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361 Mark Bautista
362 Davey Havoc
363 Butch Walker

Look at the song "song" of his on youtube, then tell me im wrong

364 Peabo Bryson
365 Nils Patrik Johansson
366 Champ Lui-pio (Hale)
367 Leon Jackson
368 Kurt Nilsen V 1 Comment
369 Alan Jackson
370 Scott Robinson
371 Abs Breen
372 Sean Conlon
373 Gareth Gates
374 Mike Skinner
375 Joe Strummer Joe Strummer John Graham Mellor, known by his stage name Joe Strummer, was a British musician, singer, actor and songwriter who was the co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of the Clash.
376 Motoyuki Otsuka
377 Elijah Blue Allman
378 Alexi Laiho Alexi Laiho

What in such a butt? He deserves to be at least at top twenty!

379 Koshi Inaba
380 Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis has a raspy Jazz/rock and roll kind of voice. It goes great with his amazing harmonica playing. There are only a few who can play that great. Live shows with The News never disappoint even to those who have never seen them live!

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