Top Ten Best Male Rock Vocalists


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The Top Ten

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury. The best voice in the world. He can't be compared.

And a living one, I'd say Chester Bennington.
Singer of the singers, band of the bands.
Pure awesomeness! You can't compare Freddie to any other rock singers, he is
I grew up with Freddie and Queen. I own every CD and never get sick of them. His voice has the most altruistic and passionate power that is humanly possible and then his range takes it miles higher. His vocals turn Queen's music into a beautiful pristine mountain that will never be conquered by any other band. Not ever. Who Wants To Live Forever? You will, Freddie, always.
[Newest]Best ever! Deserved the number 1
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2Robert Plant
Play 'Kashmir' loud.

Robert Plant's ungodly wail will make the hairs on your neck stand up and your girlfriend's pants fall down.

That's it.
What ROBERT PLANT IS 8TH ON THIS LIST! No one can compare to his talent - Plant is the most versatile rock vocalist in the history of rock n roll! Have you ever heard of a transition from quiet and calm to an absolutely ecstatic screech in stairway to heaven? Mercury can't touch him. Axl Rose can't touch him. Hetfield shouldn't even be in the top 10 never mind the top two. And have no clue what all these modern rock vocalists are doing up there they simply cannot compare to Plant!


The same thing what you did say about Plant, I can say about Freddie. Plant can't touch him, simply that's why he is the winner
I never really understood the significance of a vocalist in a band until I saw robert plant.


[Newest]'All My Love' goes to Plant!

3Chester Bennington
Chester has his screams and his soft voice too. He is awesome. He sings very well in linkin park. But he was not even supposed to be in this band because he replaced a guy named mark wakefield. But mark wakefield leaved the band without knowing that after ten yrs (now) it would become so famous
Chester has by far the best screams and such a great vocal range. He can easily display his talent live flawlessly. He has such a unique voice that cant be immitated. Especially his aggression in his singing. Some of the vocalists dont even deserve to be on this list. But chester is by far the best.
He has got a gift... Amazing voice and strength... This unique singer has the capacity to scream very effectively... Numb, from the inside, in the end are the ultimate songs forever... CB is the best...
[Newest]His voice is the best voice in the whole planet! It's soothing, it's sexy, it's the best! In a word, it's beautiful.
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4Jared Leto
Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he is an amazing singer too. His voice has great range and takes every listener on a journey. From screams, to soul and depth, Jared's voice is undeniably awesome.
Jared have best voice, I've ever heard
Try to listen live perfomance
His voice is fantastic his range is crazy boy can he scream, but when he hits a high note like alibi you can feel it "I fell apart" lyrics but then you can listen to the softer side of stay, bad romance, is this a dream, alibi you can feel the songs
[Newest]He is not like the others

5M. Shadows
Only listen to a sentence and we all know who's singing. SO UNIQUE!

Today I listened to a7x for 5 times la. :P
Completely marvelous voice and stunning image
crazy clean and scream voice, I not disagree if shannon leto in 2nd place, he just a CELEBRITY
[Newest]His voice is just awesome

6Axl Rose
Axl has the biggest vocal range in rock music, basically, even an octave or so wider than Freddie's. Despite the fact that Freddie had better control of his voice, Axl sings with such a reckless passion that makes his vocals so outstanding, going from a depressing whisper to a sweet and soft singing to a crazy angry scream that cannot be copied. He might not steal Freddie's crown, especially not considering that Freddie was his idol and inspiration to love rock music, but he certainly deserves to be higher up on this list.
One of the most unique and catchy voices of rock history


Beauty and voice the perfect combination, his music is standing over the years.
[Newest]Any one better than axl? What is chester doing above axl. No wonder this generation is full of crap

7Bruce Dickinson
He should be first on the list... I mean just listen to their top songs-Dance of Death, Hallowed be thy name, Fear of the Dark, TROOPER and those are just some of the examples of how Bruce is THE BEST
Iron Maiden will always be one of my all time favorites, not only have they greatly influenced My Chemical Romance another one of my favorites but they are one of the bands that actually got me into metal. Being 12, all my classmates really listen to is Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Avril lavigne, My Chemical Romance and Katy Perry, I had near zero exposure to metal, until I somehow stumbled across Iron Maiden. Favorite song is Fear of the Dark, best intro ever
Best vocalist ever!
Come on guys look who he sang in the songs fear of the dark and hallowed be thy name and not to mention "BLOOD BROTHERS"
[Newest]He beats Matt Shadows.

8Kurt Cobain
Kurt cobain have a unique voice... He is a LEGEND of alter.
" if rock and roll is illegal put mys ass in a jail".
Voice of the GENERATION
How come he is so down? He had the most unique voice. Grungy. Rough. Soft. He could make any of these. He should have been at least at top three.

9James Hetfield
What in the name of MetallicA is Jared Leto and Brandon Flowers doing ahead of Papa James? This man is a BEAST! He pwns little Flowers and Jared Leto!


Never heard of little flowers, but you can't deny jared leto is a great singer.


What James hetfield is at no 8th position... It is not possible.. James deserve number 1 position he has best vocal.. He is vocalist of Metallica, name of the band is enough... No 2 rank should be given to John cooper vocalist of skillet... Both the deserving vocalist are very down..
I know James is best vocalist and will reach top...
Love Metallica...
How can Jared Leto be at number 4? (He's probably there only because of his looks).
James has to be there! (Actually #1) he's the best (metal) singer ever!
Lots of people say he lost his voice, and sucks now. OK, his voice changed a lot during the past decades, but not in a bad way. He still sounds superb! I love his old and new sound.
[Newest]He should be third and Robert Plant first

10Chris Cornell
"The man can sing anything. He can scream with the best and then immediately switch to this bluesy, R^^be soulfulness. In his prime he was right up there with Plant and Mercury if not better. Here are a few great examples of his range and diversity, "Beyond the wheel" -soundgarden, "say hello to heaven" -Temple of the dog, "slaves and bulldozers" -soundgarden, "when I'm down" -solo. Not to mention he's the best songwriter on this list.
Chris is one of the best from a technical standpoint and also tone in general. He goes from a screaming genius in songs like "Nothing to say" and "New Damage" to being soft and delicate in songs such as "Preaching the end of the world" and "I am the highway". Let's not forget the dark tones he showcases in songs like "Mailman" "Limo Wreck" "What You are" "Blow up the outside world" and a new one "Bones of birds" The list goes on and on. Chris Cornell is one of the greatest of all time.
Chris has an amazing voice with amazing range. He can be smooth and soulful, then be super aggressive without sounding annoying. Over the past 20 years he has proven to be extremely versatile whether it be with a band or solo. He is also an amazing song writer.
[Newest]Should be number one no one else comes close except James Hetfield.

The Contenders

11Steve Perry
Steve Perry was a true premiere vocalist in his prime. His phrasing was perfect and he had so much control of his voice. He had a soft lower range that could explode with passion into his upper range and could hold a note like magic. The amazing thing to me was his durability through out his tenure in Journey. Their touring schedule was insane and this guy delivered night after night. I remember seeing him solo back in 1994 and he still went for the finish on "Faithfully" and hit it perfectly. Even as he matured, his voice aged but he still had that incredible range. When Journey reunited and recorded "When You Love A Woman", it was apparent that his voice had aged, but it still flowed so brilliantly through that song. With Perry being 62 years old now and dealing with various health issues, I have no idea what his voice sounds like now. But that being said, when people today discuss great voices and vocal performances, Perry is often the standard by which others are judged and compared.
Steve Perry's voice has been one that has stood the test of time. One of the most downloaded songs of all time, (Don't Stop Believin) was sung by this versatile singer. His voice is quite distinguishable in a world where cookie cutter voices seem the pablum choice of the day. He could sing everything from a high tenor to a low bass with a range that was exciting to listen to. Songs we all grew up with, Open Arms, Separate Ways/Worlds Apart, Faithfully, Lovin Touching Squeezin, and the list goes on and on. Multi-platinum albums under his belt. His fans still are the Faithful ones much unlike most singers who after a year or two are quite forgotten. Journey was the soundtrack of your lives.
Steve Perry by far. Just read The Voice and you will see that a lot of people that would know agree. It's a great read. Bon Jovi coined the name The Voice for Steve back in the 80's and it's stuck. Whenever I hear anyone say The Voice I immediately think of Steve Perry. The man could run all over a huge stage ie Live In Houston and still sing in his high register without breaking stride or run. The man is flat out amazing!
[Newest]He's the best! What a beautiful voice!
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12Paul McCartney
He was the reason why the beatles was so good... He was/is the best artist that ever existed! Just listen to him and you will forget everything else but his voice in the world... He's the best of every good thing!
McCartney has one of the largest vocal ranges, including falsetto of any vocalist in the rock era, additionally a musician with the ability to deliver hits songs faster than he could spend the money buying counties in Scotland.
What! 12? Are you kidding me? Have you heard how deep he goes in "The Girl is Mine" with Michael Jackson? Or how high he goes in Hey Jude at 3:10? This man is a legend. Period. by the way, his vocal range is D2-A5

13Billie Joe Armstrong
He should be in the top 10, try listening to songs by Green Day like... Time of Your Life, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Warning. You'll realize that the vocals are very amazing and easy to follow. Please people vote for Billie Joe, he's great!
Why is he not in the top 10, he has a great voice and he influences many people with his punk rock style
He got so sweet voice man, he is such a good singer. He at least should be in the top 10 no doubt about it. And at live concert he is so energetic and never let the energy down. Obviously deserves a upper place. With his great voice, Mike's awesome bass and Tre's crazy drumming skill makes Green Day the best rock band of all time.
[Newest]Stupidity on this site is killing me. Chester and Matt are not even close to Billie Joe

14Steven Tyler
Okay I see this list, and see kurt cobain, well yes he is amazing, but he should never, ever be anywhere near above steven tyler, seriously, who could do that? Stevens range melody and pure stage presence destroy kurt, now don't get me wrong nirvana is my favorite band, but go on YouTube and watch aerosmith live, an not just tone or two songs, spend a na hour or two on there watching them live, then come back and tell me steven tyler shouldn't be in the top 5 at least. I dare you.
This list is crap I mean Steven Tyler should be number 1 listen to the songs I don't wanna miss a thing, what it takes he's the best and he's the singer of the best band in america
No one can do what he does. Plain and simple. Just listen to the things the man can do with his raspy bluesy voice and you just might understand

15Eddie Vedder
The most soulful, articulate, distinctive voice of our era. He feels every song he sings to the core. He has the kind of voice you hear with your insides and it resinates to the thumping of your heart. There is no way he should be 29th on this list.
It would be ridiculous to rate Vedder so low on these charts, since Pearl Jam basically became famous because of his unbelievable vocal prowess. Just listen him on "Black" and "Jeremy", and you'd know that he easily earns the Top 10.
I think he's right up there with Plant, Bennington and Hetfield. I respect these vocalists because apart from having outstanding vocal range as well as those peculiar sound qualities to their voice, they fill the song with so much passion.
I wonder why he is so far down. he is one of the best vocalists the world has seen. he should way up the list in the top ten.
[Newest]Under rated, this guys is the real deal, should be in the top 5

16John Lennon
Just listen to him, he doesn't need anyone's estimation.
The leader of the group that are the most successful and biggest-selling musical act in the history of show business.
He's the best there ever was. Greatest soul

17Jon Bon Jovi
one of the best rock voices since the early eighties


Simply one of the best, he has everything : good voice, good looking, charismatic, passion and also a great song writer.
Just listen to his music. He is the best, he has the greatest voice and he is purely a LEGEND and we don't need anyone's estimation for us to know that he is purely THE BEST.
[Newest]18 isn't good enough for Bon Jovi

18Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison Rocks. I thought this list would start from his name but it ends with it. Such Great Vocals are a tribute to earth and its people. One listens to his songs and forgets everything else.
A true poet! A gift to music and the world, but a tragic life ruled by addiction!
Some stars shine so bright that we can't see them. Morrison was one of them
[Newest]He should really be number 1. Amazing singer and poet. His music is fantastic. It's a shame he's no longer with us. Rest in peace, Jim

19David Draiman
Why the hell is he so low on the list. The one and only Dave can sing anything and everything! Just listen to Darkness, Pain Redefined and even their covers. ISHWILF does NOT fit their music style, no matter what your excuse is; but he still does very well on it. Hell, his voice is THE reason Disturbed is unique. The chemistry between all the band members is astounding, don't get me wrong. However, compare Dan Donegan to the music in Vandal and Brawl and then compare that to Disturbed.
There's not a lot of people who can go through what David has gone through and use the experiences for a creative energy. He has made sacrifices time and time again to preserve his voice. He is the most dedicated and hard working man. His vocal range is HUGE. When David joined Disturbed he was not used to singing that type of music. He is amazing and deserves a higher ranking on this list.
Three spots from where he really belongs. David is so much better than a LOT of the guys in the top ten. Of course, there aren't many better than Freddy Mercury... but I mean, COME ON! Is Jared Leto as recognizable as David Draiman? If so, how come I've never heard of him until recently?
[Newest]Uh... What man... Davids voice could cure cancer... As a matter of fact it probably has

20Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger is, quite simply, the prototype of the male lead vocalist in a conventional, five-person rock & roll combo of two guitars, bass, drums, and lead vocalist. Jagger invented the mold of the strutting peacock, in the way a microphone is fondled and held phallically, how a lead vocalist moves suggestively on stage (adapting his style, first, as a simpler drop-to-the-floor-on-his-knees-and-spring-up James Brown pantomime, then fleshing out his style to a variation of Tina Turner doing "The Pony," to something that became quite his own style of energy-in-motion).

Jagger was also the first Caucasian vocalist in rock & roll to ably mimic the voice of an African-American bluesman. Others would follow, from Eric Burdon and Van Morrison, to Robert Plant and Steven Tyler, and beyond. But Jagger was their mentor. Even the theatrical styles of Jim Morrison, David Bowie and Iggy Pop must look to Jagger as their primal source. Only "Esquerita" (Steven Quincy Reeder, Jr. ) and his protégé, "Little Richard" (Penniman), preceded Jagger for pure theatrics in rock & roll.

Jagger may not have the greatest range of singing in rock & roll. Indeed, such an accolade would probably go to Freddy Mercury or even Robert Plant as rock & roll frontmen in a conventional band unit. Even Paul McCartney probably had better pitch technique within his range, at the peak of his talents in The Beatles. But Jagger's singing, at his peak, was dynamic, stylized, and uniquely identifiable. One knew from the first note or two one was hearing Jagger's voice on the radio, or almost an instant after the needle was dropped to the disc on a turntable.

If one is considering only musical range, then Jagger probably doesn't belong at a higher position than the middle of this list. But, in terms of historical influence in pop and rock & roll music and in pop culture generally, as a lead vocalist, dynamic personality, entrepreneur and entertainment impressario, Mick Jagger's name belongs in the first position on this list.
Why Jagger so low on the list? 19? Jagger is ofc number 5!

21Ville Valo
Ville Valo should be #1! I mean, have you looked at him recently? He still as handsome as before and he has a lot of charisma on the screen. His voice is just out of this world, and his music is good for the soul. He just make all the girls faint.
Ville should be #1, IMO. He's got a true unique voice. Tops anyone on here.
AND WTF? Why the hell is Jared Leto #1? God, this place is worse than Rolling Stone magazine.


Ville has the most amazing vocal range compared to most of his peers today, his sounds, his songs and his charisma shine though compared to most of todays artists!
[Newest]Ville is amazing. He's blessed with amazing vocals. He's incredibly sexy and the guy has charisma by the bucket full. Ville should be higher.

22Michael Jackson
How come he is so low on the list? I can't believe it. People, he was one of the greatest singers of all time!
Give In To Me and Dirty Diana are two completely awesome rock songs of Michael Jackson!
This a-hole was never rock, he is so-called king of pop, since he died, I hope to god pop dies too


His performance in Thriller and the Grammys were incredible

23Elvis Presley
Elvis was special vocalist. His timbre was really unique. He deserves being at least in the Top 5


Absolutely most allround af all singers (Rock, gospel, light opera, country, R & B, ballads etc. His vocal range was truly amazing. He could also make a horrible song listenable (some movie soundtrack songs. )
The best of all time. Could sing anything which can't be said of any other.
[Newest]One of my top ten. love the bass tone in his voice

24Adam Gontier
This guy has amazing vocals. He knows when to sing soft, and knows when to use the absolutely perfect amount of rasp in his voice. Honestly, he can sing anything. He can even scream...


This has to be a mistake... this guy can't be #55... he should be in the top 5...
I agree he is supposed to be in top 3.. ! He in very good singer should be next to chester.. ! His ability to go to higher pictches is amazing
[Newest]Why so low? He should at least a little higher. I mean this man goes from soft and sweet to rasp. That is valued'

25Brandon Flowers
Brandon Flowers from the killers rose and got his fame there. He is my favorite male vocalist and his songs are phenomenal! Honestly, he should be very near the top ten or in the top ten if everyone on the earth listens. Yesterday he was 31. Now I am righting this he is 25th place. HIs new album coming soon will influence his position and I belive it will be for the good.


Though everyone got his personal favourite, brandon flowers got the best voice. Try to be objectiv, you don't have to like the music or the lyrics but the voice of him is untouchable.
he is honestly the best male vocalist ever. no competition.


[Newest]Brandon Flowers has the best voice, without a doubt!

26Ian Gillian
what the hell is he doing on number 24? do you even know what it takes to be a good vocalist? I can say one thing and that is Ian Gillian deserves to be at least in the top 10
What the hell are you crazy? 27th place just joke ) have you ever listened 2 child in time or 2 gethsemane from jesus christ superstar? He is first with rob plant
Pathetic how low he is, has/had an amazing range
[Newest]Belting master?.. He is the man.. Listen to child in time. Highway star.

27Matthew Bellamy
My favourite 3 are freddy mercury (QUEEN), bruce dickinson (IRON MAIDEN) and matt bellamy, so I've decided to go with him as this is crap! He should be 2nd or 3rd. Anything above that is an insult. Listen to knights of cydonia, time is running out, united states of eurasia, unintended or plug in baby. There you go. 1 song for each album
He should at least be in the top ten... He sings better than Chester at the very least. He has an incredible voice range... Listen to both uprising and supermassive black hole and you will understand
At least, he deserves to be in Jared Leto's place on this list, Jared should be left out. Matt's voice is beautiful and powerful, and he is also a very good songwriter!
[Newest]I think his falsetto in the new age can totally compete with Mercury's falsetto in the day...

28Myles Kennedy
This guy is wanted by big name bands. His voice is strong and enticing. He can sing AND play at the same time and he's 100% real (compared to some of the yoyos named above him). Watch most of his interviews and you'll see he's not your regular guy. He's humble and simply likes to R&R. I really hope Alter Bridge goes for a 4th round because their music is inspiring and they don't have trashy videos like most rock bands (unfortunately) have and destroy the reputation of genuine R&R fans. AB fans are real just like them...
Best in my opinion. He has got an massively wide range ^^ hits all kinds of notes that one could ever want. Certainly deserves to be in the top 10.
4 octaves of pure beauty, one of the best rock singers along with one of the best real bands out there... Alter bridge
[Newest]Myles Kennedy is has a beautifully trained voice which allows him to have effortless agility and a beautiful expressive pure tone. He has great musicianship and give a really exciting performance in lot of different styles of rock music.

29Benjamin Burnley
He definitely has one of the best voices hands down. He's good with his screams and when he sings softer, lower notes, it's just pure melody!
One of the strongest vocals of nowadays. Easily one of the most original ones as well.
He is lovely with his vocals, can go soft and then scream like a devil, then sing like an angel
[Newest]To be honest he deserves to be on the top #10. He is great, just go and listen to him

30Roger Daltrey
All the lists on this site simply SUCKS...
Seriously, you guys must be kidding by placing great vocalists like Roger Daltrey, Roger Waters and Robert Plant behind Jared Leto (cough, ! Can you believe it? ). And this isn't even the best part. Do you know at which position Jeff Buckley is? 65th!
It seems this list was compiled by a bunch of retarded kiddies...
The best way to rate Roger is to go to a Who concert and listen. I know you don't consider their stage act and such when you rate their voice but if you did Roger would be a lot higher than 27.
He made singing sound unearthly and majestic while also sounding raw and real (imagine Robert Plant and Mick Jagger combined) Oh... And that scream in Won't Get Fooled Again... Gotta be one of the most memorable moments in all of rock n roll music.
[Newest]I would put Roger Daltrey at number 1

31Gerard Way
He has the most amazing voice ever. His voice live has so much energy and emotion to it, it's so special. He's the only singer who can me make me cry.
Amazing vocals, wonderful songwriter, amazing artist.
Gerard way should be the number 1. He sings from the heart and that could be the basis of a good vocalist or front man. And his moves are natural and very entertaining on stage. He has the voice which everyone would want to hear every minute of a day.


[Newest]He is a god! His voice is amazing!

32Ronnie James Dio
How is The God Father of Rock not no. 1? Chester Bennington sucks he should be in the top ten! Steven Tyler was ok in the 70s and 80s but he sucks now. My favorite band is Mötley Crüe but vince isn't good enough to be in the to ten but he should be in the top 20
The more I scrolled down to find DIO the more sad I am about the fact people don't honor him...

At least top 5 in my opinion... rock on where ever you may be king of metal m/
He can't be in the top 5...
He must be there in the place he belongs to (the top 5)
[Newest]Best rocker ever, not only the best rock vocalist

33Layne Staley
It's crazy how he is this low, this guy single handedly saved my life from my own inner demons by just singing, his honest, dark lyrics mixed with his haunting yet extremely emotional voice made me believe I wasn't alone in terms of feeling depressed and wanting to do drugs, his range and vocal harmonies are unmatched he created the most distinct and recognizable voice in grunge, that is imitated constantly nowadays, but none of them have the talent or raw emotion layne did, Kurt might be the king of grunge, layne was god without a doubt he is one of the most talented, real, and emotional singers ever and to have him only at 37 is absurd, he is top 5 at least, listen to "rain when I die" "god am""nutshell" "dirt" and "sea of sorrow" JUST TO NAME A FEW and you will see what I mean he is a legend and most of all a lifesaver to millions, and all he did was sing his heart out.R.I. P Layne Thomas Staley, gone but surely not forgotten.
Why is Layne so overlooked/ignored/underrated on all these 'top rock vocalists' lists? Go listen to a live performance of his on YouTube- ANY live performance, especially of "Man in the Box", "Love, Hate, Love" circa 1991 or so; "Would? " etc... His voice came straight from the soul and basically DEMANDS to be listened to- he had so much power and feeling; he was awesome. As well as hard rock/metal/grunge, he sang bluesy acoustic songs beautifully, too. There was never a more honest or simply powerful male vocalist around. Lots of people try to imitate him but he truly was unique, one-of-a-kind. Much respect for Layne Staley, who inspired and continues to inspire for generations to come, far beyond this life.
I challenge anyone voting on this list to listen to any/all of Alice In Chains songs and not fall in love with Layne Staley's voice. His ability to make the listener feel every emotion on the planet was amazing. He had a god given talent and he delivered always. Your Fans Will Always Love You LAYNE RIP.
[Newest]Layne Staley Is one of the most underrated singers of the grunge era

34Bon Scott
How could Brian be higher in the list than Bon? This is the Guy who sings on Highway to Hell!
So much better than that new singer they've got. That Brian Thingy. Bon could write lyrics too.
Brian is good but never better than Bon Scott


[Newest]29? You gotta be kidding me!

35Serj Tankian
Very Unique Voice. He can sing metal, soft rock everything.


Serj is unique and system are one of the best metal bands ever look at my name!


It pains me greatly that he is ranked this low. He's better than most of the people ranked above him.

36Paul Rogers
He should be much higher on this list.
He is one vocalist who hasn't destroyed his vocal ability. He still sounds amazing today! I would place him at #4.
Paul Rogers still sounds fantastic at 65. Mick Jagger lost his voice 30 years ago. Paul Rogers should be in the top 5.
[Newest]So Articulate! Awesome vocalist! My #1!

37Brandon Boyd
Boyd has the most improved vocals for sure and I cannot wait to see where he goes from here his range and tone are phenomenal.
nothing compares to brandon boyd live, youtube 'under my umbrella RAR 2005'... flawless
Listen to If Not Now, When? To hear his soft, ballad tone and then listen to Rogues to hear his more rock, "umph" tone. Both are beautifully different and yet complimentary.
[Newest]He have a unique voice.

38Klaus Meine
Klaus should be in top 10 if not top 5. So should
Ronnie James Dio & Jon Anderson
Way too far down on the list. Should be a lot closer to the top.
Just wonderful voice. His voice screams out "hot love" like nobody else.
[Newest]Best rock singer ever

His tone and range are absolutely incredible! Listen to "Pride (in the name of love)" for an idea of how good he is.
How did he not make at least the top 20? He sings with so much soul and passion, you believe in what he is singing. And his range is amazing. Just listen to With or Without You, A Sort of Homecoming, Bad, Still Haven't Found what I'm Looking for, Heartland. Come on, he does crazy stuff
My god... ! He should be the 1... !
[Newest]He is awesome should be number 1!

40Chris Martin

41Paul Stanley
How is paul stanley at 54?! He is my favorite singer along with ace frehley gene simmons and peter criss. I know not everyone is a huge KISS fan like me but he should at least be in the top 20s. Just saying.
He has a real cool voice
Greatest Rock singer of all time

42Brent Smith
Blows me away that Brent Smith isn't #1 on here. His voice is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! LOVE IT! Love how versatile he is. You name it he can sing it! Just listen to any Acoustic song he sings & you'll know he's the real deal! Not only can he sing he can write too. Awesome song writer. All his songs have meaning, there real & that's part of what draws you in. The guy isn't afraid to say it as it is & he sings from the heart. He will be number 1 someday. How could he not be? Yes there are some great vocalists listed but there's something different with Brent Smith. He's number 1 in my book! So jealous of the person that met Shinedown & even had a beer with them... that had to be so sweet. Wish I could have a beer with them! Brent Smith YOU ARE THE BOMB! SHINEDOWN YOU ROCK!
The first song that I heard from Shinedown was 45, it gave me chills and blown me away! Brent's voice is a total package! He can sing, I mean from the soul and he can write too.. His songs are not just written here and there but they have meanings and you can feel that it really came from his soul.. BRENT SMITH GOT TO BE ON THE TOP LIST, SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! SOMEDAY HE WILL! BRENT AS WELL AS SHINEDOWN ROCKS! M/
Brent has more soul and power than any vocalist I've ever heard. I love Hetfield and Lennon and Draiman and Shadows, but I wouldn't trade an album each of the guys ahead of Brent on this table for one album of Brent.

43Mike Patton
It is sad not to see Patton in the top 10. Goes to show popularity shadows true talent. I see mostly one tone zombies stuck in their monotonous style. Vocally he is unabsorbed and limitless. Mike puts most singers to shame.
Meaningless popularity contest that proves nothing other than most don't recognize a great vocalist. Some on this list are great. Few ever have been as good as Mike Patton. I wonder what this list would look like if only music producers could vote.
Just listen to anything Mike Patton has done and you will know better! This man is THE top vocalist not only in terms of rock vocalists.
[Newest]He has an amazing range of vocals and can very from singing ballads to screaming, growling, and crooning. Everything this man has done is underrated.

44Jimi Hendrix
Highly surprised he's not in the top 10 or top 20. Although he thought his voice was terrible, his voice was incredible. May have not, technically, been the most well-trained voice, however it was his own style of singing.
He should be up at #1! Way better then some above him.

45Maynard James Keenan
The reality of the matter is that Maynard could sing every song from all of those above him on this list. However, nigh but a very select few could even manage to sing any of his songs... Mainly from his Tool days. The simple fact that the band doesn't get much air time because they don't sing about puppies and flowers has nothing to do with fact that this man can sing perfect circles around nearly everyone on this list.

Take two seconds and listen to Parabol off of Lateralus, its a mantra type vocal which is followed by Parabola... Insane! Follow that up with Ticks and Leaches...

Would send half of these sac jockeys home crying and with paralyzed vocal cords.
Personally I love Trent Reznor and MM's voices, but Maynard's has something that makes it just perfect. He can sing what he wants as he wants.
Very powerful voice, simply beautiful to listen to, From tool, to a perfect circle, to pucifer, his voice is way too good to pass, Personally deserves top 10, but too many people worshipping Popularity over voice,
[Newest]The only one deserving a higher spot in my opinion is Freddy Mercury. Maynard is a close second. But this really is a popularity contest isn't it?

46Mike Shinoda
He's such a good vocalist, Listen to songs like In Between, Hands Held High and when raps in songs like In The End, Bleed It Out, etc. Or some of his songs in Fort Minor.
Mike Shinoda Is my favorite vocalist, he can rap and sing in a delicate mode and it sounds great all the time

47hyde, L'Arc~en~Ciel
His voice is a gift that is created by god and also his appearance that is extremely remarkable! He can sing in various tone... Sometimes sweet like an angel's voice;in contrast, he can persuade by his manly tone. Furthermore, when he sings as vocalist of Vamps, he changes his voice completely... More aggressive and incentive. Hyde is unique in the way that he is!
He has a very nice voice, and it has a very good vocal range. Also, he can use his talent and cover a wide range of genres, as seen in large contrasts between songs "x" which has a very seductive type of vocals, to many songs like "love addict" by vamps where his vocals go very rough yet still sound nice.
Hyde composed the music for the song "Glamorous Sky. " The song was used in the movie Nana, another film based on a manga by Ai Yazawa. The song was sung by fellow Japanese artist Mika Nakashima and the lyrics were written by Ai Yazawa. In August, hyde and his solo band performed the song on Music Station with Mika Nakashima, hyde being on guitar.

48Trevor McNevan

49Aaron Lewis
Why on the world is he not higher on this list? He has one of the most pure voices in rock. He doesn't need any music to send chills down your spine. Look up some of his videos where its just him and his guitar and I think he would shoot up this list
Angry and tender. Great combination. Check out some of his acoustic stuff, amazing
Amazing voice with better lyrics! Should be top ten for sure!

50Patrick Stump
Very few vocalists can match his stylistic diversity, easily shifting from aggressive, clipped barks, to belts, to falsetto jumps, to bluesy melodies, to soulful vibrato. His saxophone-like tone and robust falsetto are love-or-hate qualities for listeners, but at 30 (13 years into his career), there's no question he's unique and incredibly talented.

He finally sought formal training in the last few years to improve his warm-up and reduce strain with better technique. As a result, he consistently sounds better live than he does on any prior recording.
I'm not sure if I'm crazy or what, but Patrick's dynamics are not compared... This boy loves singing, his voice takes me to another place.
Patrick is literally a king. More like a god. He's amazing, way underrated on this list, his vocals are just gorgeous and he is too.
[Newest]Why isn't Patrick number 1, I mean he is so epic and HOT

51Ozzy Osbourne
Just the most awesome and auto-destructive character of the rock history, love this guy, he's just a legend, the best you'll ever see, he may not be the best in vocals of all time, but in my oppinion, after Freddie he's the best, because he has an influence on black sabbath like anyone had, without him, black sabbath weren't the same band, he is the essence of that amazing band... GO OZZY!
Ozzy is an icon. But he is a dreadful singer.
Not a bigger voice in heavy metal than the godfather himself
[Newest]Ozzy is a god!

52Jeff Buckley
The greatest vocalist ever. The fact that a bunch of try hard metal singers are above him in this list is crazy. This man had the rare talent to be able to move his voice around his range smoothly. He could reach heights that barely any male vocalists could hit, and he did it so casually. R.I. P Jeff
Best vocalist ever! If you doubt it listen to Last Goodbye or any of his songs
This guy is one of the greatest singers of all time he is easily the greatest singer on the list he owns all the other singers

53Roger Waters
One of the most epic voices in the history of rock music. Nobody can match the voice of George Roger Waters.
So underrated, should be higher
Unmatched in his genre
[Newest]Best of the best

54Vic Fuentes
I love Pierce the Veil! They are one of my faveortite bands! Vic and the others have talent and I hope to see them in concert one day!
I don't get how but vic is 30 and sounds like a girl in a horror movie

55Danny Worsnop
This list is a joke... I'm not saying danny should be top 10 but holy sh#t he should at least be higher than elvis

56Jimmy Barnes
In his day he could bring down the walls of Jerusalem! It's a shame the rest of the world never got to see him in his prime! Aussie rock royalty!

57Chad Kroeger
Chad has a sexy and unique voice that you don't find very often. He knows how to put his soul into whatever he is singing about, too. People just deliberately keep him in a low position to follow the hate wagon of jealous Nirvana fans. Totally unfair. I know a lot of people who love his rough voice.
I think chad kroegar and kurt cobain should be at least in top 10... Both of them are way better than chester and even james hetfield though I am a huge fan of metallica, even lennon doesn't deserve to be at 60

Chad kroegar is perhaps one of the hardest working musicians of world today he puts enough emotion in his music to leave you smile feel sad feel happy or inspired or proud or even amazed. He writes so many underrated songs because of haters who just can't take to how successful he has become he should be number 1 in my opinion best male vocalist of all time.
[Newest]Chad is SEXY! He has the voice and looks! He's so talented and works so hard to impress his fans! LETS GO Chad!

Ruki, from the GazettE is full talented vocalist. His death-voice make everybody who listen to his song got hypnotized. He can scream, growl, calm, even rap. He has unique and the one and only voice. And his super talent is to make such a damn great lyrics. His lyric is very meaningful, deep, romantic, simile, touch-hearted. And also he composed almost all the GazettE song. He is very super-talented and creative artist, not just great vocalist! I believe he will be the best vocalist in the whole world. Go Ruki the GazettE!
Ruki is the only singer that could make me cry though I dun understand what he's singing about. His vocal range is quite high but whenever he sing in smooth voice, everyone will be touched. His growl could make me goosebumps
Ruki can do anything! His voice is truly magnificent! He hypnotize everyone with that awesome death voice of his!

59Stephen Richards

60David Bowie
His voice just gets better and better with age, though he's always been amazing. He is the Starman who came to meet us, and did indeed blow our minds.
David Bowie... at number no. 75! What! His voice is simply the most wonderful thing in the world. No one comes close to David Bowie! He is so cool!
Excellent in the 60s and excellent now.

61Brendon Urie
He's so amazing! I love that he's not afraid to joke around and be himself on stage, and it's original that way. He's also very theatrical, and puts emphasis on things, and he's just got the best voice I've ever heard! I also range from Led Zeppelin, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, so I've heard many voices because I like dozens of bands, but this one stood out to me.
Honestly! Brendon Urie has the best pipes out of all these people! His range from high to low is simply outstanding!
Great vocal technique, he can easily execute a high note without cracking sounds nor straining his throat

62John Cooper
His voice is perfect, it's raspy and sexy

63Steve Winwood
Keep on Running, age 14 Wow none better

64Shaun Morgan
Lead singer of Seether. Enough said. Great band with nice vocals.
His voice is so amazing!

65Eric Burdon
One of the first white guys to have a deep singing voice. And his style worked in all types of music from the Animals to war

66Hansi Kürsch
He's one of the top 10 metal singers and on this list should be 15-20.
He's so low because metal singers are not on MTV and radio stations 24/7 and they are usually underrated as compared to non-metal rock singers.
Demons & Wizards - Path Of Glory, My Last Sunrise, Crimson King, Heaven Denies, Fiddler On The Green.
Blind Guardian - Majesty, The Throne, The Bard's Song (in the forest), Nightfall, Thorn.


67Sebastian Bach
Not sure how this happened. Are you kidding this guy should have been # 1. By far the best male rock vocalist in the universe. His sharp high vocals and screams go unmatched.
Such controlled screaming - knew how to use to use his voice and could reach the top notes so well.

68David Lee Roth

69Brad Delp
This guy's played in multiple bands (RTZ, Boston, Orion the hunter, beatlejuice) and has shown many of his different sides with his voice as a rock vocalist. He hits the high (and low) powerful screamin' notes in harmony with the guitars and maintains the warm vibration, like done in the band Boston with most songs. His voice is so pure and he does the fading out of a note into softness like a charm. Sometime's he slides to the next octave/note, like a perfect transition. When he holds a note for a while, he can go 2 octaves higher and end up right on the tone within a millisecond. In his other songs done with Barry Goudreau he can show the soft side of his voice too. I think his voice is similar to that of Freddie Mercury, which is a good thing. It doesn't matter what place he's got or belongs to on this list. He's my rock vocal hero and remains in my heart and mind.
This guy makes your blood flow!
Incredible tone and range with total emotion.

70Joey Ramone
He got a pretty unique and awesome voice

71Richie Sambora
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
Name anyone whose Vocal's are better than the Bands Front-man/Vocalist?

Richie Sambora!


His vocal talents are hidden because of the Front man Bon Jovi. Give a listen to his Solo Records!

72Meat Loaf
Operatic, emotional, diverse- three words to sum this behemoth up

73Geddy Lee
#82 is nuts geddy is insane. I would love to see most of these people hit geds notes. Not only can he sing very high but he portrays the lyrics emotions very well. I feel that the only reason he is down this far is because half of these people haven't heard of Rush and are definitely.
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx / Discovery / Presentation / Oracle: The Dream / Soliloquy / Grand Finale!... The Necromancer, Tom Sawyer, A Farewell to Kings, Here Again, and... Many more
Geddy Lee has an amazing voice and age has not changed it. We saw Rush live a couple of years back. There was no front band the whole show was Rush. They may be getting up there in years but they can still rock with the best of them. I would put him and Steve Perry (Journey) at the top of this list.
[Newest]Geddy lee is a legend! #97 my ass he should be in the #10 at least!

74Ivan Moody

75Ronnie Van Zant

76Sammy Hagar
I would have had Sammy Hagar up around number 1 or 2
Sammy can kill the highs and has always even now with Chickenfoot a hell of an entertainer.
His voice makes me wanna throw my car in D and punch it!

77Rob Halford
You guys must be kidding. By far the Metal God is #1

78Peter Noone

79Andy Biersack
Best voice I have ever heard in my life! He is gorgeous and he and his band really have talent. Can't wait to see them in concert one day!
He's one of the best vocalist I've ever heard, he has a lot of meaning behind his lyrics and the rest of the ban is amazing if I ever met any if them I would faint in a heartbeat.
If they ever stopped I would die.BVB for ever
His voice is like SEX in a voice! !
He can sing scream he is amazing live and is beutifully well spoken for and has a amazing soul

80Howard Jones


81The Rev
He is a very unique vocalist. I have never heard anyone like him. I would recommend listening to unfortunate snort on YouTube because it really shows off his vocal talent and his uniqueness. The rev sings lead for all of the songs because it was a side project with guitarist synyster gates called pinkly smooth.
The rev is the best back vocal and also best drummer in the world I will miss you the rev, foREVer

82David Coverdale
If singing's about vocals, Coverdale covers every range and every emotion... Here I Go Again, Still of the Night... Truly unbeatable man's voice.
Possibly along with Paul Rodgers, Mark Knopfler, Klaus Meine, Eddie Vedder, Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury, Roger Waters, Ian Anderson, John Fogerty, Steven Tyler, Bon Jovi, Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain, Billy Joel and Robert Plant the greatest rock/metal vocalist of all time.

83Austin Carlile

84James LaBrie

85Jonathan Davis
Just listen to his Sirius Radio session for queen of the dammed. His voice will give you the chills.
He should be in the top 20 a least
There's no reason Jonathan Davis should be this low... He changed the game for heavy music forever with his distinct style. Nobody can sing like JD.

86Adam Levine

87Rod Stewart

88John Rzeznik

89Alex Gaskarth
Alex is amazing. I'm so suprised nobody has said anything. I love All Time Low and <3 ugh his voice is amazing.

90George Harrison

91David Johansen

92Adam Lambert
The best male voice in music today. Superb performer. Won't compare him to anyone on the list. He is unique and truly special. His range, power, and performance are truly remarkable. I have seen many of the singers on the list including Adam Lambert and Adam Lambert is the best live performance I have ever seen.
Adam Lambert not only can outbelt the best of these rockers, including even Freddie Mercury, he moves and looks the part as well. On stage he is riveting and electrifying, while seeming to be singing to just me, he connects so completely. A vocal powerhouse with the richest, most beautiful tone to excite and exhilirate, Adam also croons ballads to melt the most hardened of hearts and moves the most jaded to tears. Check his performances with Queen or covering Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Bono, all the greats on YT to see and hear for yourself.
Adam truly is the Freddie Mercury of this generation, proven by the fact that Queen chose him to fill in for Freddie when they won the world icon award.
[Newest]Adam needs to be higher. he's amazing!

93Tim McIlrath
One of the greatest voices I have ever heard in my life. He might not have an outstanding vocal range or something like that, but the emotions he puts into his singing and his absolutely unique vocal style makes him one of the greatest singers I know.
the best vocalist in the world, but in 48? this is impossible he must be at least in top 3.. His unique voice, he awesome technique to write songs, he best the best in the world
He is easily top 5 if not #1. His unique voice and inspiring music alone are the best I've ever heard. I've listened to plenty of bands. Best artist and singer in the world if you ask me.
[Newest]He has a beautifully deep and sonorous voice!

94Rob Thomas
My all time favorite vocalist.. Rob should be at least on top 10.. His voice is tremendous and awesomely powerful! He puts emotions on every song he sings that makes every people who listen to him feel the song and the music.. Rob Thomas you should be on top!
Rob Thomas should be much higher on this list. At least past Mick Jagger. All Mick does is wail at least Rob Thomas' vocal range has more than 3 notes
Rob Thomas is way underrated on this list. He has a powerful and versatile baritone voice that conveys emotion like few others.

95Iggy Pop
From Lust for Life to Sister Midnight he has such range

96Corey Taylor
He is a great vocalist with lots of vocal range, he can sing extremely aggressive in slipknot notable song (disasterpiece) or a beautiful musical ballad like in stonesour notable song : hesitate
Corey, in my opinion, is the best vocalist. He definitely can rap, sing, and scream. In the early albums of Slipknot, he did many rap-style song with the metal rage voice, and he sing damn good. And then, in next albums of slipknot (also stonesour), he sang some ballad songs which were so soft and emotional great to be listened. His voice... By far, is the best voice for the music I ever listen.
Corey sings our hates He can sing soft or hard He has got different voice
[Newest]He is great vocalist with various vocal range.He can sing soft as well as hard. He is the best vocalist

97Kellin Quinn
I think most of these list are accurate going through this list. This might not. I am 13 I love kellin Quinn but even I know Elton John. Should be in the top 10 not 115th he is a classic. He has been playing before I was born probably before my parents where born. But kellin Quinn is my favorite vocalist his voice is amazing. But his whole band is great what's a vocalist without it's band. Congratulations. Your my favorite
Kellin's vocal range is huge. He is so amazing. He may be teased just because his voice is higher than most male voices, but that's what makes him unique.
Kellin Quinn beats every male singer here in vocal range!
[Newest]Kellin has the range of a thousand axl's. He should be top 10

98Oli Sykes

99Chris Taylor Brown


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