

I love Teen Top because they seem underrated in kpop. Changjo is an amazing dancing and his skills have only improved over the years. TEEN TOP FIGHTING!

His style are unique and he can pull off any dance

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22Jimin - BTS

All kpop idols idols trained in dance before being launched but very few are naturally born dancers. For me, every movement a natural makes is a dance. The way they walk, sit, or pose look like they are dancing. They are on (dance mode) 24/7. They are also masters of their bodies, so for any movement, every single part of their bodies are in the best angle and make beautiful lines. This is what I observe with Jimin and Shinee's Taemin. They both move gracefully, their steps are never heavy, and when they dance, it's dancing from h2t. The way they execute dance steps can't be learned, because I think they were born with those skills.

Are you kidding me? If you were going to add Jungkook up there--might as well add Jimin too. Jimin has more experience and studied dance for more than a year. This man here has a very diverse flow within his moves. He can literally change his style to all smooth, sly, and beautiful with so much emotion--to a club in only a few seconds!

I was honestly wondering... Why is Park Jimin not in the list?! I mean... He just looks so good while dancing... His movements may not be as big as others' but he would really catch your attention when he's dancing... Very captivating when dancing. I just love his style.

He is the best dancer and very talented

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23YuGyeom - Got7

Definitely one of the best dancers

People need to stop sleeping on this boy. I mean have you seen his recent hit the stage performances?
He's incredibly talented, especially with freestyle and house.

24Xiumin - Exo-M

Xiumin is completely underrated, but if you take a look at him, his dancing is amazing, the best in Exo-M, in my opinion. His angles are perfect and his moves are smooth. Sadly, he is unable to be the lead dancer because of his build which he can't change. So please vote for Xiumin!

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25Hoshi - Seventeen

Hoshi is the best rookie dancer.

Soonyoung with so much emotion and power he also really creative and imaginative. I don't know much about dancing but I'm sure know he is a great dancer

He's one of the best new dancers in Kpop. And his chroreographies are really good.

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26N - Vixx

N is best dancer ever! He won over 12-13 competition in whole nation. His blind-dance was very famous and fascinating. I love the way he move all of his body match with music

N is the reason why VIXX is my number two favorite kpop group (Teen Top is number 1). That man can dance!

He's one of the better dancers in K-pop and it surprises me that he is never mentioned in any topic about the top dancers. Actually, VIXX as a whole is pretty underappreciated (outside of the fandom) when it comes to dancing.

27Jackson - Got7

Talented, hilarious and gorgeous. He has it all.

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28Shownu - Monsta X

They way he moves is amazing. He knows how to communicate through dance and express feelings and stories with it. I consider him to be the best dancer in Kpop. Monsta X just debut a year ago but once they get more popular he will definitely get attention for his awesome and amazing dances.

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He choreographed most of SEVENTEEN'S dances, he's really creative. It's a unique genius of dancing!

30Seungri - Big Bang

Seungri is very underrated as a dancer he is as good as Taeyang is and also has a dance academy. He deserves more recognition

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31Junho - 2PM
32U Kwon - Block BV1 Comment
33Psy - Gangnam StylePark Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper.

Oppa gangnam style dance was cool

34Seungho - MBLAQ
35B-Bomb - Block B

Why no one mentioned him? I'm so upset :( he is the best when he dance, his strong gaze can pulled fans emotion. he can tell whats the meaning or feel of his dance/song through his gaze

I find him amazing because he rap and dance well and he's really cool

I was looking for him after I voted for hoya... He is a well rounded dancer as well...

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37Baekhyun - ExoV1 Comment
38Ryeowook - Super JuniorKim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

His hips don't lie

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40Lee Minhyuk - BtoB

The Almighty Minhyuk! He can do all dance, acting, singing, rapping, and sport..

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