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Park Yoochun


Park Yoochun is very handsome and also have a beautiful smile. He can do everything such as playing the piano and also have a nice voice. His English skill is also good. He can both dance and compose songs very well.
Park Yoochun has a very unique mid-low soothing and lovely voice. He is able to convey well the emotions of any song he sings. He can also reach the high notes too as shown in a few of his songs. He raps very well too. He is a wonderful composer, singer and musician.
Raps real good, his voice is deep and very manly, attractive to listen to, I love his voice very soothing and alluring his voice is very very excellent and enjoy listening to his voice when I want to hear a song.
One of the best singers of all time... His compositions are of great quality and will always move your heart and one that you can always relate too ^_^
Park Yoochun is not only a good singer, but also a very good actor. He is modest, work hard and always try his best to compose more fantastic music for all of us.
Before I saw him, I didn't know that there is a kind of man like him. After I saw him, I feel wonderful for that he is there.6002
Yoochun's voice has a unique timbre that is truly sexy and easily recognisable. It gives the listener a feeling of warmth and cosiness.
You know? He is a great singer and composer. He can speak English very well and He is the vest artist too. I LOVE HIM!
Park Yoochun is my favorite K-star and I will back him up forever! Let's look forward to his new drama and tomorrow's SDA together!
He always works hard. The song that he sings is very good. He is the best singer. So please vote for him. Yuchun, we will stand by you forever. Always keep the faith. Hope to the end.
Park yoochun's voice bring us warm feeling, his English song is very charming. He is a charming singer, I love he and his song so much!
He is the first Korea star who I love!I will love him forever!I will always believe you! You are my super star! You are my sweet honey!
Park Yoochun is a talented singer, dancer. As well he's an excellent actor. From my deap heart, I love him since his talent and personality touch me deeply!
I love the Park yuchun ~ ~ His voice is really sexy and magnetic!
He has been in progress ~ ~ Every time I heard him sing it will give people very moved
Yuchun is a really good singer and composer. Maybe Yuchun is not the best one in the world, but his voice and heart can make you cry. I really love his voice. Moverover, his talent in music is wonderful.
He is a talented artist and people all over the world respect and admire him. He's my number one
Park Yoochun is a good singer who sings songs with his soul. His song can go into your heart.
Park Yoochun is the best singer. His voice is so beautiful and tasted. I love him very much.
He's simply the best... DBSK should be placed on the number one spot.
His voice melts all listeners. I like the ost of Miss Ripple the most. Wonderful Micky.
Park Yoochun is the best singer & artist in my heart, I will support him & JYJ forever
Love your voice-deep and soft! Especially his all Rap, it's wonderful!
Park Yoochun's voice is so pleasant. It leaves deep impression on fans. Besides, he is good at dancing and composing.

We will always trust you, support you and stand by you. We Love You!
Yoochun is a good boy, a good K-POP singer. He has a good voice.

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